Fairytales, A Bit Of Luck & a Very ‘Happy Ending?’ ;)

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I don’t even know what’s happening right now? I’m literally the luckiest little tinker in all of the world. I’m jammy. I’m a shit. But i’m really enjoying my little version of life and mainly because right now, I’m doing everything I love, everything I WANT to do and now no longer HAVING to do.

You’ll already also know, (because I shoved it all over my ‘socials,’ that I found part of my Spanish get away in the foreign press a few days ago…which made me smile. I shot a lot, so to see me headline, a little something, in a different land, made all the picture taking worthwhile.

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I like making foreign press, as with the blog being read all over the world, (which i’m grateful for)…I’m gonna be honest, all press or ‘look at me‘ around the globe… is pretty helpful. Having the blog is great for spreading Wunna Land news around the world…as is being a model….You travel a lot.

It honestly helps a great deal. The phone starts ringing so much, you start making up a dance routine to your ring tone….

But anyway….

I had a WUNNAFUL Thursday…Well….I think it was Thursday? Whatever day it was last week….We’re gonna fly with Thursday….


It was sort of good news, after good news, after great news phone calls, after really fucking phenomenal emails. Lol. Everything, I had been worrying about, turned out roses. Everything that I didn’t even know would happen…ended up being presented to me as a lucky opportunity….and being the high strung executive that I am.. ;)….I simply did what any professional would do…and that was…


I was so giddy I could’ve giggled up martini’s and done *can can* kicks in a conga line..(and I hate conga lines, I  always feel  that they degrade people. Lol) You lose ALL SWIGEDDY SWAG in a conga line, just so you know. And it’s actually not the fun jiggly part, that makes you look like a lunatic It’s the part where in which the line…. drizzles off, into nothingness and no one knows what to do, other than look lost and act like it never even happened?? It’s a similar awkwardness to that of a dodgy one night stand.

It’s that part that solidifies it’s stamp of utter degradation. 🙂

But yeah, I don’t even know what’s going on? I’m just riding the beginners wave and enjoying it with love, my fingers crossed and excitement! And the reason why i’m so happy about the weird consecutive ‘good news’ thing, is because my life NEVER pans out this way. I USUALLY have TO FIGHT for a ‘good news’ result.

Now, it’s served up to me, with cocktail umbrellas and nipple tassles on. I can’t really believe? It’s weird because in life, I do feel as though i’ve done well. I’ve achieved. And my dreams have come true.

Yet, i kinda set all these other goals and dreams, each time I accomplish a ‘tick box’

Friend: ‘You’re actually going to do it Wunna!!!’

…and right now, it’s crazy, because it feels like i’m doing it again? And because i’ve worked so hard for it…It feels doubley great! You just feel so much more satisfied. I can’t even believe it. My life is changing again!

I feel like the luckiest girl alive…

..in work… 🙂 because we always know that my love life pretty much insists on being disobedient, as it refuses to dance up a happy ending.  Well, not the right kind of ‘happy ending.’ 🙂

(Sorry, i’m having a giggle to myself, because the last time someone, well lets say ‘happy endinged‘ on my back, or was it on my bum? I couldn’t see, I don’t know? Lol….The sentence they said, immediately after, as they did the loving tissue ‘wipe up’ was…)


Yes…in a ‘Joey‘ from ‘Friends‘ voice. Love it! Hilarious! (You know who you are! Lol) I actually messaged them yesterday to ‘check in‘ and see how Saturday had been to them? I think I annoy this human. But i’m rubbish via text. I always sound like a twat. At least in real life, I can charm the ‘swiney‘ bits away with boobs and eyelash flutters.

I had so much to tell you, but i’ve got completely distracted by ‘Happy endings.’

I’ll skim it.

So…This Wednesday, I’m at an event in Leeds, it’s the ‘Weaves & Waves’ event with Emma from ‘Love Island’ and I can’t wait simply because I love a good hair piece, so I’m excited to see what’s in store.

My best chick friend ‘Firmonnell’ has exceeded herself. I love her. She’s been drinking prosecco in caravans, to step digging with her mum at Motown nights. She’s felt rough, then after 30 minutes, found that she’s completely and utterly fine again..

Firmonnell: ‘What a different a wash and 30 minutes makes!’

Me: ‘Wow, you sound like a scruff bag.’

Her life seems delicious right now and i’m happy that she’s getting a good old swing in her step…Even if it drowns in prosecco pours. You know you have a bestie when they HAVE TO TELL you, how much you they adore you at 2am. That’s true love. I mean when I was in Spain….I recieved a message that read…

Firmonnell: ‘Are you back yet! I don’t like it when you’re out of the country!’

Me: ‘Don’t bother, i’m not in the mood to be missing you right now. I’m headed to the airport. You could’ve come.’

Firmonnell: ‘That’s cool. Swag it out. Oh and CHEERS! Are you a dick? You can’t invite someone to something, WHEN IT’S ALREADY FUCKING HAPPENED!’

Hahaha. I love her. I love our mad 2am messages, even though our phones refuse to type ‘fucking’ and always ‘predictive text’ out the word ‘ducking’ instead. It’s sooo annoying!

WE DON’T EVEN LIKE DUCKS! It’s so annoying!!

But it’s not just girls and 2am prosecco messages,  It’s the same with boys also….

Get ready for this true fact….



Am i going to get away with wearing flip flops today? Cheap ones, with weird pretend flowers on? Lol

I’m hating on my wonky bottom tooth today. I’m trying to not let it bother me, but it is! I’m trying not to be vain. But I am. I hate it. I want it fixed. It’s ruining my banter. You can’t banter with a buck tooth. I want veneers like ‘Big Brother’ Simone….Her teeth were brilliant! Yet, instead i’m probably going to end up ‘influencing’ something that will lead me to straighter teeth.

Right, i’m done for now. I’m having a chill day with my Mum.

Have a great Sunday! Sundays are always my favourite!

(Pete, Ruby’s Dad is here to pick her up now for the day. It’s strange because Pete and I co parent really well. He’s sweet. We get on superbly. Yet, whenever he comes over for pick ups now, I always feel like he tries to linger, or come in the house, or see me…and i’m always in my own world, when I have down time…I like to withdraw from the pleasantries…So just to wind him up, I disappear and let my mum walk her out, or have Ruby greet him by herself. Lol I’m literally nowhere to be found! 🙂 Haha. I’ve even just heard him say ‘Is our mum in? Can I come in?’ Lol.) 


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So I can dance……..


Lots going on! All great! All good! (I mean would’n’t have it in my life any other way.) But lots! My focus has been on work and Motherhood this week and it’s flying by. I’m witnessing sooo many of the new chapters of others and i’m enjoying it. There are a lot of others things dancing in Wunna Land also….along with work and Mummyhood, I have the Leeds Lifestyle Awards coming up next month, other glitzy opportunities, if i so chose to take them and well with that i’ve been designing a charity tshirt for the NSPCC (a cause really close to my heart) and feeling every inch filled with warmth as I do it. (I’m a thoughtful human by nature. I’m not lame with it though, as i’m witty and bouncing with inappropriate humour and sass. Yet, I adore giving and helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it kinda makes me feel both happy and purposeful. Like i said before, I enjoy to help others, as i’ve experienced a rather colourful life and there have been some big times where in which I have I’ve sat there puzzled hoping that a ‘hero’ would save my sorry ass. It never happened so i kinda became my own hero. But i’m glad, because now…i’d never let anyone around me suffer. *Wiggle wink.*) Life is great right now and i am SO FLIPPING GRATEFUL for it.

So, i’m gonna skim things…There’s been skinny pinnies, boys teaching ‘Fairyatle blonds’ how to make bread, a Pepperami Bromance, which is oddly quite stylish, (I love seeing boys go through a ‘bromance.’ There’s been surprise ‘what’s in my belly’ talk with ‘The Mighty,’ laughter, sarcasm, hard work, trips to Rome, old faces, new times, stress, love, good deeds, (I actually did a good deed for ‘Eton Mess, the other day) parking tickets, sunshine, rain, first days of school, psychic readings, baby cuddles, thoughtfulness, ‘happy ending’ chat comedy and a whole lot of life in general.I couldn’t even begin to tell you about it all in depth.

I’m happy, but i’m not sleeping. I can’t sleep as I wrongly refuse to let my mind relax. It’s awful. I’m feeling ambitious. I’ve danced. I have hardcore goals that i kinda want to ‘tick box,’ I have had discussions with ‘fairytale’ blonds about why boys are testosteroney and find it scary to commit? It’s not that hard! (I love ‘Fairytale blond’ because she’s so idealistic about love, hence her title.) I’ve drank…merrily and even though there are times where i let stress get the better of me, i am always able to chop, change and find the positive. That’s why my life works for me.

Time is flying by so fast! The week. The year! It’s zooming.

I know so many people going through such exciting times and that makes me happy, (my own life is exciting right now) and as a counter balance i know so many going through really stressy times.  But stress is only temporary. One day everyone wakes up with that absolute brilliant feeling where they suddenly realize that they are no longer sad over something that they never thought they could get over. Light. Tunnel. Live it.

Pete (Ruby’s Dad did something thoughtful the other day.) I had had a busy day at work and when you’re a single mum, you get home and you have soooooooooooooooooooo much to do and organize. It never stops and i have lots of help. But Pete took both babies to the park and made them tea at his, so i could have an hour to myself to recoup and get organized. It literally felt AMAZING. And i love that about my Baby Daddies (so to speak) as both Father’s will have both children, as we operate it as one big family. So like i always say, on paper it not necessarily Bible text book 🙂 (Just laughing at the time i got thrown out of a Zen garden in LA, ) yet it completely works and our entire co parenting family, partners and all….is simply phenomenal and it’s great because we concentrate on what matters and not the petty ‘doesn’t matter’ crap. To say that it appears that there’s a lot of separation…Ruby and Junior are actually the most loved and emotionally stable kids ever and because as a unit we’ve held it together with love and not just for them, but because we’re all emotionally grown and not idiots. Lol. AND the kids aren’t under any illusion,we don’t ‘fairytale’ it,  i’m a direct girl and i tell them things honestly. They know who’s who, what’s what and why.,,and they’re kinda pretty okay with it.

My life is great, but it’s not easy. Luckily, nothing phases me and i just find it easy to handle. I’m great under pressure and i’m great at juggling with a smile and a trophy in my hand. I’m a trooper and just have this ability to see the jollies in everything or understand people or situations. So many people have it lot a worse so if anything, i count myself lucky. EVERYDAY.

I’ve started my teeth whitening process, that I began with Hatfield dental. I haven’t had much time. But i had my impressions done and for the next two and a half weeks i’m meant to whiten each evening for four hours. I think i’ve only done four days so far. But i’m on a mission now, so give me a couple more weeks and they’ll be banging McSparkly.

I’m feeling really shattered today…but because i haven’t been sleeping well. But i will tonight. I can feel it.

I’m going to be an Ambassador for the NSPCC. I know…can you even believe it. Me neither. So, i’m going to being my stance with Mystand4 where in which i will…well i am….designing a charity tshirt to represent the NSPCC and Wunnaland in one, that you can all purchase to help the hearts of others…and i really hope you do, as it means so much to me.

I think it launches tomorrow. But i’m waiting for pictures etc…

On the love life front…not much is going on…I still fancy ‘Eton Mess’ and that’s about that.

The kids great. I’m great. Work is good and so is wine. 😉

Hope you’ve had an awesome day and thank you for following my life. x

ps/ This guy who i’m ignoring keeps messaging me and showing me pictures of his belly button, like it’s sexual. It’s worse than a dick pic. lol. Don’t be a weirdo. I don’t have time for that. Lol. In the words of my old LA roommate Justin, and in your best American accent…’Some Dudes just need to go back to romance camp.’  (I remember him once shouting at a guy…and he never shouts, we were besties, we worked in the same place and we lived together,  and hung out together, but he yelled at a guy for being a tool…

‘Dude! She is NEVER GOING TO LIKE YOU unless you step up and quit being a douche. I live with the girl, she’s like the fucking Queen of romance…and you think that she’s gonna kick it with a faded piece of shit like you…there are dudes lining up to date Miss.Fucking Glamour Puss and she’ll still go for the kindest. You need to get yourself back to ROMANCE CAMP dude.’ HAHAHA.

(Hope you said all that in your American Accent.)

Anyway…i won’t always go for the kindest now i’m old. I’m far more shallow now. 🙂 I like eye candy…but who doesn’t! 😉 I mean GOD, my acest friend ‘McC ‘will even tell you, there is a Wunna ‘tick list’ and it includes a fucking helicopter. HAHAHA.)