The Hustle, Hollywood & I’m Back On Your Telly

Only do the things you love. LIVE. Yet, always stay loyal to the things that you believe are right for YOU.  They’re the things that will always make you happy. Stay true to what you KNOW you love and that way, you’ll succeed. You’ll go far, provided you always stay grounded and remember where you came from.

I promise.

So! My good news phone call…everyone’s been messaging me about it. I feel like I can definitely tell you about it now, as the trailer goes out this Friday and it airs December 3rd, on Channel 4.

I will be telling you everything about it as we go along…so do not fret. I will also be referring you back to the time after I had filmed the episode…to actually bring you into the ‘what happened next.’

J: ‘Yeah! I got the call! We’re finally on!’

(I don’t know what’s up with ‘J’ right now. We were really good friends and now he’s all weird and distant.) 

Me: ‘I know!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!’

Production Team: ‘Chrissie, you literally sound like the most excited person,i’ve ever heard. It’s nice.’

I’m gonna be back on your telly screens after years of getting married, divorced, growing babies etc….I’ve actually waited over a YEAR, for this to air. (I filmed it August 11th of LAST YEAR!!!)

And i really wanted it to air, because I wanted to relive it. I wanted to feel it again. I wanted it to come ‘alive.’ In life, you only so often get the opportunity to add to your glitter bucket of ‘life experience’ and this experience was probably one of THE BEST experiences, I ever had… in my entire life.

I kinda feel really honoured, really grateful and utterly ‘little girl’ excited…and it’s moments like this, that make me beam.

It’s such a great memory, that’s going to get brought to life. But i’m gonna tell you more about it later, as I go along….

Just know, that i’m back on your telly December 3rd, 10pm, on Channel 4.

I have a ‘Favourite show’ and it’s so surreal, because i’m about to appear on it. I’ve filmed a lot of things, yet this is the best thing i’ve ever had the joy of being a part of.

I have LOTS TO TELL YOU, once it airs….and little bits for you to tinker with before you get to enjoy it.

Always do the things that make you happy and you’ll know if they do, because you’ll feel alive. You’ll feel excited. You’ll FEEL a rush, buzzing through your system. You’ll have this smile on your face that you can’t seem to wipe off…

That’s how you know you’re happy, i guess?

Away from that…

I was talking to some of my LA friends this morning and we were reliving our Hollywood days. I remember waking up, going to the gym, doing brunch, smashing audition, after audition, all around the town, hearing a ‘no,’ more than I heard a ‘yes,’ but feeling ALIVE, whenever that ‘YES’ CAME.

I was ready for it.

I wanted you to Google Toby yesterday, because I admired him for his fight. He’s just like I am. I remember being a kid a young 20 something in LA. I had an acting agent. I actually agent 2 weeks, after arriving from Yorkshire, on my own, with nothing but a suitcase in my hand.

I knew no one..But I found my way so easily. I went to acting school, I found a place to live. I got a job. I made really great friends. I learnt my craft and that town, until I knew it like the back of my hand. I found a way to put myself in every correct place, at every correct time. I worked hard. I got distracted. I married young. I forgot why I was there…

I’ve seen so much. I’ve seen so much, that your heart would skip 40 beats, per view.

Anyway, when I was a kid, I was going out on auditions…Not as many as I was hoping for. I was hearing about the roles, from friends, but not getting out on the casting.

I could’ve sat and twiddled my thumbs. But I didn’t. I don’t know why I didn’t. But I didn’t. What i did, was find out about every single role going…that I was right for. I managed to find a friend, who had all the breakdowns of all the jobs, that they were casting for daily, for tv shows and movies in LA. I paid him, to send me them, every morning, by 8am.

Every morning, I would head to Kinkos with my headshot, resume and a bunch of envelopes and pay to use the internet (I had a home all of the time, I was there. But there was a couple weeks where I lived out of my car.) It’s sounds harsh. But it wasn’t. Lots of struggling actors do, out there.

Every morning I’d head to Kinkos, by 8am, to recieve the breakdowns on my emails…then I’d pick the roles that I was suitable for, put everything in the correct envelopes and use a direct ‘hand to hand’ mail service to take my headshot, straight to casting, before noon, unde r the guise that my agent had done so.

I was already SAG (you have to be, to work professionally, out there. You need your SAG card. They give you an opportunity to work hard for one.) I did that by doing hours of extra work on E.R daily, at Warner Bros, until I received all my vouchers. You needed 3, to become SAG. It’s not easy. But I had buddied up to the guy in charge of the extras and he gave me my vouchers…one at a time, sporadically….after a few months. (Which is good going.)

Long story short…

I got called in to audition, almost every single day for all tv shows, from my ‘magic mail box’ as I called it. For everything. The O.C, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Will & Grace..You name it…

Casting would call my agent, because I had made like they had sent the submission. I used to even call casting, pretending to be my agent, saying that I had this girl, called ‘Chrissie’ that they needed to see.

I already knew a few people in casting, as I had enrolled in classes that they taught, that put me right in front of them…Plus, I had already met load of the gay casting producers, whilst out drinking in West Hollywood at The Abbey.

I knew what I was doing and I did it well.

I also got a job, in a gym where all ‘the importants’  worked out and interned at a Talent agent….to make sure I was always in the loop.

My agent would call me to tell me the auditions that I had got called in on….

They had submitted me, but never got a call back. I submitted myself….called casting and got MYSELF straight in.

So, this is what I mean by seeing your goals, taking your life, rolling it up into a ball and directing it the best way you can, to make it go your way.

I was always out on the scene because I needed to network. I did everything by networking. I probably networked more than I honed by craft. That’s why I never made it as an actress out there.

You have to both. You have to everything.

When I found balance…I nailed it.

I was a rubbish actress back then. But i’m a great actress now, but because i’ve lived and learnt.

Anyhow, modelling took over. It was easy money. I didn’t know that it was going to be the thing that plummeted me further up the ladder of ‘look at me.’ But it did.

I then started writing my blog, after DK at the coffee shop MADE ME.

I didn’t have internet at my apartment. I couldn’t afford it. So every day, I would casually saunter into the Apple Store at the Beverly Centre and write my blog, on their display computers, that they had online.

(I’m not sure if they allow you to do that now. But back in the day they did!)

Well…they saw me everyday. I looked like I was checking a display computer out. I was typing my blog, every day, at the exact same time. I mean, they must’ve known, surely? But they just let me get away with it anyway.


DK: ‘I used to watch you come into the coffee shop and hang around the self help section and think, god she’s either a really trendy homeless person or a celebrity??’

Do all of the things that make you happy. Always be powered by love. Always find a way to make something work. Find solutions, instead of making problems. Go for it. You can design your own kind of life…

Do not judge others…


Write your story!! 







Influencing Lip Balms, Nudey Balloons & I Fainted

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Mornings make me happy and they’re such an important part of the day because each time you wake up, (whether you’re fresh as a daisy, off to work, rolling some eye candy out of our bed, hungover, happy, worried, or dashing off with the kids,) you get another shot at doing life! It’s a whole new start! It feels good! We kinda take it for granted.

Just like that… everything could stop…So it’s important to remember to treasure and enjoy the things that you have… while you still have them.

Only do the things that make you happy, fall in love, take your chances, look good whilst your doing it and make your wishes and dreams come true. Build your career, build your family, never feel judged by what people think or say and live it with every inch of your soul.

(Why am I trying to sound like some life guru right now? 🙂 Let’s be real, I fainted last last whilst on the actual toilet at around 1am in the morning. Lol. Am I the only ‘glamour puss’ to ever do that?)

Now, before we all start getting in a tizzy and ringing all these panic bells. It was a comedic faint, not a ‘Call the Doctor’ faint.

My drunk chick friend had been snap chatting last night, before ‘shut eye’ and charger ‘plugins.’ 

Chick friend: ‘I’m only on 11 percent battery life now. I’m pissed. Mof sleep.’

Me: Don’t you dare wake me up, start all this *look at me, look at me, pay attention to me* thing and then just be like, fuck it i’m off to sleep, once i’m here! Lol’

I was laid in bed, fast asleep…happy as can be….and then my stomach started to kill….It hurt SO much, that I was trying to ignore it. I tried to pretend that it wasn’t actually happening, because ofcourse, when you do, and you close your eyes, whilst hiding under the duvet…it’s not! 🙂


When I was 19, the guy that I was dating cheated on me and I’d walked into his home and seen him in bed with a girl…that he had ‘boned’ all night.


At the time I was devastated…OFCOURSE! But now, at 37 and after doing moderately well in life, 😉  I look back on that memory fondly, like it’s a juicy, yet comedic little burst of Wunna life memory because HE DID the ‘close your eyes, hide under the duvet and pretend it’s not happening’ thing…and in that moment, he must have REALLY shat himself. Poor sod.

He went on to try and win me back. I moved to Hollywood and married a ‘movie star.‘ 🙂


How have I got this distracted!?! I’m meant to be telling you about my flipping tummy ache.

Hurt so bad (like that cramp you get in your leg that is uncontrollably painful, but just like ouchy bits of life, you have to go through it anyway…Lol.) I was trying to *swag* it out. When you *swag* something out, when no ones watching you, it’s really awkward and uncomfortable. 🙂

Got up, did a giant naked SPRINT to the loo, sat on the toilet and I don’t know what happened, but my whole body did this hot, cold, flush thing, all these yellow blurry dots, *fuzzed* over me, and I kinda just remember keeling over for a moment, losing m mind and feeling all hot and sweaty…

I woke up on the floor, after about a minute or so, right as rain, like i’d just watched a bit of telly, or had a ham sandwich…

Then I ‘naked’ walked back to bed and immediately fell asleep.

Why am I so WEIRD! THAT IS NOT NORMAL. No wonder I’ve been married so many times!!!

Dear Future Husband,

Please just love me anyway…

Look!! I look really good half naked with balloons….

Image may contain: one or more people Image may contain: 1 person

OOoooh Balloons…

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Sold? Good! Thought so! *Wiggle Wink*

But away from all that….Yesterday was a great day!

I was at a catch up meeting with ‘Big A’ from ‘House of Solo’ Magazine, minding my own business, rambling on about my life, going on about how i’m going to be getting this new amazing body….

…and as I scrolled through my email, I received a message from ‘Amy’ in regards to the Lypsyl Mirror Compact Lip Balm, that I had loved and therefore ‘influenced,’ on my socials.

I loved it so much and like I always say, when you’re an influencer you receive and try out a lot of things, be they products, places, or people….and it’s hard to fit everything into your socials….

However, I genuinely loved my mirror compact madly and was so grateful to Lypsyl, that I basically featured it on my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook immediately…

ALL MY SOCIALS (which you should all be following)

Yesterday….My Lypsyl Mirror Compact and I were featured in The Sun…and Fabulous Magazine…

No automatic alt text available. Image may contain: 2 people, text

Image may contain: 3 people, text

How good is that! I literally *SCREECHED* in the middle of Ego, at my meeting….

House of Solo, ‘Big A’ kept doing these ‘being jealous’ faces at me. Lol.

But it felt really GOOD, to have teamed up with Lypsyl (which is a huge glorious brand,) influence something and then to see it in the national press…

It felt really good!

(They’re such a wonderful team…)

I was jumping around a cocktail bar, they were jumping around their office.

Everyone was filled with excitement…

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world….and when I’m excited, i’m like a little girl. I beam!

I WILL tell you, that things in my life right now, are kinda wonderful, in ALL areas…..I know! Can you even believe it?  And whether I am or not, right now, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world…

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2018, Kittens & Baby Pink Undies

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I sailed into 2018 peacefully, armed with the mighty words, that I accumulated via The Fine God, that is P.Diddy…

‘Too blessed to be stressed.’

I had a wonderful 2017. I don’t have to go through it all, because…well, you all know what happened, I wrote a diary about it almost every day. (Well, I told you the bits that I wanted to tell you. 😉 )

It was a big year of ‘building.’ The kinda year where you have a plan, yet FOR ONCE you actually go about ‘being productive’ with it all. For example…How can I put it?  Last year, I didn’t sit and WATCH the fitness video, whilst eating a packet of crisps. I STOOD UP AND DID THE VIDEO.

Changes were made. Changes that put ‘happiness’ first and because of all that sassy sizzle of hard work…this year….in 2018, I should be rubbing two sticks together and finally making a fire.

There’s been lots of moments where in which *sparks* were lit, yet the fire didn’t burn…because I couldn’t dedicate time to it.

So with ‘timing is everything’ as my cliche. In 2018, i’m just gonna get on with it. That fire will burn.

This is my year.

(And I do mean that in both work and love. People always ask me about my love life…When it comes to love…I very much put my hand on my heart and swear by fate.)

How you all feeling? I’ve watched all your Snapchat & Insta stories and lived your New Year’s Eve with you!

So whether you woke up in a new city, or with a strange human laying next to you, or on a friend.. of a friends sofa… or at home with the kids, on your own..whatever happened? Whether you woke up hungover, sober or immersed in an accidental new chapter…KNOW… that you’re fine.

It’s Monday. It’s cool. You can use January 1st as an excuse to ‘start over.’

During the day, I had a busy New Years Eve, as I was on a train with Ruby & Junior (and my Mum) at 9.12am. I was on Platform Six, at Doncaster train station and headed into Leeds to go do lunch, a ‘Meet and Greet’ and stroke kittens at The Kitty Cafe.

Popular place. I had a WONDERFUL TIME. Really happy to have met you all. (I was late because my Taxi Driver didn’t know how to get there. I hate that, because if I was a taxi driver…I’d KNOW HOW TO DRIVE PLACES.) Fabulous wonderland. That place is spankingly bouji. It’s peaceful, yet busy and I’d say the perfect place to take your children….if they adore kittens.

Ruby & Junior LIVED FOR IT. I couldn’t get them out of the place! I had to pretend that we were buying a kitten, that would magically arrive at our home… by post? JUST TO GET THEM TO LEAVE.

I actually couldn’t believe how amazing the cafe was! You should absolutely go for the experience. However, I was there to ‘meet you’ and ‘greet you’…and that pretty much was my focus. (I love that you can order a Japanese flowering tea there. All the BOUJ!)

Just so you know! There’s actually going to be A GREAT DEAL of opportunities to ‘Meet Me’ and ‘Greet Me’ throughout this year. I’m excited to see you. I love it. It’s my favourite part of the ‘ball.’ A lot of you are asking…So yes, do not fret! The opportunity to say ‘hello’ and tinker in Wunna and will be there.

But anyway, my New Years Eve, was all about family. I had everyone around at my place and after a dance off, a few drinks, a bit of food, mixed in with the art of acting out ‘Little Mix’ videos. (Junior LOVES a shindig. He went bonkers with his dance moves and pout. His soul is every inch Wunna Land. Ruby is sassy, sophisticated, but FUN.)

Junior: ‘Mum, swing that chandelier thing about…No!  Do it really fast, so it makes the room look like a party.’

(Olly Murs ‘Dance With Me’ was on in the background, so loud that you couldn’t hear anyone speak at all. I guzzled Prosecco and forgot to think about my waistline. Oh and DO KNOW, that a Diet Guru did actually contact me and you will SEE which plan I think i’m going to go with….over the next couple weeks. Oh! And everyone keeps messaging me, asking what my New Years resolutions are? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Lol. Do people still make New Year resolutions? I thought they had been buried with the art of giving Christmas cards?)

Bottom line, I don’t like to restrict myself, simply because my life turns insane at points and I need to be emotionally and physically ‘flexi’ enough to Rumba along with it, without ‘Stop Signs’ and ‘Tut Tut, Shakey Fingers’ telling me to ‘Watch out.’

There was definitely a point last night where I found myself with a left handful of Jelly Babies & a right handful of Bombay Mix.

Oh the glamour!

I ate out of both handfuls..gracefully. Infact, a tiny piece at a time, like I was the Queen.  Then washed it down with prosecco..ungracefully…like I was Captain Jack Sparrow…in a faux fur….Or did I do it like I was Ru Paul? I can’t decide?

Anyway, the family party is going on downstairs. I tinker upstairs to find something. Lords knows what? Maybe my dignity, some help, a cocktail bar, Elvis? Who Knows???

I saunter into my room, slip into my’ comfiest comfies’ and then accidentally fall asleep in my pj’s at around 11.30pm without telling anyone, just before the whole ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR,’ hoo haa. (I do that..When I need to rest, I just disappear…and get comfy. That’s why I always love guys who like to kick back and get comfy, in their comfies.)

Mum: ‘I walked upstairs to find you and you were tucked in bed, with the lights out fast asleep, with a giant bottle of Prosecco by your bedside…even RUBY stayed up!! Haha.’

Woke up this morning feeling,


So FRESH, I was *breezy.*

So CLEAN, I was *squeaky.*

Tried a whole ‘dazzle’ of Ann Summers numbers on, before noon. Delightful little pieces of ‘cheeky, cheeky.’ I love Ann Summers, I think it’s GREAT. I’ve obviously worked alongside them previously, as I designed a Sex Toy range, with Jacqueline Gold (CEO of the company,) which was filmed and aired on Channel 4. I was ‘fitted’ into all sorts of pieces this morning….Some played well with my body…Some got the ‘thumbs down…Something got the ‘YES!!! THAT’S IT!’ ( I love those moments.)

Image may contain: 1 person

Then I had fish and chips. (Yay! Well done Diet Queen.) And because I worked SO HARD during 2017 and because (here we go) I have such an exciting 2018 of ‘work hard’ but with results for you to enjoy…I kinda wanted to just rest today. I’m already in my comfies, sat on my bed blogging, with a wine.

 So January the 1st. 2018…Wunna Land rested. Lol.

What? If my soul needs to rest, it’ll rest and if my soul needs to play…it’ll play.  🙂 🙂

Tomorrow…I’m headed in with a wink…

Welcome to 2018.

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Be Happy…

Always remember to do the things that you love. Always remember to ONLY do the things that you love. Pay attention to the things that you love. The things that make you happy. And at the same time pay attention the things that don’t. It can be a job, a lifestyle, a guy, a girl, a situation, a choice, a relationship, your personal environment,  a persona, the people who have around you, Make sure you are happy, as I cannot reiterate to you enough, how precious life is and how even though it may seem like we have ages on this glamourous little Earth Ball…time flies..boy..does it FLY…and we really do only have 100 years, if we’re lucky, to do life, love and live, the way we’ve always wanted. Embrace your new chapters and don’t ever settle for being *stuck* as nothing is worse than a rut, that doesn’t make you smile.

I mean, we has humans constantly try and talk ourselves out of choices that may better us, even if they make us happy and simply because we’re scared that we might not be safe. Y’know, things like…

‘I can’t leave my job, even though it depresses me…’

‘I daren’t fall in love…They’ll hurt me…’

‘I’ve got to do what’s right for EVERYONE ELSE…even if it goes against what I believe is right for me…’

Stay loyal to what makes you happy.

What i’ve learnt from living my life personally, is that my best EVER choices, where i’ve really succeeded and *BEAMED,* be it in business, love or just life have always stemmed from me committing to really big decisions, changes and without fear. I’ve felt fear a lot of times in life…I mean, when i was younger growing up in LA, when i was getting divorced…Many times…I’ve felt fear and every time I have, i’ve felt weak.  I’ve been in a weak place.

These days, I can tell you…that im’ not scared to love madly, like a guy is my world , as I throw the rule book out the window. I’m not scared to change jobs, work or choices…I always know that i’ll be fine and i’ll be happier. I’m never scared to always do what’s right for me. I’m caring, loving and i’m emotionally generous, yet i’m respectful to what I believe in and loyal to that whole heartedly.

Don’t waste your time or life on things that don’t make you happy. It’s not worth it. Be strong, Being unhappy makes you do stupid things. Being happy makes your soul *BEAM.* You’ll feel on top of the world, like you can conquer anything.

I can honestly tell you that with the right love, determination, hard work and passion…you can make ANYTHING WORK. You can make your dreams come true.ESPECIALLY in this day, this age, this time If I can do it. ANYONE can do it!

People always say that in order to be successful you have to make sacrifices and I don’t think you do. As I’m someone who believes that you need a balance of everything in your world, in order to be ‘whole.’ I live every moment, like it’s precious and I juggle everything with merriment. I’m the Queen of ‘the juggle.’ The juggle is real. 🙂 I’m not defeated by having to juggle anything. Yet, yes, you probably have to ditch bad habits and things that prevent you from being happy or a success…Yet when you’ve got the balance right, everything in your world will be easy. It’ll all feel easy. Work will be easy. Money will come easily. Opportunity will be there..and your love life will not be draining. It will flow with happiness and with great ease. You won’t have to try, it’ll just work.

The only reason why i’m writing this blog is simply because I keep having conversations with people, who are so unhappy with the way their life is, yet they dare not even attempt to make a change. Yet, at the same time, I’ve had conversations with random people, on trains, on my walks to work, who are SO happy with everything in their life because they’ve kept it simple and stayed loyal to their own feelings. You can even FEEL how happy they are, because their *BEAM* is contagious.


I also wanted to write this blog to REMIND MYSELF to make the right choices and I don’t always AT FIRST make the right choices, but I always know that i’m gonna be okay, because in the end I WILL because my system can’t help itself. It doesn’t work like that. I’m always happy because  I embrace my chapters and with utter love and passion. As soon as i’m not happy, my system *flags it up* like an ‘alert’ and my soul stops me from continuing this random malarky of *sad face.*

Only do the things you love.

I’m also writing this blog because I get hundreds of messages that seep into my world via all platforms of Social Media. They pour into Wunna land like a digital stream of non stop magic. And I appreciate all your messages. All of them.

Yet, I do sometimes think that some of you see me in a really different light to what I’m actually like in ‘real person’ lol…as I call it… 🙂

Yes, i’m fun, i’m sassy, I’m glammy, i’m gobby and i’m open. But I’m filled with warmth, a love, i’m the most down to earth girl you will ever meet and yeah I adore a piss take and a stilleto strut, but i’m pretty calm and together. I’m pretty sensible…in a fun, wild kinda way. 🙂 I’m not wishy washy at all. I’m positively, with a smile…direct..and i’m kind. I’m not ‘DIVA.’ YET I AM NOT DULL.

I’m a hard person to know, unless you know me, I guess?

But i’m reading through all my messages tonight and there’s so many. I find it so interesting. And even though I love being all over my social media and blogging away…at the same time (and because I believe in balance) I ADORE those moments away, where there’s just me, or i’m chilling with friends, I have zero attention, or those moments where I just get to be MUM and have my pj’s on, as I snuggle and chitter with Ruby and Junior. They’re my entire WORLD!

So it may seem that I’d do anything for a boozy cocktail, good time, a wink a night on the razzle. (And yes, I do adore fun.) YET let me assure you that everything that I do, in my ENTIRE LIFE is FOR Ruby & Junior. EVERYTHING. I live for them. And yeah, I might not have it easy, as i’m a single mum of two, which means I haven’t really ever had the comfort of just being able to be MUM. I’ve had to hustle the whole time. But I like it because it provides for them…and I know that one day the Big Dude up above will cut me some slack and throw me a bone. (No, not a boner. 🙂 ) When that happens…I’ll be able to finally sit back and *breathe* with relief.

Always remember to only do the things that make you happy….

Lots of love,


Ps/ I’m Snapchatting for the rest of the night.

Catch me there: chrissiewunna1








Gucci Gifting To Bartlett’s Desk

Thank GOD it’s the weekend! I feel like i’ve just rolled off, the busiest week of work EVER and I don’t know what’s hit me. This week was stressy? Is that the right word? I don’t know why? But I was happy that Friday came. I needed to kick back and chill on my throne 🙂 and just watched the world go by for a second.  *Wiggle…Wink.*

I can tell the temperature of my stress, by the amount of wine consumed, once my work week has hit ‘see ya!’ I drank a whole bottle of red to myself, laughed, loved a little, performed a few pretend music videos in my bedroom mirror (you know you’re happy when you’re doing that and you know you’re obviously the fifth member of ‘Little Mix’ when your ‘across from you’ neighbour stops to tell you, that he watches you perform them drunk… from his window. Lol.)

‘Honestly, Chrissie! It’s the highlight of my evening. I love that you see me and don’t even care that i’m watching!’

‘I don’t see you? I’m pissed..’


‘Hahaha…now you sound like a pervert. LOL’

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you about my drunk window, ‘Little Mix’ performances.

RIGHT NOW, I’m here to make you rewind a second…

Remember that I visited Social Chain, about 2 weeks ago. I loved it. Didn’t I! I spread the news to everyone like wildfire. I was on my favourite Vlog , with Steven Bartlett…Who is certainly my favourite human.

Remember? Got it? Good!

A week later, I organised and ordered glamourous, fresh cut flowers to be sent to Katie Wallwork at Social Chain, by  ‘Bloom & Wild,’ who are my favourite luxury flower delivery service and she received them on ‘International Womans Day,’ as a ‘Thank you for having me…’ I loved Katie! So I wanted to make her smile.

By nature, i’m quite well mannered (apart from that one time when I threw my wine in this hideous girls face, because she thought she was the cast of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and was a bit niftier than I with her very manly fisticuffs. A waste of a good, full bodied red, really :))  However,  I’ll also tell you that I DELIGHT in being courteous and even though i’m one of those ambitious ‘Boss It’ kind of ‘Chick festivals,’ with an image that is showered in glitteratti, diamond glares and luxury tinkers…I also LOVE (more than anything) creating moments where in which, even if it’s just for a second, i’ve made someone’s eyes smile and by surprise.

It makes me happy! What? I’m a decent human! Give me trophies (UK BLOG AWARDS. 😉 )

ANNNNYWAY, I ALSO  sent Steven Bartlett a surprise ‘Thank You’ gift…and that gift, I had decided had to be Gucci? (Obviously! Lol.)

Gucci is my favourite luxury brand, because it oozes a timeless, stylish, sophistication, combined with a fun, modern, twist of ‘ooh.’ I ADORE what they’re delivering right now…and HEY, I’m currently appearing in the pages of the ever so High Fashion  Spring Edition of ‘House of Solo’ Magazine, as ‘Social Media’s Newest IT Girl’…Therefore, surely what I say,…goes? 😉 LOL.

But yes, I’m a decent gift giver and so I chose to buy Steve THIS SEASONS ‘Original GG Canvas baseball hat with the traditional webbing design’ in black….BY GUCCI. The cost of it didn’t really matter to me…as once i’ve decided on doing something, I have a one track mind, be it in work, love, ‘Thank You Gifts’...anything really…  that’s it…I’ll commit to it fully and go for it.

So, I told my chick friends that I had bought and ordered the gift from Gucci, as I knew I was on the busiest work week ever…and that I needed it to arrive at his office in Manchester…for AFTER he returned from doing his ‘4 stages in 3 days’ speaking tour. (Like any successful, non creepy chick, 🙂 I stalk his Vlog, so I pretty much have the semi, low down on his work life…Which is obviously super handy, when stalking schedules.)

Now, it was important to me, that it landed on his desk, AFTER the speaking tour, so it felt like a ‘treat,’ after a busy, rushy, ‘he must be shattered’ stretch and at the SAME TIME…It’d make him smile because (like Katie’s Flowers) it would deliver a moment into someones’s world, where in which they knew another human cared enough about them, to be thoughtful. I love ‘Thank you for having me’ gifts…They are my absolute FAVOURITE. And you can’t go wrong with Gucci, as everyone loves a little bit of luxury…I mean I personally picked out what I thought was a great gift for Steve…and yeah, if you know me personally, my choice is VERY ‘Wunna.’

He gets a lot of gifts. But let me tell you about gifts. The most thoughtful gifts, are the gifts that you send people, for NO OTHER REASON, than to TELL THEM that they nare appreciated. You should choose things that YOU THINK they would personally love. I also choose things that I LOVE, as it’s such a good energy to pass on to another.

So, this hat, during my busiest week ever, didn’t just come from the local ‘in your area, if you’re lucky’ Gucci store. Oh no…that would be far to easy…THIS CAP…(and my chick friends will tell you) was FLOWN HALF WAY ACROSS ITALY…through THREE DIFFERENT ITALIAN CITIES, THREE DIFFERENT AIRPORTS, GUARDED BY SECURITY (who I called’ THE GUCCI CAP POLICE’)…DELICATELY SCANNED AT EACH AIRPORT, on arrival and departure AND because I needed to know WHEN this bit of luxury would end up gifted upon Mr Bartlett’s desk…GUCCI gave me HOURLY EMAILED REPORTS of the cap’s whereabouts and journey! Lol.

How amazing is that!! It’s the boujiest ‘tracking service’ ever. I felt like part of an FBI Glam Squad.

I kept chatting to people, but checking my phone, before looking up and then laughing with ‘Hot Sarah…’ and ‘Feisty Gem…’


I’m not evening kidding…IT HAD SECURITY!

But let me give you a picture of events…

Gucci where giving me updates like this…

‘7 March/04.34pm Arrival for Original Scan in Firenze, Italy.’

‘7 March/ 06.32pm Departure Scan/Firenze, Italy.’

‘7 March 07.30pm Arrival Scan,/ Bologna, Italy.’

I recieved updates the entire way through and Wunna Land had got so involved in the ‘Life of Steve’s Gucci Cap’ that monitoring it’s whereabouts became a full time show. THE CAP needed it’s OWN VLOG! *Like & Subscribe here.*

So I KNEW when Steve was going to probably be back at his Manchester office and I also knew when Katie had received her flower delivery as ‘Bloom & Wild’ told me. 🙂 And I tried to schedule them appropriately. So they’d get there at the sameish time.

I was swimming in Wunna land, talking to brands, organizing shoots, verbally abusing my friends in good humour….AS HE was travelling from one event, to the next event, doing interviews , vlogging from taxis and meeting fans, as he tended to his own version of life. We were both going through really busy times….


Then finally, I scrolled through my phone, as Gucci had alerted me at five o clock in the morning, to let me know that the cap had LANDED at East Midlands Airport in England and was headed to Manchester Airport, to get picked up by the courier and delivered to the Portland Street…by 11.34am. LOL.

I’m NOT JOKING. It was the most BOUJI ‘Charlie’s Angel’s’ operation of absolute glamourousity… EVER!

I mean ALL DAY I was working, working, working and then  plate spinning my own piece of Cyberland, but I constantly had this CAP’s journey churning through my mind. Lol. As soon, as I got the..

‘The Courier has successfully delivered your parcel in Manchester at 11.34am, to 127 Portand Street, for Steven Bartlett.’

There was Wunna land cheering, relief and a suggestion of wine and therapy.

Gucci is SO INCREDIBLY SLICK, they’re amazing. I mean GOD, those updates were DELICIOUSLY FABULOUS…yet SO ‘High Fashion’ intense. 🙂


I needed 42 GINS after following the panic of it’s journey.

‘Well you would go for the flipping Gucci Hat….FROM ITALY, Wunna!’

‘The flowers were such an easier transfer of appreciation…I should’ve just got him butch roses..’

‘Are you happy?’


‘Cos it’s finally there?’

‘Well…yeah. Ofcourse. BUT it’s mainly because I know that he’ll open the box, see it, not have a clue who it’s from, yet notice that it’s bouji…and his face will light up…He’ll beam…It’ll make him smile…Then he’ll find out that it’s from ME to say ‘Thank you’ and it’ll shock him. That again, will make him smile…But this time HIS EYES WILL SMILE… AND YOU TELL ME WHAT ON THIS ENTIRE EARTH IS BETTER than sending someone a bit of  luxury love, just to say  THANK YOU. It’s classy, with a wild streak. It’s fun. It’s shocking…It’s ME. It’s thoughtful! And thoughtful is the new sexy!’

Now, I don’t know whether you watch Steve’s Vlogs OR if you have managed to cross path’s with Social Chain and all that they do…

But here… Watch the Vlog when my gift from Wunna Land…(and it WAS the biggest operation of luxury cap travelling EVER….) landed on Steve Bartlett’s Manchester Desk…

His Eyes Smile! (Told you. 🙂 Makes me happy!

PLUS, the AWESOME THING ABOUT IT ALL, is the fact that I have a BLOG and he has a VLOG….and this real life ‘Thank You’ gift, travels from my patch of Cyberland to HIS channel of ‘Social’ AND YOU ACTUALLY GET  TO TRAVEL WITH IT….AS WE ACCIDENTALLY DELIVER TWO HALVES OF ONE STORY! 🙂















Positive Vibes & Life Kisses

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

It’s Tuesday Folks! We got through the Monday Hump! I’m feeling great! I’m filled with a happy, positive ‘ooh laa’ and even though my sexy chest is still deciding to ‘cough and splutter’ all over this merry place, life could be worse. *Wiggle Wink.* The Supermoon has occurred, Donald Trump is the new President and i’m currently sat at the top of my staircase in a bra and tartan pj bottoms, trying to type up a quick blog and get my day started. (All my family stayed over last night…and i can currently hear bagpipes playing. We’re Asian…that’s weird.)

I’m looking for something exciting to happen today. I’m fed up of mulling around and like i said right now i have all these little glitzy bells jiggling up opportunity for me, that i’m peeking around corners quietly with an internal smile, waiting for the big ‘yeehaa.’

I’m getting invited to a lot. I’m looking forward to shimming alongside and seeing what they have on offer. I got a really lovely message from them the other day and it kinda made me smile and feel of worth. Those moments are good.

In December i have The Clothes Show live and I really love that as it’s filled with old off the telly friends who i haven’t managed to banter with in months. It’s a good work catch up…and again glitzy. It’s Christmas, you need a bit of sequinned fun. Plus, there’s wine and spray tans everywhere, making stuff life much easier.

Everything’s great. The world is a delight. I couldn’t be more grateful for you tuning into my blog, as it certainly means a lot to me.

I write about life and we’re all doing it., it’s the one thing that can connect us. Last night and even this morning my newsfeed was filled with personal photos all over the world of the supermoon. It kinda shows us how tiny we all in perspective and how important it is to enjoy your 100 years, if you’re lucky enough to have them an to not make a big deal over the shit that doesn’t matter. Don’t let niggly rubbish get you down. It doesn’t matter at all in the big picture. IT REALLY DOESN’T.

Hopefully, i’ll be 80 and still able to type up a mouthy blog. I’m sure i’m rude and grumpy at 80…with an ‘i know everything’ attitude.

I kinda fancy a morning gin now. Hahah. But i’ll spare myself the shame and instead just get ready for work.

It’s all dark and windy outside, it’s the part of the morning, that’s morning,before ‘the morning’ actually starts,

I hope you have the most magical day and i hope excitement pops up and taps me on the shoulder.

Biggest kisses ever…




So I can dance……..


Lots going on! All great! All good! (I mean would’n’t have it in my life any other way.) But lots! My focus has been on work and Motherhood this week and it’s flying by. I’m witnessing sooo many of the new chapters of others and i’m enjoying it. There are a lot of others things dancing in Wunna Land also….along with work and Mummyhood, I have the Leeds Lifestyle Awards coming up next month, other glitzy opportunities, if i so chose to take them and well with that i’ve been designing a charity tshirt for the NSPCC (a cause really close to my heart) and feeling every inch filled with warmth as I do it. (I’m a thoughtful human by nature. I’m not lame with it though, as i’m witty and bouncing with inappropriate humour and sass. Yet, I adore giving and helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it kinda makes me feel both happy and purposeful. Like i said before, I enjoy to help others, as i’ve experienced a rather colourful life and there have been some big times where in which I have I’ve sat there puzzled hoping that a ‘hero’ would save my sorry ass. It never happened so i kinda became my own hero. But i’m glad, because now…i’d never let anyone around me suffer. *Wiggle wink.*) Life is great right now and i am SO FLIPPING GRATEFUL for it.

So, i’m gonna skim things…There’s been skinny pinnies, boys teaching ‘Fairyatle blonds’ how to make bread, a Pepperami Bromance, which is oddly quite stylish, (I love seeing boys go through a ‘bromance.’ There’s been surprise ‘what’s in my belly’ talk with ‘The Mighty,’ laughter, sarcasm, hard work, trips to Rome, old faces, new times, stress, love, good deeds, (I actually did a good deed for ‘Eton Mess, the other day) parking tickets, sunshine, rain, first days of school, psychic readings, baby cuddles, thoughtfulness, ‘happy ending’ chat comedy and a whole lot of life in general.I couldn’t even begin to tell you about it all in depth.

I’m happy, but i’m not sleeping. I can’t sleep as I wrongly refuse to let my mind relax. It’s awful. I’m feeling ambitious. I’ve danced. I have hardcore goals that i kinda want to ‘tick box,’ I have had discussions with ‘fairytale’ blonds about why boys are testosteroney and find it scary to commit? It’s not that hard! (I love ‘Fairytale blond’ because she’s so idealistic about love, hence her title.) I’ve drank…merrily and even though there are times where i let stress get the better of me, i am always able to chop, change and find the positive. That’s why my life works for me.

Time is flying by so fast! The week. The year! It’s zooming.

I know so many people going through such exciting times and that makes me happy, (my own life is exciting right now) and as a counter balance i know so many going through really stressy times.  But stress is only temporary. One day everyone wakes up with that absolute brilliant feeling where they suddenly realize that they are no longer sad over something that they never thought they could get over. Light. Tunnel. Live it.

Pete (Ruby’s Dad did something thoughtful the other day.) I had had a busy day at work and when you’re a single mum, you get home and you have soooooooooooooooooooo much to do and organize. It never stops and i have lots of help. But Pete took both babies to the park and made them tea at his, so i could have an hour to myself to recoup and get organized. It literally felt AMAZING. And i love that about my Baby Daddies (so to speak) as both Father’s will have both children, as we operate it as one big family. So like i always say, on paper it not necessarily Bible text book 🙂 (Just laughing at the time i got thrown out of a Zen garden in LA, ) yet it completely works and our entire co parenting family, partners and all….is simply phenomenal and it’s great because we concentrate on what matters and not the petty ‘doesn’t matter’ crap. To say that it appears that there’s a lot of separation…Ruby and Junior are actually the most loved and emotionally stable kids ever and because as a unit we’ve held it together with love and not just for them, but because we’re all emotionally grown and not idiots. Lol. AND the kids aren’t under any illusion,we don’t ‘fairytale’ it,  i’m a direct girl and i tell them things honestly. They know who’s who, what’s what and why.,,and they’re kinda pretty okay with it.

My life is great, but it’s not easy. Luckily, nothing phases me and i just find it easy to handle. I’m great under pressure and i’m great at juggling with a smile and a trophy in my hand. I’m a trooper and just have this ability to see the jollies in everything or understand people or situations. So many people have it lot a worse so if anything, i count myself lucky. EVERYDAY.

I’ve started my teeth whitening process, that I began with Hatfield dental. I haven’t had much time. But i had my impressions done and for the next two and a half weeks i’m meant to whiten each evening for four hours. I think i’ve only done four days so far. But i’m on a mission now, so give me a couple more weeks and they’ll be banging McSparkly.

I’m feeling really shattered today…but because i haven’t been sleeping well. But i will tonight. I can feel it.

I’m going to be an Ambassador for the NSPCC. I know…can you even believe it. Me neither. So, i’m going to being my stance with Mystand4 where in which i will…well i am….designing a charity tshirt to represent the NSPCC and Wunnaland in one, that you can all purchase to help the hearts of others…and i really hope you do, as it means so much to me.

I think it launches tomorrow. But i’m waiting for pictures etc…

On the love life front…not much is going on…I still fancy ‘Eton Mess’ and that’s about that.

The kids great. I’m great. Work is good and so is wine. 😉

Hope you’ve had an awesome day and thank you for following my life. x

ps/ This guy who i’m ignoring keeps messaging me and showing me pictures of his belly button, like it’s sexual. It’s worse than a dick pic. lol. Don’t be a weirdo. I don’t have time for that. Lol. In the words of my old LA roommate Justin, and in your best American accent…’Some Dudes just need to go back to romance camp.’  (I remember him once shouting at a guy…and he never shouts, we were besties, we worked in the same place and we lived together,  and hung out together, but he yelled at a guy for being a tool…

‘Dude! She is NEVER GOING TO LIKE YOU unless you step up and quit being a douche. I live with the girl, she’s like the fucking Queen of romance…and you think that she’s gonna kick it with a faded piece of shit like you…there are dudes lining up to date Miss.Fucking Glamour Puss and she’ll still go for the kindest. You need to get yourself back to ROMANCE CAMP dude.’ HAHAHA.

(Hope you said all that in your American Accent.)

Anyway…i won’t always go for the kindest now i’m old. I’m far more shallow now. 🙂 I like eye candy…but who doesn’t! 😉 I mean GOD, my acest friend ‘McC ‘will even tell you, there is a Wunna ‘tick list’ and it includes a fucking helicopter. HAHAHA.)










For Better or For Worse…



Morning all! You delicious demons of ‘Hey-Hey’ it’s Wednesday.’ Is it Wednesday?….Yeah…..It’s Wednesday.

I sort of had an emotionally rough night. The kinda night that didn’t have to turn out the way it did…but it did.

I woke up this morning at a halfway mark of ‘okay.’ A mark where you might just choose to wallop on a pity party, if you decided to give Wednesday a good old ‘white flag.’ A 50/50 mark, where you know you have a lot to feel blessed about, yet you selfishly feel that things could quite frankly ‘be better.’ It’s a limbo phase of *hazy-hazy*which rarely ever works positively for any passionate girl or even being. But this Wednesday, i’m wise enough to know that, we all at times go through this and the good thing about me, is that i’m darling bit of one who will always cling onto facts. And the only fact I know about storms and comedy  grey clouds, is that in the end, they simply lift. *Breathe here*

However then…and just as I was about to feel all sorry for myself and metaphorically throw myself over board..feed myself to the sharks :)…  my tiny,  Baby 2, loin fruit,

beamed at me with a look, a gummy smile and a distinct glint of ‘I love you.’ (Ruby however trumped. 🙂 )

And it was in that moment that I pulled myself together and realized how lucky I was!

Life (yes…i’m about to get preachy.) is a precious thing and the people you choose to love and do life with are highly precious also. Out of the gzillions of people in this entire mighty world…you chose that one person to share your tender heart with. Yet the lives that you bring into the world are an extension of what you believe in, which steps up your level of love, worth and importance. How you felt as child dictates how you are as an adult and often (according to a very delicious occupational therapist) having children can trigger off old memories that may have been unresolved within you…as can love, marriage, life or anything….It can make you do silly things, that lead you down a path that you never wished to go down. I had a wonderful childhood, which has helped me become an understanding parent. I have childhood memories that flourish like a dream,which I swirl around my own little children on a giant daily basis. I’ve had a dodgy love life, not all bad, not all good. Which makes me just an ‘alright’ girlfriend. Yet quite weirdly makes me an excellent wife. I’m a rubbish girlfriend, because I can’t operate on that level naturally. I enjoy stability. But I’m a GREAT WIFE and an even better MUM. And I stand by that with everything that I am.

I pulled myself together this morning because the lives i’ve brought into this world are more than absolutely worth it and i’m not stupid enough to take that or the meaning of ‘family’ for granted.

Rubes & Junior  make me loyal to life and make me have faith in that fact that it’s always going to be great. As soon as they beamed this morning, I  immediately smiled, giggled, cuddled them and well then totally did my face! 🙂 And if i’m honest…after everything I’ve been through in my love life, be it in good old Yorkshire or the glitz of Hollywood…Keiran has been a massive factor in making ‘love’ worth it. He’s made me understand romance the way a fairytale would write it and in love i’ve blessed his life with family, loyalty and maybe a sense of purpose and I want to focus on the good that we bring into one another’s life and not in a way that puts ‘the goodness’ in the past as a memory. But keeps it very present.

Last night….he ‘won’ and I put the art of winning in quotations simply because we’ve both been really stupid and when you scrape down to the very bottom of the wooden, barrel and think about what actually matters in life…like when you imagine your kids when they’re older, on their wedding days, when they’ve achieved or when they’re sad. Or imagine yourself on your death bed, in the last minutes before you pass…(very dramatic, I know…but bare with me here 🙂 It does happen and on a ‘moment’ basis ) …no one really wins, when the result of winning is breaking down something you truly love…which for both us is our a marriage and our family. There’s no winners when something that should be together is torn and separated in bits of love or distance.

We spent two years together and we loved hard, bickered hard, laughed hard, fought hard….all sorts. There’s been these really awful times, which have been overridden by these really magical times.

We’ve been really stupid because there have been times in our relationship when we’ve only cared about ourselves. During different stages of course and during different moments of security. Our relationship…and we’re now at a stage where we have wrongly coloured too aggressively ‘out the lines’ and all in I’d say 4 or 5 days…is weirdly still worth it, because when you’ve stripped the front of the dramatics away, from both of our beings as individuals, we’re really not that different from one another. Hence why during our the last 2 years, whenever he’s done something idiotic, i’ve managed to  understand and recoup. Plus, vice versa, whenever i’ve done anything idiotic..and we’ve both been pretty idiotic…he’s always understood and recouped. That just comes from being similar. We always said from the start, that we couldn’t believe how similar we actually were. So even though I might say, ‘Blah…blah…blah…this’ and he might fight back with a ‘blah…blah…blah…that,’ it’s all kinda just words and words that don’t mirror what our actual hearts might feel. It’s like being a two year old, when you want to go to bed, but your actually fighting your sleep…even though it’s not the best thing for you, or even what you truly want.

He’s done this, i’ve done that, he’s said this and i’ve said that…and yesterday..nobody won. No-one wins when no-ones happy. I know he’s not happy…he’s a family man and a husband and he enjoys that part of his life. I’m not happy…I’m a mother and a wife and i believe in togetherness, which we don’t have right now, but must sort out. I’ve learnt that breaking down love and families, when there’s still love and a family doesn’t work in anyones favour and simply because i’ve been on both ends of that. I’ve broken down a family…which I will always mark down as ‘wrong’ and i’ve been the subject of someone wanting to break down a family…which no doubt..he will also mark as wrong, because it’s not what he or either of us want in the long run, or even in the immediate.

I wish the ‘blah, blah, blah’ and the blame finger and the point scoring would stop (and I do mean by both of us) and in turn, as a result, I wish that everything that has wrongly occured, which doesn’t even need to be relived or spoken about with one another because we know what’s happened, we’ve both experienced it together, would just get filed away, as we both put our hands up to being idiots, say nothing more than ‘sorry’ to one another and agree to hold hands and go back to the good times…and without the if’s..and buts…and you said…whatnot. Just do love and do it simply. But more importantly unconditionally.

We didn’t get engaged after 5 weeks, raise Ruby, get married after 11 months, then carry and give birth to the most beautiful little boy, only three months ago, who was conceived on our wedding night..for nothing. Our family is worth more than that and in the words of my mum,who has been a good mum to both of us…

‘Chrissie, It doesn’t matter what anybody says, or what you two say to each other right now whilst you’re angry and upset. I know you both and I know you both well. Sometimes things have to go too far, in order to get back to where you want them to be and to appreciate the things you have, when you have them and I don’t mean in a you’ve lost me so live to regret it… kind of way. I mean that It’s like having everything, taking it for granted, then  losing everything, only to cherish it when your love & life turns back to where it was..and that’s for BOTH of you. You’re both great people and you’re both strong people. He didn’t marry a weak woman and he knows that & you didn’t marry a weak man & that’s what you’ve loved about him. When you’ve both breathed it out, actually looked at how great you both have it. Actually stopped being selfish and actually see what you both have in life…each other…Junior…Ruby…love…the world…and pretty much stop playing war…you’ll be okay. The sad thing…well the good thing should I say about it all, is that you both already know this..So you can both play the it’s over, i’m not calling or texting and i’m moving out game like 20 year olds…where you let down the family that you’ve created and worst of all you let down each other and yourselves…You two are really not good at being apart, whether you think you are or not. Or you can get your act together and lovingly fight for what you honestly from the bottom of your hearts think is right.  I’m 63! Grow up!’ 

(I always love how she ends her wisdom with an angry stunt of  ‘get the message.’ 🙂 )

So, now i’m pretty open to it all and I don’t like that it’s gone from this:


(Which is a picture I wanted to look back upon, when I was 80 years old and remember, as I told my great grandkids about the story, in my rocking chair, with my leoprint tea cosy and ‘think i’m still 20’ bloomers.)

To this:

So to anyone going through the same thing, or to those of you who are pregnant, or newlyweds, or even single, learning or happy…. My words of wisdom today are to only fight the fights, worth fighting and fight them when the whole result to that fight.. is something quite marvellous. Take your facts from things that are positive and give no focus to that of a negative nature.

Y’know, from a honest’ Mother’ point of view, I’ve never been worried or scared of raising Rubes on my own, because I know that i’m strong female role model for her..and I know that I can teach and guide her into flourishing as a GREAT WOMAN, filled with esteem. Yet with Junior, part of me feels naturally terrified when it comes to raising a boy and because I can love him with all that I am and teach him to be a boy, from a woman’s point of view..Yet I can’t teach him the little boy things like how to run fast, kick a ball, or even do a stand up wee.:(

However, saying that…maybe more little boys need to be loved, nurtured and raised from a woman’s standard of what is expected…then a new breed of ‘gentleman’ will grace this universe and that is a win, win for EVERYONE! As the saying goes…’Man UP’ Wunna. *Deep breath in….and out…..*