Bush Frolics & Secret Kisses

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So, not last night but the night before, I kissed a boy, in a bush… at around midnight. 🙂 I haven’t kissed a guy in ages, so I’m not sure what i’m gonna go with, other than the fact that in that moment, I felt really ‘passionate,’ I felt really turned on and I wanted him to be mine.  Haha. (I cannot even believe, i’m writing this. ‘Firmonnell’ my chick best friend, who formed the group ‘No Boys, Just Dicks‘ the other evening, after we decided that all men were a waste of our delicious time, has found every inch of this story HILARIOUS.)

Firmonnell: ‘Wow. That sounds like a dick voice to me?’

Y’see! You can’t form a group with rules and then expect me to stick to them. I’m a rebel without a cause. Cupid likes to **** me over. The last rule, I was told to stick to, was one in LA, where my  good friend DK challenged me to be celibate for a month. I lasted under 24 hours. And yes…again….that time HE pissed himself with laughter.

(Rule breaker. Love maker. 😉 )

In fact, I got shoved into a bush twice, whilst having under the stars banter with Ginger Brad and J.D, outside The Carleton , Pontefract. I made a guy cry at a bench, as day turned to night. I nearly cried. I managed to also get pissed off and *blank* people, for hearing a ‘true story,’ that didn’t come from directly from the horses mouth. I was filled with passionate. Filled with sass. Northern Soul & Reggae Vibes, have been playing in the background and after many a toilet talk, with Katy P. (If we ever go to the toilet together, we need to discuss, gather, gossip or go mental.) We are independent chicks, that don’t wee together. If we go to the loo as ‘one’…then you should know that something is going down.

So yeah, on Sunday I felt lovely…Then I felt feisty. The afternoon before, my babies broke up from school…and I tinkered to feel some World Cup action. Pretty much felt like the only chick in a dress with boobies, immersed in a lovely drunken ‘sausage fest.’

To be fair. It was fun for the first few hours. I selfied. I giggled. I chattered with old friends, made new friends and everything in between. People were making do video calls with their mates, trying to feel me up every 2.3 seconds…and well Little Ollie tried to schedule sex for Sept 21st?

But ‘Football’s Coming Home‘ and all that. So in the name of fun and debauchery, it was alright. It was fine. I probably got hit on, every 3 steps, I took. I mean, the night was great. Will ended up dancing on tables. Little Sam Moore showed up and did his usual ‘Lady Boy’ pic. Then someone tried to set my nipple on on fire, so I *tapped* out and after stating…

‘I just need a wee..’

I legged it out the front entrance and went home.  I was done. It was tiring. It was sort of like being booked on an appearance…but without the jollies of a paycheck. Lol. Yet, i’m not bothered. It’s funny and well it certainly doesn’t do my ‘socials’ any harm.

THEN I got a shitty whatsapp message from someone who should absolutely be a great deal more understanding. 

Sunday was drama and when I pick boys, friends and everything in between….I need to always make sure, that all is at peace, well and stable. Meaning, I am a NO DRAMA ZONE. So, on Sunday I felt lots of things needed saying…so being me…


(I might have even hair tossed a little… in anger. I just don’t like to hear things that I should know first, from other people.) 

Ended up kissing in a bush though didn’t I! I had bush foreplay. And to make it even worse…You’d think bushes were great hidey places, right? But no, not at all…because of course, a mutual friend walked by and saw everything.

‘Don’t worry! I haven’t seen anything! Haha.’

(The next day.) 

Katy P: ‘OMG! I’ve just heard. What was it like?’


It was fun. I’d definitely do it again. 🙂 I mean, gosh, you only live once, so you might as well make your story worthwhile. Well, that’s how i’ve accidentally made an entire living.

Everything just seems to have whizzed by…?

A few days ago, I was sat with Sheffield Greg, who was acting out the Yorkshire Version of ‘Ex On The Beach.’

Sheffield Greg: ‘I’d just sit there, with my 20 empty tins of lager around me and a pile of bricks.’

Lol. He said, he’d be sat on a deck chair, in his swimmers, with a 20 pack of Carling and a pile of bricks by his side. As his exes came of of the sea, he’d just lob bricks at them and tell them to *SWEAR HERE* and get back in the sea!


The Yorkshire Version is so much more fun and BY FAR less ‘pansy.’

Then I did drinks with Ashleigh and Antony. Ashleigh introduced herself to Golfer Jonny, as a ‘raging homosexual,’ and Antony…Well let’s say Antony enjoyed my ‘HOSE DOWN’ post. He even gained me a leg stroke…and a ‘You’re Beautiful.’ (All leg strokes appreciated, now that i’m an oldie.) Unfortunately, I was waving at some other guy, mid leg stroke….which was hilarious.

‘Haha. How awful is that! I’m accidentally waving at some dude, as you’re leg stroking! Lol.’

We both just pissed ourselves.

The other day, I remember sending Firmonnell voice notes, because I knew if she heard my voice, she’d love me..and she did! I miss her madly. I can’t wait to see her again over booze. She’s just my perfect human. She’s irrepressible and nothing I do disturbs her. She adores me anyway! AND has no problem telling me!

Love you!!!!!!!

Katy P and Golfer Jonny, have pretty much spent the entire time being smitten. They’ve galloped ahead leaps and bounds and it’s just really great to see them both so happy.

I’ve been having a flirty old time. Yet..ofcourse and as always, there’s an ‘issue’ with my ‘flirty old time.’


There’s been sudden smooches on patios, heated moments, smooches outside, leg feels, hand holds, little bits of all sorts….A good build up really, to a frolic in a bush.

I’ve kinda joked this off a bit, in the ‘write up,’ of it all because that’s what I do. Yet, it hasn’t really felt too jokey. It’s felt pretty real.

But, I’m just watching and waiting to see what occurs. Obviously, we’ve talked a lot about it. Obviously, everyone has there own version of events. Obviously, there have been faces of astonishment. Yet, I’ll see. When stuff occurs, I’ll either move appropriately or not at all. 

Anyway, i’m off now. I’ve been at Ackworth Garden Centre, doing Brunch with the babies all morning, teaching them how to Influence. Lol. All they kept doing was trying to kiss each other. 🙂

But, hey, at least they weren’t in a bush.

‘I’m devastated by how unglamourous this all sounds…’

‘Does sound mad sketchy. Haha.’







Summer, Tears & Beer Gardens…

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‘Why are you getting changed whilst we’re walking? You look straggly.’

‘I’m using time wisely. Lol. Keep walking. Why is everything stressy? I’m taking my arms out the dress, to even out my tan!! Where is this place? We’ve got 12 minutes to get there…’

Sassy Latina Marissa has spent her morning keeping me on time, as I venture from place to place convincing folk that Wunna Land, is the place to be! I’m SO stressed, I could explode into glitter fire. It’s one of THOSE days, where you need to look great, but look 2nd rate, where to need to be on time, but you’re running a step too late. If i want to get changed on the street, mid strut…


Watch me now….

(And now i’m getting whatsapp’s from the School Mum’s group, because of a ‘Big String thing’ that I didn’t know was happening? Lol )

If you see me today, at any point feel free to just come up and KICK ME. I’ll probably like you more if you bring me booze, but if you don’t, a kick is just fine.


But before I get into today…let me take you back to Tuesday, where life felt so much easier…

(I hate that i’ve run out of foundation. Remind me to get some.)

Right, so Tuesday was about a magical mystery tour and after errand, on top of errand, Golfer Jonny and KatyP picked my sorry (but glammy) arse up from Ego, in Ackworth, celebrated life with a ‘shall we just grab a quick drink’ and after that little ‘swifty,’ we then *swoosh* our way to The Carlton to pick ‘Ginger Brad’ up. (He works with KatyP.)

I get on with ‘Ginger Brad.’ I find him really funny. But ‘Ginger Brad‘ doesn’t want me to call him ‘Ginger Brad’ because he thinks Wunna Land is all about his little Gingery self.

‘You can’t make Asian girl jokes, when ya Ginger… We’re meant to be a team. We’re the minorities. Lol.’

Basically, he has a mini Ginger beard…and I think referring to him as ‘Ginger Brad‘ is quite appropriate. Do you? Thought so..

We found him at the bar…

‘As if you’re late, because you picked the ******* queen up… I nearly walked there…’

..then in the sun, we enjoyed another swift drink, around shirtless men, in diggers. Before leaving to our next ‘magical’ stop…The Rustics…Lol…I like to go there at times, because I find it peaceful. Plus, we just didn’t fancy any Tuesday afternoon drama. (And drama tends to follow me these days, like…I dunno? Toyboys? 🙂 I’m like the Pied Piper of the Toyboy Town.)


At this point, everything felt so sensible. It felt warm and pleasant, like a delicious cherry pie. I hadn’t posted all day. We’re finding the right kinda of shade, the suns out, we’re discussing swear words, relationships, we’re making polite pleasant banter about dumplings, business plans, footballing brothers, bedroom olympics, how orgasms cure ankles and the beautiful art of ‘fisting.’ Sun scream is squirted. My sunglasses are fixed. Then Golfer Jonny and KatyP, get all cuddly by juicy pints of Carling…


I guess, I can say, we just hit the top of the happiest slippery slope in all of the land…Disney couldn’t have created a better ride.

JUST LIKE THATBOOM! I film my first Insta Story of the day (no one’s shy about it now, so it makes everything easier) and with a..


(…as as the ‘life volume‘ turns itself up to 10…)

…Kate and I found ourselves shoulder rolling and singing to The Backstreet boys, decorated in Snapchat filters and as ‘Ginger Brad’ fiddled with Golfer Jonny’s buttons.

Brad: ‘I hit the wrong thing, but it kinda worked out.’

[Hit Play. Sing Along.]

Ginger Brad’s the new bantery edition to ‘Team Beer’ (which has been created by ‘KatyP’ and the name of our little Whatsapp group.) ‘The Ginge’ has stepped in with full force. But he’s fun and I like fun…and he’s having a ‘Golfer Jonny’ bromance. So ‘Team Beer’ it is!

Wahey! Let’s play!

Backstreet Boy shoulder rolls. Followed by Aerosmith love songs. We’re happy drunks, so we’ll have a tipple or 10 and commit to songs of romance. Kate and I have beautiful voices. If you put Aerosmith, a football match, Alvin & The Chipmunks, the XFactor bloopers and UTTER excitement (lol) into jiggly bag…YOU would have an idea of what our back seat performance was like.

I don’t know how we fitted it all in, because the ride was literally only around five minutes or so?

It got so intense that the boys started kissing each other lovingly…to this…

Well Golfer Jonny, went in for the kiss (it was a cheek peck before you all start) and ‘Ginger Brad’ tried to style it out, because he’s such a lady. Lol

We’re not all sat in a car park, INSIDE A STATIONARY VEHICLE, with people glaring in from other cars. We have a love song are playing on full blast…We’re SINGING AT THE TOP OF OUR GODDAMN VOICES. The boys are cuddling and shit….Kate & I are pissing ourselves, as i’m filming it all for my Insta story.

Then all of a sudden I snapped out of it…looked around, hit my mental *pause* button, and as I flung my car door open, with a giggle…I moved us along with a…

‘Right, i’ve had enough of this now…’

The rest of the afternoon was enjoyed in the sunshine. We chatted life. We committed to laughter. We tippled and tinkered like the world was our oyster. (I can’t even remember what we were talking about? But at the time it seemed really interesting? Lol)

Then Kate switched our drink to wine…and I don’t know what happened exactly, I just know that ‘Golfer Jonny’ brought up a story…Which turned into tears, mini bickers, daggers, hand holding and all sorts of that good stuff.

I mean as if Kate and I were sat at a table crying. Haha. You know it’s a good time when that happens.

So, a situation was brought up…(one of those situations that you only bring up when you’re drunk.) We all get on really well, but we’re all really different. We all have different opinions on this particular subject…(haha, sorry, i can’t type because i’m finding it too funny..as if we cried.) We’re all really good at VOICING our opinions, standing our ground and then panicking when it goes tits up. We’re all trying to get our point across…

So, I’m shouting at Kate, then cuddling her. Then 3 minutes later, i’m shouting at her again, then cuddling her. Brad’s eating Nachos and watching the show, whilst ‘hand holding.’ Golfer Jonny’s accidentally saying all the wrong things, at all the right times. Kate’s shouting at me, because I make everything about ME. (Which is true.) The boys are panicking. Kate and I are now cuddling and crying. Jonny’s disappeared at some point and returned with a bottle of wine in his hand…

(It was great because in this moment, I saw how each one of us tries to solve a solution…)

Jonny went with ‘buy Kate wine.’ I went with say my piece, cry and cuddle. To be honest, Jonny & I were really rubbish at consoling her.  Haha. He thought changing tables would make it better and it did, because it got us out the way.

So we tinker off and sit on the table next to us, as Nacho eating Brad, actually went in as the ultimate problem solver and CALMED the ENTIRE situation down, with some deep ass, LIFE TALK.

(Haha, sorry i’ve made ‘deep ass‘ sound like he did something completely different. HAHAHAHA. I should’ve said ‘heart felt.’) 

And just like that they come and sit at the new table. Sanity is restored. We’re all tipsy, exhausted but happy….We all blamed the sun. Kate and Jonny tinker home. I get picked up and hit the sack. Brad walks home and drinks and entire bottle of Baileys. 🙂

The following day, we created ‘Team Beer’ and just quietly sat at a corner table, with the occasional glass of water, glaring at each other like wounded soldiers, laughing about the day before, yet sitting quietly as men roamed around us on diggers.

I’m kinda looking forward to the END of Summer. Lol. When do we get to do ‘jumpers & dumplings’ and not turn *wackadoo* because we’ve had a wine in the sun?

I can’t cope with Summer 2018. It’s too much ‘good time‘ for me to handle. You can’t put great friends, heatwaves, football, Love Island and all day beer gardens into ONE LITTLE SUMMER and survive it unscathed.

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A calm before the storm…



Happy Sunday, my brinking blooms of ‘boom’ fest. (I have no idea what i’m referring to, when i speak to you in such a manner. Yet just go with it, it works for me. Plus, that’s what blogs are about…emptying and sharing the glorious shite 🙂 that lays in your pretty mind, for a hopeful audience, who may be inspired by your delicious words or documents.)

I’ve just done my face and had my darling Baby Ruby, wrapped up warm and delivered to ‘Daddy Pete,’ who’ll have her for the whole day today, since i’ll be taking my gorgeous little glamour puss away for 4 days, with the family back to the forest tomorrow.

Yesterday, was all about ‘chill.’ Not one thing was tended to, other than ourselves and sometimes you just NEED a day like that in order to keep the peace a flowing in your system. It’s sort of like a re-charge of jolly lost energy.  We laid in, giggled with one another, did breakfast, stayed in our ‘comfies’ all day and watched movies…(some weird one with ‘Marlon Brando’ dressed as a posh ship captain, with  half naked Tahitian ladies, bonking all the sailors out of kindess…Then ‘Double Jeopardy,’ after an old Eddie Murphy movie, where i believe he was talking to fairies, under his little girls purple blanket?) The day was littered with true love, mummy-hood, hopes for the future, laughs, chats and naps. All 3 of us managed to take a nap at some point. #excitingstuff Keiran claimed to be going to the gym, yet instead put on his slippers, covered himself with a blanket and went to sleep on the sofa. #oldmanthompson My Robotic Ken doll was out of action.

The rest of the evening, i delighted in playing with my tiny Baby Ruby. Y’know, my love for my little girl is endless and i never thought i could love her any more with another inch of my being. Yet weirdly, since knowing that i’ll be having a brand new baby boy, my love for her has multiplied massively and i have no idea why? Is it because i feel all mummified and delicious? I’m having another child and i’m simply filled with this tremendous glow of ‘oooh laa.’ Is it because she’ll now be my ‘big’ girl, my first born, the heir to my ‘Wunna’ empire, my only little glamour puss. (She was so cute this morning, pretending to do her face in a portable dressing mirror and pouting.) I just don’t know? But right now, i’m filled with love for her…and so utterly happy that i have a little baby boy on the way. It’s magical. And as the story goes, makes our little family of complete balance. Mummy, Daddy, Daughter, Son….and all in a year and a half. 🙂 I’m a passionate girl and not one bit a slow mover. When i want i want. When i don’t i don’t. I’m far less panicky, now that i’m older and wiser and simply because i know how to work my life now 🙂 and i know that great things just end up coming my way. I totter forward, with whole heart and usually a wine (when not preggo)…letting my natural flow of life work it’s magic…well it only works after a big old *push-stomp-and kick* anyway. 🙂 I’m like that vending machine that you have to *smack* repeatedly, in order to get the ‘goodie’  that you’ve already paid for, to come out. 🙂 I just have a tremendous amount of charm that goes alongside it…with boobs, a smile and a stint on the telly, which makes you put up with me a little longer than you ever wanted to.    To be honest, i don’t actually think that at all. I’m quite easy going and well i’m a chica who always knows what’s she’s doing. Everything that seems accidental, usually is deliberate and everything that’s deliberate…often goes wrong. 🙂

Y’know, when i’m happy, i laugh the hardest. When i’m angry, i’ll karate chop you out of existence. If i like, i LOVE  and if i don’t…you’ll know about it and once i don’t, i’m not weak, fake or fickle enough to bend backwards and forgive you. But right now and because i’m wearing my more positive head of extensions i’m grateful for everything i have in life and ready to rocket forward to achieve want i want, It’s important to go get and make your dreams come true. Turn your thoughts into a reality and work hard at being a success…no matter what it is you wish to be life. Although, i’m great at that, i’m lacked *push-push* of recent and only given 50%. Maybe even 40%. So, if only pushing 40%, gives me the success of what occured last year. Then actually working hard, on full fuel determination will no doubt get me where i want to be. It worked in Hollywood. it worked when i first got back home to England and so it’ll work now. (I just need a coffee first. *Wiggle-wink-hair-toss-beckon.*) I tend to get too comfortable when i’m happy and enjoy it with utter celebration. Then i’m like, ‘Shit, i have dreams. I’m meant to be taking over the world with my fabulousity, being on the telly, making money, opening a business….inspiring the world,’ so i tuck my baby back in the buggy, do my hair, finish off making the tea, kiss my husband, adjust my bra, and do a ‘means business’ face. This year…i’ve got the ‘means business’ face down…however as always it’s cleverly disguised under the safety of my ‘I’m calm,’ Bimbo mask. I actually don’t feel that safe under my ‘bimbo’ mask, like i used to. Maybe because i’ve come to terms with the fact that i’m not really that and hiding behind something that you actually aren’t really isn’t that  clever and even worse….transparent. #shithidingplace

Things are good today. Looks a bit snowy, yet with the sun beaming through the windows. Rubes is happy. I’m enjoying having a Sunday and then getting ready to pack for our forest holiday tomorrow. (We were there three weeks ago and just had to go again.

Keiran’s oddly excited over the fact that there’s a bit of snow on top of a few jolly cars. He’ s just got back from the gym and now downstairs, doing Lord knows what, whilst i’m blogging. I was actually far more chipper this morning,  whilst we were all laid in bed, just waking up. Rubes was chatting away and being a bit insane for a Sunday morning really, whilst i was topless and rolling over, like the hag that i am, trying to wake up. Then my darling husband, as lovely as he is, decided to tell me that he was going to hang out with his guy friends, (who i distinctly remember hating, aside from one) for a drink to celebrate the fact that he’s going to be having a baby boy. Which is really just an excuse for them to all hang out, get pissed, get fucked up and watch all my friends and I’s ex-boyfriends kick a ball around for money on a big screen…yet the excuse they used was ‘my bump.’ Nice. Classy. Thoughtful. I enjoy it when men foolishly position themselves in a manner that leads them straight to the dog house. That’s why woman are by far the smarter sex. If you don’t want trouble then don’t take the foolish steps that lead to it.

So, yeah…that’s annoyed me really and no doubt i’ll voice it. Y’know, whenever they are mentioned and since that chunk of time last year, they have never been mentioned in my house, as i’ve merrily cut out them of my life…a  negative surge of gunk, pours over me and because it reminds me of a really awful time in my relationship and i don’t mean a ‘bad hair day’ awful, i mean  it was REALLY awful. I think of how horrific my now husband was to me during that time, how poorly they all treated me, talked badly about me, lied about me, back chatted about me, disrespected me, made fun of me and tried to breakdown my entire marriage. Whilst Keiran joined in, whenever he was angry at me. I had no support and I felt lost and it was the only time in my entire relationship where i truely thought i had made a massive mistake in being with him, because i didn’t realize that he came as a package..a negative one, that i couldn’t get away from…no matter how hard i tried. I have good friends, who are positive, respectful, successful, giving and kind…to both of us always. His friends are the opposite.

On the whole, it was a terrible time for me and in that time i only really had Rubes and my mum to guide me. Like i even went through an entire eating disorder through that entire phase and Keiran was so self obssessed, angry, emotionally absent and ‘party boy’ hurtful at that point that he didn’t even notice. He was so clouded and filled with negativity, that he couldn’t even see what it was doing to his home life, his foundation, his soon to be wife and family. He didn’t even care if it broke up our entire marriage at the time and to see how happy he was at the wedding and how wonderful a husband he is now and that’s with them being pushed out of our relationship, shows to me what a difference it makes. They don’t do anything productive with each other. Only time waste and party.

So, to them it was just a mildy bad time. To me…it was one of the worst times of my life. I went through a lot and had to search quite flipping far for all the strength i had left, as i was getting married in the weeks to come. Not fun at all. And the fact that they now try and text me and pretend like ‘nothing’s happened and try to smear things over with cheesy ‘lets just forgive and forget,’… makes me laugh. I don’t think so. I’d prefer for them to imagine bridge…maybe a glitzy one… Then imagine fucking up by it and then having to set it on fire and watch it burn forward, away and without them. Keiran mght be stupid enough to hang out with people who did that to me, our marriage and who say awful things about me behind my back. Which i find disloyal. Yet he’s the kinda boy, who doesn’t care what you really think, as long as you are nice to his face and make his time with you seem as merry, as can be. He’ll take you at face value, regardless as to what you actually think and that’s done deliberately, just incase what you think isn’t what he wants to hear, meaning it will hurt him. But they’ll never ever be a part of my life, or anything that is my life because i  am not so stupid to associate with people of that sort, when i have such a bright future ahead of me and i’m gonna go get it, without wasting my time. He can make his own decisions and learn from them whenever he chooses. (Like before he left he explained to him how i felt about  the matter and refused to *kiss* him goodbye and he to acts like he’s completely forgotten everything that we all went through last year and how terrible it was, because he just doesn’t want to face fact. I don’t it when people ‘pretend’ forget things that have happened…it’s not the smartest way forward, now is it.)

Excluding all that, life is actually great and yeah, i’ve had a moan and voiced how i feel, but i’m happy to have what i have and thankful for every moment that i breathe that bit of magical air, that keeps my kitty cat heart a pumping and my soul fluttering forward. I’m a lucky girl. I have a beautiful family, daughter and baby on the way…a career that is about to regain consciously hopefully :)…i have a telly show a coming on your telly box, a book to promote and good hard earnt moola, a promising it’s way to me. I feel like i have everything and as long as i stay positive and cut all that is negative, or anything that brings negatively into my world OUT…then the rest of this year will go down just the way i want it to. I learnt from wonderful people the way to become a success and i intend to follow suite with their guidance. (That’s what the smart people do…then they add their own shimmie to keep it original. 🙂 )

But yes…i’ve had a little weep (*rolls eyes*) whilst writing this, but all cries are good cries, as it’s a release of unwanted energy, that makes way for ‘only good.’ I miss Rubes so much right now and just want her here with me.

I’m meant to be packing to go to the forest, yet i’ll throw a few things in the wash and make a bag up later. I took far too much last time and well i’m just not in a packing mood right now. I’ve lost my holiday excitement. It’s like i just can’t get away from drama. We haven’t even bought all the food etc to go. And right now…i’m not bothered really. He can do it.

Anyway, i  just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to each and every one of you who has sent us a ‘Congratulations’ tweet, inbox, text, call or facebook message. It means a lot to me and well your well wished are a delight and are gratefully recieved with a wink. We even got a Tweet  from the beautiful Melanie Sykes, who congratulated us on the bump being a boy. How lovely! See..my little boy is pulling an audience already. 🙂

Lord help us all!

I love you, but you know that!

Have a great day, I’m gonna enjoy this bit of peace that i have before it runs out…

Chrissie x

ps, I’ve deliberately put a ‘sexy’ picture up and simply because over my entire time of blogging, my most successful post (and this really is of ALL TIME) was not one of my best written pieces, but of a ‘Nuts Bedroom Babe’ picture. Plus, so what…it’s sexy and the pregnant ompa-lumpa that i am now, enjoys to look back at that time with a ‘yeah i did have a waist line, under this bump’. 🙂

Big blowie kisses x

I’m off to the forest tomorrow… I hate that a downer’s been put on it. But whatever, I’m still excited.