Life, Death & It’s Almost My Birthday

Oh my gosh! I have been drizzled with the snuffles and dashed with the sassy old flu bug. My nose has trickled a seductive *tap dance* (no one looks good with a runny nose) and due to such a beautiful time of Lemsips, Fox Onesies and trying to keep warm at all costs, in the ABSOLUTE FREEZING COLD (I told you, i’m far too exotic for this shit..Yeah, yeah, born in Doncaster. Yeah, yeah…still 100 percent Burmese)…..Wunna Land has been MAN *the jizzles* DOWN.


(I mean you can’t be Doncaster, Burmese, in ya thirties AND have a runny nose. The combination on ANY level, just DOES NOT fly.)

To be honest, I’m actually quite good when i’m poorly, because the ‘DIVA’ in me pretends that I’m fine. Always fine. I could be naked, crippled and dying on a jagged rock somewhere, covered in rum, despair and diamonds, yet still ask you the time and demand that you,

 ‘Pass me my Louboutins and sort out my schedule.’

So yeah, being me. There’s no sulking. (I’m not one for melodrama and find it unattractive in others. I don’t like mountains out of mole hills, even if it’s raining.)

I zipped myself up and worked all the way through my kitty flu…and yeah I cancelled meetings with new strangers, big ones where in which humans had to catch flights from New York to Manchester, in order to meet me over dinner.  I had to, otherwise a ‘burnout’ would’ve got the better of me. Everything happens for a reason.

However, I figured, that if I kept it all moving, life would pity me and like ‘toddlers in a nursery’ I’d hopefully pass the lergy on, with grace… to one of my delightful chick friends.

‘Honestly, I’m gonna show up and pass it on..’

(Generous of me, I know.)

Anyway, it worked… I’m utterly on the mend and now everyone else is ill. 🙂

*Cheeky. Cheeky. Wink*

I haven’t been able to blog over the last few days, due to work and the kitty flu, but i’m back. A lot has happened.

I still need to write my London blog, as I spent the most wonderful time with my LA Bestie and Superstar Chef Ronnie Woo last week and that was waaay before I did The Backroom Leeds, in sequins and casual winks.

So that blog is still to come and I can’t wait to tell you about our time together. I have some really great LA friends, who have become my life soldiers, simply because we all went through so much together, trying to battle entertainment, in one of the toughest towns in the world. A tough but wonderful town, that is STILL glamourised as ‘Hollywood.’

I have events and blog assignments jiggering all the way up to my glittery eyeballs. I’m really lucky and i’m so grateful. I’ve signed up to campaigns, ones to help the homeless, others to provide support for those in fear of ‘coming out’ in football…there are new brand collaborations and photoshoots a plenty…a booked.

I have an exciting New Year.

But, as a shock…there’s been a death in the family…well I prefer to say a ‘passing.’ My grandmother passed away in the early hours of this morning, well…last night. So, as you all slept and snuggled up to your loved ones (who are probably annoying you right now,) Wunna land was wide awake, with frantic panics and ‘get to the hospital now’ calls. It was almost SO BUSY, yet in slow motion. We’re a really close family, so moments like this, take over everything.

The weird thing is…I actually randomly dreamt of the ‘passing’ on Tuesday night, but I didn’t tell my Mum because I didn’t want to scare anyone. It was just a dream right?

Two days later…early this morning, my grandmother was peacefully taken away from us. My Mum, who’s is the most loving human, yet as tough as can be, is obviously pretty broken by it all, right now. No one loves anyone, as much as my Mum knows how to love. I hate seeing her in tears. It breaks me. Yet, like I said, we’re a loving family, a close family and we’re a family who handles death & support really well.

We cried. We all cried. Even Ruby cried. But in a way, it was beautiful because now the woman who taught me everything I could possibly KNOW about ‘old school’ grace and glamourosity ..

( Grandmother used to be a model, Miss. Burma infact. She was dainty and dignified, glamourous and beautiful. She married my Grandfather, a wealthy, stylish lawyer, who saw her at a Miss Universe heat, upon his travels. They loved each other madly and treasured each other with every inch of their souls. They taught me love. They taught me class. And my Grandfather treated her like she was the ultimate Queen of his heart. He provided her with a life that was almost like a dream. )

My favourite memory of my Grandmother is the day she pulled me to one side, in her bedroom, in Burma. We were surrounded by the finest carved teak and luxury.  I was around 13 years old and she secretly gifted me with a tiny precious box. In the box was a ring that she wanted me to have and treasure forever…The ring was gleaming, with the most beautiful Burmese Ruby.

It was the first precious gem that I had ever owned and that moment meant SO much to me, that 17 years later, when I birthed my first child,  I actually named my daughter after that moment.

She’s at peace now….She’s happy… and as my dream showed me, is now with the man of her absolute dreams.

Sleep well Grandma. I love you, always. (I definitely get my awful sense of humour from you. 😉 )

Now, I don’t want you all, to read this as something dreary, as all of Wunna Land, the entire family are sending her our blessings and talking through the ‘passing’ like it couldn’t be more beautiful. I guess, it’s our way of handling it. Yet, i’m someone who prefers to focus on the great moments you have with a human, rather than give energy to the ‘not so’ jolly.

I sat down with Ruby & Junior last night, who seemed so shocked about it all…and in that moment, as I hugged them both… and Junior wiped a tear from his eye… I taught them how important it was to love and more than anything how important it was to LIVE every single inch of their lives without fear. Last night, I felt like I had a purpose. I felt strong. It was wonderful.

So yeah..A lot has been going on and i’m currently having brief afternoon banter with ‘London Business Man,’ who is desperately hungover, still in bed and telling me he ‘misses me.’

‘I’m soooo hungover and four hours late for work. I’m waiting for my boss to call me and shout at me. I’m being all honest and nice to you. You need to say something lovely back, that’s how it works.’

‘You only missed me because you were pissed?? Lol’

In the midst of all that…it’s my birthday in FIVE DAYS. Yup. This little kitty turns 37 in FIVE FLIPPING DAYS! I’m really excited. I LOVE having a birthday. More than anything, I want to celebrate LIFE right now. And I’m weirdly not fretting about the snazzy ‘Being 37’ thing, I’m actually finding it quite sexy? I never felt more together.

I have the weekend to pack and then I am en route to the enchanting Sherwood Pines Forest, on Monday.. for a FOUR DAY break of peace, tranquility and champagne dripped, open air,  hot tubbing, deep in the heart of the woods, in the luxury forest cabin… with the Babies, my Mum, my Dad, Brother and cousins, for my birthday.

I’m so excited. I’ve needed a peaceful break for so long…

Luckily for you, there is absolutely no rest for the wicked, because I will be blogging from my forest cabin EVERYDAY and treating you to live cabin videos, blogs and an actual tour of my digs.

Follow me on everything and YOU get to be there with me, as I take glamping to the NEXT UTTER LEVEL. I actually love that you’re gonna be a part of Wunna Land, as right now…I need it.

I hope you’re all okay?

How did your Thursday pan out?

Champion of the world…& Lip gloss


Feeling great today! I’m on Day 2 of the big old ‘stretch’ and i’m not bothered if I ace it or not, as long a I sort of champion it with a smile on my face.

I worked all last night, on my own business stuff and it took ages. I had to do whilst some showbiz drunk was on my telly in their undies singing into a vodka bottle. I still managed to get a good night’s kip though and a good night’s kip makes all the difference.

Just like manage at around 11pm, the Spanish Doctor comes through with a message reading, ‘Thinking about you, hope you had a wonderful day. Sending you hugs and kisses.’ It was almost on cue and I appreciated that because if random (and he does think about me a great deal) then he’s certainly my right kind of attentive and if he ha the magical powers of finding out how I was feeling via my blog…then he was very smart, because he made the effort to give me what I needed. See what I mean about him being intelligent and romantic. I like it. I don’t have to prompt him!

But yes, today I feel powerful, happy and like I can conquer the world. The babies are currently having breakfast, whilst i’m again working on personal business stuff, before day job…(Junior’s trying to get out of nursery by telling me that he’s ‘poorly everywhere.’ Ruby weirdly loves school and has ended up being a boffin. Junior prefers days off so he can chill and cuddle every women in Wunna land. Typical. But what do you expect if your genetic makeup is created of Chrissie Wunna and Keiran Thompson. You’re either gonna be the greatest being alive. Or doomed! Lol. Saying that, both Keiran and I have this tremendous work ethic, so Junior needs to step up his game a little, as Rubes is steam rolling forward with ‘When i’m older, i’m gonna work hard, do well, and make money, so that i’m rich and can have servants.’ Lord help me.)

I’m feeling good on the love front, the work front, my own front. 😉 Things are slotting into place and I don’t have long now until ‘new beginnings’ and that energy swirls on in and sweeps me off my feet. I told you I can feel it. I’m lucky…

After having that natter with ‘our Lee’ it’s sort of made me feel all empowered by accident. All ‘hang on a second i’m Wunna!’ What it did was give me my ‘Va voom’ back and when i have my ‘va voom’ I am delicious!

All morning, (I got up early early) i’ve worked my pretty frilly socks off to get work done before normal work. Yet when i’ve been productive, i always feel over the moon.

So yeah, right now i’m happy, but i’m also enjoying all your Summer bodies and loving all those that aren’t slobbing around and keeping in shape or just those who are making the effort or taking the time to look good and feel good in general. It’s much better for you. Even if you’re simply lip glossing for no reason or going for a salad over a lardy spread. Well done! You can still enjoy cheeky bits. I do…Yet I enjoy people who take care of themselves…it sort of give me the impression they’re not slobs. Lol. My news feed is also filled with ‘David Gest’ has passed away, info…and it’s sad when people pass, meaning it’s important to make sure you know how precious each moment, feeling or decision you make in life is.

I’m really busy right now, with everything,home life, normal work, new stuff, business ventures….MUMMYING. So, i’m gonna try and fit in blogs when i can. My biggest love to you,


Chrissie x