Let’s Get a Bit Inspirational….& Pervy :)

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I’ve just got out of an audition, so I’m all pumped and juiced. I love auditioning. I find it really fun. When I was a kid in LA, I used to be terrified, when it came to ‘audition’ day. Yet, after only a few weeks, my friends and I found that we were on around 4 auditions a day, all over LA, for all different shows. I remember, I had The OC, ER, Charmed & A Glamour Magazine, in one day. My other friend had Will & Grace, What I like about you, The OC & CSI. And we’d be dashing through Hollywood, with our ‘sides’ (that’s what you call your audition script) making sure we were prepared and not late. I didn’t really have time to be nervous anymore. Nerves were a waste of time. I had one shot. One read. That read could end up booking me that job. It could change your life. And it did.

I’m back in the UK though now. Have been for years and I’m loving it. The last audition I went on. I booked it. That will air shortly. I did one this morning and loved it, so we’ll see how that goes.

You’ve godda give it you’re all. And I never care what anyone thinks. I’ll go for it.

I mean what’s the point in moaning about getting work, staying in work or whatever else it is you can muster, if you can’t be arsed to put in the effort.

Anything can happen at anytime. More people need to believe that.

If you don’t think so ,you’ve lost FAITH IN YOURSELF. and you shouldn’t because you’re beautiful. No one can do YOUR VERSION of life better than you. I say it all the time. Don’t look over your shoulder at what everyone else is up too. Concentrate on your life, your game, your passion, your strut and go back and get everything that they said you couldn’t have!

I was so excited to perv on Love Island, Adam last night, that my excitement got the better of me, I ran out of excited energy and fell asleep after an exciting garden wine. I’m so shit at being a perv. I mean , If I can’t even do that, then Lord Help my rotten soul. Being a perv is such a brilliant ‘old school’ past time. It’s easy.

Couldn’t do it for toffee though could I!

I’m actually loving Dr.Alex now on Love Island, because I’m feeling really bad for him. I hate that people keep treating hi shitty. But i’m sure the magical world of TV has something up their delicious, no scripted lol, sleeve.


Whatelse? Oh yeah, some maungy girl, sent me an evil message today and insulted my boobies. Don’t bother. Be smarter. Pick anything but the boobies, because they’re obviously such a ‘Chrissie Wunna‘ strength. A weapon. They’re lethal, with googly eyes on. They drink shots and hypnotize folk. Do your boobs do that? No. Exactly.

So, be smart enough to say I have shit feet or something. It would’ve made me cry, into my prosecco, for a good half a second.


I’m at a wedding on Saturday, so I’m really excited for that. Definitely don’t have a dress. Definitely going to end up leaving it to the last minute. But I fancy wearing lemon. Not A LEMON…as that would just be awkward.

‘Chrissie, why have you come as a piece of fucking fruit?’

In Summer, lemon is my favourite colour. I also like boys who can totally rock pink. But do it so well, that it makes all the girls dribble.

I hope my audition went well? I need something to eat now.

My friend ‘Trigg‘ sent me a message yesterday, apologizing for working so much etc etc…People don’t need to say sorry for doing life or their choices. But when you’re a grown up and working so much, you’re loaded with stress by the buckets on occasion and it’s hard to make time for people isn’t it?

I totally get that. I have the same problem. And our lives are manic. We’ll get around to a catch up.

Yet for those of you, who maybe don’t run busy lives or careers, DO KNOW to ALWAYS remember that someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you.

We as girls, and guys (at times,)we always make excuses for people, don’t we? But only when it comes to love. You’re love life is such a big thing isn’t it? It’s important. It motivates you. It makes you feel alive. But like i said in my last blog, I’m happy being single, yet i’m open to finding love. I’m just NOT BOTHERED about ‘coupling up’ with someone, who isn’t my going to be hero, my best friend or potential life partner/buddy/chum chum…whatever else you can bung in there.

I’m not arsed about the game of love. I want a man who’s not scared to chase love, show love, be loved. I like a man who knows how to get what he wants. It’s sexy. I want all boxes ‘ticked.’ And we all deserve that.

I mean, when you’re older. You know what you want. When you’re younger. You make excuses for all sorts and don’t really know as much as you think you do.

Well that was ME, anyway. It might not be you? But probably.

Right i’m off. I need to find a dress….


Little Life Bits & Toupee’s

‘Y’know those fancy french toupee’s that people wear? We should all wear them…’ said ‘Double B’ to ‘Firmonell’ and the little Burmese Glamour Puss, in her designer hair, top knot. *Vogue.*

‘Chrissie! Did you hear her? She thinks a FASCINATOR is a fucking TOUPEE!!! Hahaha!’

‘A toupee is a little hair rug that a bald man wears you idiot! That’s going in the blog. We should wear bald man, head rugs always. Lol’

Anyway! I’ve had a busy time. Mentally, physically and emotionally..it’s been busy. I’ve been running in heels and clock watching all at the same time. I’m making sure i’m getting everything done, getting everywhere I need to be and doing it in good time and with grace.

I was stopped in the street the other day by a friend, of a friend, of a friend, who reads the blog. They gently pulled me to one side to tell me that they ‘loved reading it’ and that even though I seemed so wild and fun, there was this absolute sense of grace about me. And I liked that. It made me feel all lady like in a moment of ‘I am Queen.’ Lol. Then I got stopped in Greggs 🙂 whilst kitty fingering through 20p’s by another chick named ‘Katie’, who I’ve known. She’s always been ballsy and brash and really really great to me. She stopped me  with a ‘Chrissie‘ and then told me that I was ‘showing people how it was done.‘ Again! Made me feel awesome. And it’s those moments that fill you up with these buzzes of excitement..

My life isn’t at ALL easy, but it’s written out and I kinda use it as therapy, because once it’s littered out onto this screen, I’m free and it has ‘CTRL.. ALT …DELETED’ out of my system. I’m an emotionally healthy soul. I’m not being dragged off into dark dungeons for comfort and I’ve always said, that along with massages, good times and cocktails, it keeps me positive, which helps me remain in the light. People need an ’empty.’ 😉 (I’ll let you take that however you wish. Brains or balls. Same difference!)

I’m working…A LOT….yes. In fact, I’m promoting a LOT right now and behind the scenes, you won’t necessarily as of yet, know of all the things swirling in Wunna land, because everything takes a glittery bit of prep. Then with a ‘wiggle and a wink’ and a dash of that good old Wunna charm, it is windled out appropriately…and sort of like it wasn’t jigsawed together like clockwork. (We’re not meant to tell you those bits. But it’s not like the savvy ones of you, don’t actually know that. 😉 Audiences aren’t stupid and it makes me laugh when people assume that they are.)

In my mind and looking forward, the new stars, are the ‘social’ stars, because that is what the future is about. So, as time goes on…you will find that more and more of those little Social Media champions (and I do include myself in that lol,) will begin to float into the mainstream, the limelight. Of course, I’ve experienced ‘limelight’ due to my ‘back in the day’ telly stint, yet I will tell you honestly, that to this day and especially now, it is my blog and my’ social engagements’ that bring in the bacon.

I guess, I always put it like this….You know how people always used to mutter on about how ‘today’s news is tomorrows chip paper.’ In Cyberland….the news stays…FOREVER. All anything takes is a Google Search. And I love that! In fact, someone told me that they Google Searched me, the other day and didn’t realize how ‘naked’ I had been. Lol. No matter what you do, what you have done, or what you will do…If you are sugar stamping your stiletto into Cyberland, it will stick.

Away from all that…It seems that all my chick friends are doing ‘love’ and madly. Everyone’s falling in love, buying new homes, waiting for proposals and reloving new chapters, with hubbies getting promotions. I’ve just been working…a lot…. as Cupid is not my mate. We don’t get on. He keeps trying to shoot arrows at me that i’m dodging with Ninja Matrix Moves. I’m happy. I don’t need to get arrow shot up right now, to be paired with some dickhead.

I know exactly what I’m looking for and when i find that, i’ll feel it. He’ll feel it too. We’ll know. I’m quite the romantic, so I wish for those ‘some enchanted eveningmoments ‘where you will see a stranger’… I say it all the time. However, I know things aren’t as simple as that. because the last time I saw a stranger across a crowded room, where our eyes ‘caught’ each other, was years ago in LA. (I have dated since then obviously, but that moment was certainly one where everything seemed to *pause.* So much…that I remember it clearly.  His last name was ‘March.’ If you know me well, you will know that I have his last name tattooed on my right inner arm. Lol. ) That ended up shitty. Really shitty, because we were too young and too insecure to be ‘real’ with one another.

Now that i’m older and all fabulous,  I look back at that time and don’t necessarily *cringe* at myself, but I more smile because the way I am now, I’d ace that moment, that time, that whole thing. Lol. Thank GOD that feels like a 100 years ago. Cupid and I aren’t friends. I’ve said it. The next time I date….the guy will be a ‘life enhancer.’

But yes, we have Valentines coming up in the next month. WHERE THE FUCK DID JANUARY GO!!! It has literally slipped through my fingers. Due to ‘being busy’ months seem to FLY, don’t they???

January was a shit month for many of you, I know.. so I hope that you’ve all cheered up, got your ‘game face’ back on, or at least…got paid. Lol. It’ll make February worth while.

I’ve got a lot of work to do today and I’m not able to start it until later this evening. I’m having a ‘Treat The Wunna Babies’ Saturday because they deserve it. I’ve had a hard last couple of days and my release was a morning Princess mini weep. Hurrah! Saturday morning, ‘can’t help it’ cries. (I’m honestly just hormonal. So i don’t need inbox love. Lol.)

Something happened that I wasn’t ready for, not anything MAJOR. If it was major, I wouldn’t have cried, I would’ve just got on with it and handled it. I’m good like that. It’s the little things that make me Princess weep, during ‘almost period’ time. It’s HILARIOUS. If I wasn’t hormonal i would’ve laughed it off. It’s just because I felt I had let someone down.

But yes, I had to messenger my Mum to tell her what had happened…and she’s currently Flying back home from Burma. She might be in Dubai right now actually? But she saved the day, by showing me the positives and by presenting me with that good old ‘no nonsense’ Mummy love. She’s a great woman. I don’t even know how she puts up with me? But she did, like I would..between flights. I’m quite like my Mother. She is a woman who built an empire after arriving in England, as a late 20 year old with only £17 in her pocket. Her soul is good, which is why she won the Hero Award. She’s one of the best Doctors in the nation, in the area that she specializes in. That’s something…

Then to make it better…Ruby and Junior had secretly spotted me having a cry lol..and I NEVER CRY INFRONT OF THEM. To be fair, it’s not even deliberate…I just never need to cry because my life is pretty good right now? But they placed a little ring, which had a pink plastic heart on it and after shoving it in a little box, they brought it into my room..

Junior: ‘Mum don’t cry.’

Ruby: ‘We’ve got you a gift!’ 

Aww! Lol. I opened it and BEAMED and then cried more because they were so lovely. HAHAHAHA! OH MY WORD! I need a slap. I need a fucking wine.

Ruby: ‘It’s a heart because we love you so much.’

Junior: ‘Yeah…

Me: ‘Babies get changed. Let’s get out of here and have some fun…’


Told you.

WE ARE THE HAPPIEST LITTLE DOTS in this entire universe.










Reflective, Rummy, Right, Wrong Life Coaching


I thought today seemed somewhat average, until I got myself home, slipped into the comfiest pj’s, had a quick phone chat with a good friend, who  motivates me, tied knots at the end of a few business bits, welcomed my Mum and poured myself a fresh gin and tonic. Once i had sat on my bed and hit that ‘starfish’ relax mode button…i sort of reflected back over my day and realised how great it actually was..and i think it was because it ended on a moment, where in which i found myself getting to know someone, who i’ve known is great and known for a short while, yet didn’t realize HOW great. It was sort of moment where in which your rapport/relationship with another being, (in my case a work chick) steps onto a new level of closeness and ‘getting to know.’I love expressive people and i love learning, understanding and sharing life experience and it seems that in that moment, time didn’t matter and we could have sat and chatted for hours over wine. We seem really different, but we have similar values and i respected her with laughter and love, simply because like me, she’s a being who no matter what will tend to whatever life chucks at her, find a solution, love and get through life with bells on…because you have to..and at the same time understand how important is it to ENJOY life. Cherish them.

She made my day worth it.

On a funnier note, and much earlier on…There i was all perky, just chatting about psychics, my humourous failed marriages, my love and everything inbetween, with all the blonds, in all of the land, as I stalked people on twitter on my lunch break and didn’t get a salad like i intended.

There was back ache and chicks wishing for ‘Menopause for Christmas.’ It got so chirpy that i listened in and belly laughed at  friends who had chosen a to theme the upcoming months with vibes of a distinct smoggy tone. LOL. It was so joyous, you could’ve slit your wrists to Adele songs…

‘It’s like Desperate December, Dry January, Fuck All February, Moody March, Awful April… IT NEVER ENDS.’

You kinda had to be there, to appreciate the moment, but it ended up being so hilarious, to the point where the life *pause* button was hit and giant laughter filled the room. (I loved ‘Fuck All Feb!’ Haha.)

I’ve got a lot going on right now. Day job, babies, blog, social stuff and this whole showbizzy magic that suddenly sprouted from nowhere. I’m being offered a lot of opportunity and to the point where i’m even having to pinch myself.

There’s a lot of interest in the blog right now, which i adore because it about life, well my version of life in general. Some people love it, some people think it’s pointless, some people live for it, read it when bored…or hate it. Yet the people with their own blogs, who waste their time hating on it, or the ones who are far to evil in their sense of competition, are usually the people who aren’t doing as well. 😉 So i’m laughing. When YOU wake up to your ‘blue tick,’ then that’s when you can sort of ‘size your blog up’ against mine. So SHUSH. *Selfie here.* Be positive and concentrate on your own delicious life content, instead of picking holes in mine. Have a RUM cocktail. (They do great ones in Tiki Bars in Manchester. 😉 )

Rant over. Bra adjusted. Can you tell i’m ‘due on.’ 🙂

I had a great convo today about love and breakups. Y’know when people hold onto the past after breaking up with someone that they may have been with for years, like say…three or four years… Or whatever it is?  Yes it is a long while to spend & share with another human that you love. However,  you shouldn’t be glum after breakups that are meant to happen, because if you look at the BIG PICTURE… FOUR YEARS, in comparison to the amount of life that you have left on this planet..as in DECADES AND DECADES AND DECADES AND MORE DECADES (if you’re lucky) isn’t that long. It’s like mulling over 3 little years, when you have 4o somthing or more years LEFT of your life. That’s a lot of life to fit a lot of new beginnings or true love in. Those 3 or 4 years really ARE ‘just a chapter,’ of your story, until to finally end up with your soulmate.

If people just looked at things more positively…then they wouldn’t hold onto the ‘ouchy’ parts. Everything happens for a reason, so take the time to see what’s currently great in your life and why it is! By all means feel pain. It’s healthy. I’m an emotional, yet glamourous soul and i’ll feel everything. (Even you. 😉 ) Even if there is a sense of bravado that is displayed. Yet don’t dwell. Just remember. Experience is essential, be it good or bad, as it forms you. SAY ‘YES’ TO MORE THINGS, learn to say ‘no’ when you’re selling yourself short and create ways positively to adapt to life, when things have maybe changed permanently.

I’ve had a lot of change this year. But it’s been a great year for me. It’s been eventful, alive and champagne dripped in moments, filled with good times and laughter. Right now, if i’m honest, i’m going through a healing time, because so much has happened all at once and yeah it has been wonderful, but ofcourse a shock to my system. Change shocks me, so i need these reflective moments of ‘heal.’

I’m such an ego maniac that i know all the great things about myself. Lol. But i have noticed that i don’t always take credit where credit is maybe due and by nature i’m great at BEING generous to others, be it in work, play or love. However, i need to make sure, moving forward that others are being generous towards ME also. I need to  make sure that things are fair and that i’m never being taken advantage of…and it’s those moments of ‘heal,’ that’s what I need to work on.

It’s a happy time of year for me. I’m lucky. But i am noticing around me that it’s a strange time of year for others. As like i said, this time of year is reflective and ‘togethery.’ People tend to be reminded of the year and memories (good or bad)  and they over what they could’ve had, or should’ve done…It sort of all gets replayed, doesn’t it? Don’t feel bad if you’re going through that phase, as it really is a normal part of being human. Just don’t let it control you and instead try to simply ponder the moments, rub out those sandy footprints and make a point of moving forward with a positive outlook and that first strong,’after a long day’ cocktail. That way you CAN’T go backwards…and can only march forwards.

I’m not sure who died and made me ‘Queen of Life,’ but they did.. SO THERE. 🙂








Shredding, Accents & Quality Street Choices


Sometimes in life you’ve just got to ‘shred’ shit. Y’know, take all the stuff that doesn’t mean too much to you and with courage, a smile and a whole lot of ‘Va voom’, group it into a bundle and shove it through the shredded.

Today there was an air of stress, it was calm, it was for no real reason, yet there was an air that swirled slowly, meandering, wandering, looking for bait. It danced around each being that surrounded me and as it passed, it touched each kitty soul causing that being to be caught up in a case of ‘grey fuzz.’ No one knew why, no one knew how, but it caught us all, like a grey glitter cold that couldn’t be shaken off.

Now, by nature, I’m a positive soul and I am a being who can shake ANYTHING OFF. Anything. So i focused on lightening the mood with foolish wit even I myself felt the stress. But I refused to fully commit to a grey ‘limbo’ of uncertainty. Instead, i swung home, breathed it out and got on with life merrily.

*Cue SHREDDER…Lip gloss here.*

Away from all that, life is pretty great. I’ve got a lot going on and i’m balancing it in heels. I’m feeling powerful. I’m feeling shattered. But i’m feeling like a support system and i am at my BEST when i am in a role of support.

I definitely got described as ‘Attitude with Umph’ today and I’ve certainly made the executive decision to choose the next guy i commit to, by assessing his choice in Quality Street. (If you do not know what that is…a Quality Street is a foiled wrapped English choccie, that is shaken into a tub or box and the sold to us for our delight.) Everyone has a favourite, everyone knows the ones that they avoid and i’m a being who will JUDGE YOU on your choice. Lol. It’s vital.

I saw a blond walk away wondering why ‘everyone has left the Strawberry creams?’ I witnessed  an ‘about to go to Marbs’ Blond state that ‘she would eat any really’ but her favourite would always be a Brazil nut and then a Brunette proclaim that she was ‘definitely a Golden Barrel kinda girl.’

I’m a girl who will go for the blue foiled wrapped coconut Quality Street, every time. EVERYTIME. I don’t enjoy the messiness of a Golden Barrel, or Srawberry cream. I’ll eat them if i have to, yet i never HAVE to, so i’m safe. I’m allergic to nuts. So that’s a ‘no go’ and so, the coconut blue foiled choccie choice is my favourite. If you like that too…we should date. Lol

I’ve got so much going on with Mummyhood, work and blogging. I’ve got a social schedule that i daren’t even *peek* at, as incase i can’t fit it in. I do feel stressed, but i know it won’t stick, so i’m fine.

I’m looking forward to a ‘just me’ break and when i say ‘just me’ i mean time where in which i do what I want. I’m booking a trip away for a weekend. I only need a weekend as i’d miss the children far too much and quite frankly, i’d get bored on my own. I like breaks in small doses, as i’m not used to them.

I’ve got the Leeds Lifestyle Awards, the Blogoshpere Magazine thing, I’m currently working with this amazing company where in which ‘celebrities’ (i’m not a celebrity, i’m just infamous) and well when summoned upon we get to design our very own tshirt, for a charity of our choice and with each tshirt sold, all the pennies from that sale head towards helping the cause that you have handpicked. How lovely right! I feel honoured! As if! What a brilliant idea! I love things of that sort. A creative way to raise awareness.

Life is currently great. I’m focused on getting things right and accurate and organized in my head. When you write things be it for a living or for pleasure, work, or play, in any form…you always have DEADLINES and i’m someone who works even better under pressure and when the going gets tough.That’s when my ‘ooh laa’ flourishes and i nail it. So i’m all good. Deadlines…eat cha heart out.

Today i got asked why i like guys with accents? Do i? I didn’t think i had a preference, but i must if someone noticed it, right?

I enjoy people from other places, so i enjoy an American accent, a Southern accent…the list is endless, which means i’m not too picky. Yet it’s less about the accent and more about the fact that it’s different to Me, so it’s interesting. They’re from another place, they have a story to tell that’s different to my normality. I find them more interesting, i guess subconsciously? It’s definitely not deliberate. However i will say that you will lose me at ‘Ey yup!’ 🙂 Not because i’m not down with a Yorkshire boy. I AM YORKSHIRE. It’s just really normal to me…that it’s a bit less interesting than what my mind is accidentally seeking?

Enough of the banter.

I need a wine.









Imma a Diva, Love & Sass!


Life is dipped in fabulousity right now. I’m feeling on top form and sassy. I’m whizzed in a deliciousness and ‘Wazzoood’ in delight. I’m feeling all independent and like Wunna statues should be built of me in places that the masses just go ahead and worships, after consuming edible, glitter sausage rolls 😉

I don’t know what’s happened, but i’ve gotten really busy and I’m GREAT when i’m busy because once you find yourself with a down pour of stuff to do and conquer with a wink, you become more organized and certainly dynamic. I am THAT right now. I’m batting it right out the ball park…in heels. I’m plate spinning and doing it with ease! Hold onto your clutches…the rest of year the goes well.

Work was great today. Again, told you, i’m feeling on top form. I’m around great people. I’m feeling powerful and productive, which always makes any girl that little bit sexier. I’m not dull with it though, I hate it when people are ‘dull with it,’ i’m fun and that is something that I just can’t help. It runs through my sassy system…like the meander of pina colada. *Conga line here.*

Today i learnt that teenage boys are bizarre creatures, I strutted out the office today and had to power totter through a bunch of teens , kicking a ball against historical features, who insisted on whistling and telling me to ‘shake my ass,’ via the fine art of choir. Yes, they sang it at me, repeatedly. If i actually did they would DIE. My bums old enough to be their Mother. Yet all that doesn’t bother me. They’re young, annoying and having fun. The only part i actually noticed, was the part where in which one teen guy on a bicycle, pulled up to the side of me, before i slipped into the alley to my car (as his friends did the naughty shoutouts) and all blushy and shy, filled with politeness and quietness, smiled and whispered ‘sorry.’ In that moment he made the world right.

Then i had the most awesome drive home to Ricky Martin and an appointment with a glass of wine. (This was after i was forced to make what felt like 100 portions of scrambled eggs for my loin fruit, in a pinstriped shirt.)

I don’t have anything else to say really other than, why are people and that sometimes includes myself so guarded when it comes to love? You get nothing out of life if you don’t go for it. Dipping your toe in the pool is still dull. Jumping off the cliff into the ocean into a safe and delicious sea of the unknown, with FAITH is how we should go about living.

I 10 percent have my guard up (but let’s face it, like the best of us, that’s just classed as smart, as we’ve all had ‘MUG’ glitter stamped on our forehead before. I CERTAINLY have. But i’m not a grudge holder. I’m good with Cupid…so i’ll give him another shot. Lol.) I do try and play it cool, but i always end up just being expressive, and ‘cool’ goes out the window. What you see, is unfortunately what you get! Haha. And i don’t even mean it in a ‘i’m so real’ sense. I mean it in an ‘it is the best thing and worst thing’ about me sense. And obviously i think it’s greatness, a good quality…even though i can be a little harsh at times…but I’m on the whole just a love bunny.

I do think guys should be more ballsy though. I always expect a guy to do the chasing. That’s romantic and manly of them. And even though i’n quite independant, it’s the chasey ones that get me every time. I like it because i’m not used to it. They may ‘like’ a photo, (and i’m flatteed by that) but they get more terrified if anything and i have no clue why?

I’m into a ‘go for it’ attitude.

It’s far sexier than twiddling ya thumbs, on the fence with a Digestive.









Happy Monday


Happy Monday Morning, you delicious wiggles of loveliness.

I accidentally went to bed super early at around 9 o clock, if not 8.30pm last night. 🙂 But I must have needed it. I mean as soon as it body *softly softly* eased into my sheets, my entire kitten soul relaxed into an extreme lull of comfort and there I was….snoozing…blissfully and i’m sure with a smile on m face.

I did then wake up at 11pm. But after a stretch, and a message, I went straight back to dream land.

How you set your Sunday up, kinda determines how your Monday will pan out, doesn’t it? So right now, i’m feeling fresh as a daisy! Hurrah! As i did what i never do, hit *pause* and enjoyed rest. If you’re feeling really hung over or tired, i’m sorry as all this random banter is the last thing you’re wanting to hear right now. But i never get a really great nights sleep, so it felt amazing. Plus, Baby Junior half sleep waddled into my bed with me, as Ruby is still on holiday with her Daddy and he starfished slept next to me, like he was the most comfortable boy on this Earth. I always have this theory that when kids sleep starfish it’s because they are content and have no insecurities. I like that, as most adults don’t sleep like that. (Unless we’ve passed out drunk. 🙂 ) Plus, i’m a spooner, so it was lovely to have cuddles in bed. It comforts me. I adore it.

Talking about affection. I’m not a ‘don’t touch me’ kinda girl. I’m affectionate, tactile and loving. There’s a warmness to me when it comes to things like that. I always find it bizarre when people don’t like to be cuddled or touched. Y’know? Like when they’re jumpy about it? Hahah. It makes me giggle. Chill out. Affection shouldn’t be terrifying. And i get it you don’t HAVE to be that way in order to love, show love or be loved. But I do. Lol. So that’s why I never get it when i people watch and see them flinching at love or a bit of hand holding. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, we have our personal space, so if i don’t know the being or the being is someone that i do not like or want intruding on my kitten space..LOL. (I’ll back them up or perform the duck and weave.) But with people that you care about…why not…give’em a bit of love. It’s not gonna kill ya. 😉

Anyway, enough of that! Monday is about being productive! So go for it! If you start off running, you’ll pick up pace and the rest of your week will follow suit. It’ll be a great week, or if it’s rubbish, keep going and it will be over soon. Lol.

I’m feeling dandy, as i love my job, it’s the people around me and working hard in general that i enjoy. I’m more mental than I am physical (you give me a bunch of brain work to achieve and i’ll conquer it in a day, you task me to carry a really heavy box somewhere and it’ll take me 100 fricking years and i’ll strop because i’ll try and feel defeated. Haha.) Every day I feel fulfilled. It keeps my brain ticking and I need that. I’m creative by nature and not afraid of feeling challenged…but without a ticking brain it all goes awol. Plus, it’s a load of fun, and if anything you need that the most.

Anyway, i’m off..I’ve got a nursery run and a giant latte with my name stamped across it!

I really hope more than anything that you have THE MOST AMAZINGLY REFRESHING MONDAY EVER. Whether you’re en route to work, home with the kids, at the airport ready to fly off on holiday, hungover in bed, or just on your day off.

I wish you the best of luck! 🙂 Team Monday! Let’s do this! (I want a Pina Colada.)


ps. Remind me to message that Leeds guy about the Lifestyle thing. I’s been on my ‘to do’ list all week! Busy!!!





The Alberti Twins ‘Dating Tips’


So, I’m a blogger…a lifestyle blogger…you get that, you read it and i couldn’t be more happy. But i am a kitten who also takes the time to read the blogs of others…be they large, small, chipper or dark. I enjoy it. Obviously. It’s what i do, my ‘thang’ my world…literally.

Today, I definitely decided that The ALBERTI Twins are amazing. I’ve sort of chatted to them anyhow in little bits and bobs and If you don’t know what i’m on about, they were on last years ‘Love Island’ reality show on ITV2, which had us all hooked…I was even going to plonked in it, but i didn’t in the end.

Anyway, they were my favourite…and i fancied one of them..and well they thought i was quite easy on the eyes…I think one of them once messaged me saying that they wished i was trapped on ‘Love island’ with them. It’s all very friendly…but i’m sure that i have this massive crush on John Alberti…without me knowing…or knowing…or well i do after reading his blog…Lol.

We follow each other on Twitter and like each other’s work, pictures (mainly lol) and lives…I mean, yesterday he liked my ‘Prosecco/Clough’ blog…but you get the picture…I was reading all his Tweets anyway…and then i came across this…which MADE ME SWOON.

The Twins, have a blog and they’re my kinda guys, as the’re smart, they’re stylish, they’re romantic…they enjoy the finer things in life and know how to treat women well….

John Alberti…

What a gentleman…

There i was…looking through blogs and i bump into this little treat, The Alberti Twins ‘Dating tips!!’




Infact, i’ll post you a snippet to get you juiced…

After reading this, how can you not fall madly head over heels for a bit of John Alberti…If HE gets how to be for a lady…then how come others don’t?? I want a date….I’m impressed…

This is what he suggest to you fellas!

“Every Girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she doesn’t want to”

1: First Impressions Count

Always look your best and dress to impress. When you see her she should be blown away by how amazing you look. Dressing well is a form of politeness and it shows her you are interested and made an effort.

2: Be Confident 

Confidence is key! Show her you mean business and you’re not here to play games. Say what you feel and be yourself. Walk with your held high and with confidence.

3: Be Yourself 

Be YOU… And by this we mean, if you’re shy, be shy, if you’re loud and talk a lot, be loud and talk a lot. By being yourself you have nothing to worry about and can relax and show her the real you. If she loves it, amazing. If she doesn’t then at least you were yourself and wasn’t acting fake or different around her.

4: Be Romantic

You can never be too romantic. Compliment her, on her hair, what she is wearing, how beautiful her eyes are etc. Tell her she is beautiful, but more importantly make her feel beautiful. Show her you like her and fancy her but you mean business and are not a push over😉 Show her there are gentlemen still around and romance her. Be romantic, every girl wants to be swept off her feet whether she admits it or not, so open her eyes and let her know that romance isn’t dead. Flirt with her, be confident and tease her. Girls love to laugh and if you can make her laugh you can practically make her do anything.

5: Take Control

Book the best restaurant in town. Show her you’ve thought about this and made an effort. Let her know when to be ready and pick her up, be the man and take control. Organise the date, tell her where you’re taking her or sometimes don’t, make it a surprise. No girl wants to hear “I don’t know, whatever you want to do” NO!! They want to hear, “I’ve booked a table for 8pm, be ready”.

6: Be a Gentleman 

Pick her up, get out of the car and knock for her, kiss her on BOTH cheeks when you greet her. That’s what she has two cheeks for, a kiss for each one… Italian style. Open the car door for her and be a gentleman. Pull the chair out for her at the restaurant. Make her smile, when she is happy it should make you happy. Always pour her wine for her, a lady should never pour her own wine. Be a gentleman and respect her and treat her like a Princess.

7: Listen

You might think you are listening while you are looking her up and down when she is talking, but be present in the conversation, listen to what she is saying and respond. Keep eye contact and show her that you are interested and someone she can have a real conversation with.

8: Avoid the ‘ex’ conversation at all costs 

Never bring up the ex conversation, ever. Nobody wants to hear it, especially on a date. It will ruin the mood of the date and will actually make her think of her ex instead of thinking about you!! Stay away from this conversation at all costs and talk about her, get to know her and what makes her tick, make the conversation interesting.

9: Sweep her off her feet 

Be the Prince she’s always wanted. Show her how you’re different, that all men aren’t the same and that there are some real gentlemen left in this world. Be romantic, be confident, be yourself and sweep her off her feet. No girl goes on a date NOT wanting to be swept off her feet and be treated like a Princess.

10: Always, always pay for the meal

Always pay for the meal. A gentleman never lets a lady pay. She may offer, but this is only out of politeness, she expects the man to pay and rightly so.

How can I not ADORE! ADORE!

It’d be interesting to actually go on a date with John, just to see if he stuck to his tips…I fancy a cross promotional blog promo…

The Bachelorette….?

DSC_4098 - Copy

So my new favourite show is ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ which we get on ITVBe here in the Uk. I think it’s on ABC in America. I’m obsessed with it because i’m adore love, romance, dates, watching glamour and drama and people finding a fairytale glistened happiness. I’m addicted to it, the glamour of it all…adore the love…the rose ceremonies…and enjoy the fun! And I watch it religiously, with a wide open heart and googly eyes. Ruby even watches it with me..and now understands the process of the show..even though she calls the guys ‘Princes.’ Aww!

I’ve loved all the season, be it a Bachelor or a Bachelorette…but obviously with me being a girl, a glamour puss…a singleton..AND BECAUSE HE TWEETED ME…I’m adoring Juan Pablo…and i have no clue why people have ranted on about him being such a harsh Bachelor, as I think he’s AMAZING! What a great guy! He’s sexy, he’s sassy, but he’s emotional and romantic. I like that, don’t I!

*Swoon here.*


And i know that they once tried doing ‘The Bachelor’ here Charlotte Churches ex and Spencer from ‘Made in Chelsea’ but we knew that they weren’t really gonna stay with the girl that they chose and that it was just for a bit of ‘look at me’ a bit of promo.

So, it’d be nice if we just had deliciously romantic, GREAT, NORMAL, BUT HOT, guys on our own version of the show, here in the UK. OR EVEN BETTER…I WANT TO BE ‘THE BACHELORETTE!!’ I’d make an ace one! I’m in my prime! I need a bunch of potentials to *breeze* through and size up, to find my hero!

Today. being single isn’t so bad. I should be enjoying myself, instead of moaning about things…so from now on..I am. Remember…i’m BACK! Like i said, it should be an amazingly fun time. I’m in my prime..and i’m going to chillax and enjoy it…glamourously. Plus, i kinda don’t mind it so much today. I have my babies and i *heart* life with them so much…that it’s always filled with love.

Being a ‘Bachelorette’ isn’t too bad. 🙂

Watch this trailer and tell me you’re not hooked.. He reminds me of The Spanish Doctor…(just so you know….And the Spanish Doctor’s name is also ‘Juan.’ )