But which boy will stick?

Chick friend: ‘So, did he reply?’

Me: ‘Who?’

Chick friend: ‘T Bone…OR The Gent….either of them??’

Me: ‘Yeah. Yeah. They both did…One replied straight away and then wished me a really great day this morning, with an emoji kiss.. and the other replied with the words *naughty ass.* Hahaha…’

Chick Friend: ‘I already know, which ones which. Lol’ 

But in T Bone’s defense….he already knows me & we’re quite bantery and highly sexed by nature…We’re northern and cheeky… Plus, he’s already had sex with me. Already ‘sampled the goods.‘ So he can get away with ‘naughty ass.’ I’m not new, to him..

The Gent however, has never met me, doesn’t know me and of course wants to make the best first impression possible…which is honorable and lovely. I like that. It’s kind. It’s sweet. It’s thoughtful.

Chick Friend: ‘He still wants to bone you though. Haha. He’s just approaching it well..’

Me: ‘POLITELY! I like good manners. Everyone wants to bone me mate. Lol. That’s not the problem. It’s who wants to KEEP me, that IS! Someone who doesn’t JUST see me as a Bone Festival!’

Chick Friend: ‘I love how you put *Festival* after everything…’

Me: ‘It’s my phrase for * a lot of…* I have my own lingo & I love how you all just understand it, without me usually having to explain it to you.’

I’ve just shot a bunch of instagram pictures with shows dragging out my mouth, whilst dressed in lingerie. Lol.

This is my life.

I’ve also gathered up enough Insta Questions now, from you, to place on a blog…which will be coming up shortly. I just didn’t have enough ‘juicy’ ones before. Yet, you listened and you delivered, dolls!

I’m running a business. I’m juggling babies. But it’s awesome right now. I wanted a wine at 9am, but didn’t have one. I’m currently blogging, with a giant, glamour pussy hair piece, wedged upon my head, whilst  just being in knickers.. as I sit around flamingos.

I’m gonna need that wine after this.

Then I had one meeting. Caught up on my emails and made my plans for the future…before I shot.

I’m always making plans for the future. (I’m talking work right now. I’ve left my fucking love life to fate…cos GOD, I can’t seem to do anything about it.) I’m quite an ambitious girl. I’m quite determined girl. But it’s done with love and fun. Not utter evil, spitefulness like Roxanne Pallett. Lol. (Yes! I got my dig in!)

So, i’m really excited, because i’m gonna get there..I can feel it. I can FEEL it. I just need to catch it. But it’s down to life ‘magic’ now. I’m not in a race. I’m gonna do it well.

To me it doesn’t matter how MANY things you do, it’s all about doing that ONE THING so well…it’s makes UTTER IMPACT.

That’s kind of how I feel about love also. I’m a one man, woman. I’m not one to play with lots of boys. I hate that. I want true love and don’t believe you’re fated to be with everyone…JUST ONE OTHER HUMAN.  When I love, i love hard When I fancy, I have a one track mind and i’ll always only focus my heart on that one guy…once sprung.

(Ooh, my boobs are looking good today! Just caught myself in my mirror. Lol. Sorry.) 

My friend Liam Halewood was on the telly last night, on ‘The Extreme Diet Hotel, on Channel 4 and I just wanted to say how proud I was of him, because he’s such a talent and he wants to do well, (like us all) and i’m sure he’s had a rough time with it. It’s not easy. So he certainly deserves a bit of ‘look at me,’ that lasts. His soul is good. He’d do anything for anyone. I’m really glad that I have him as a friend.


Today, I watched him do a ‘Wheely Bin’ workout, where you hold onto the back of your ‘wheely’ and flick your legs behind you. Lol. After every five flicks, you then have to slut drop, STILL holding the back of your wheely bin and only in PINK. You can only wear pink, when doing his exercises.

All my friends are just awesome.

If I had a round of exercises it would simply be…

‘Pick your wine glass up…and neck it in one…’

That’d be it…in heels. You’d have to help heels, to help your calves.

It helps your bat wings, your neck muscles, your gag reflex and it’s literally great for the soul. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to meeting ‘The Gent’ on 18th. I know I keep going on about it. But i love meeting new people and so far, he’s been lovely to me. He’s been attentive, without being annoying. Lol. But I do need to see, as things are different when you meet someone in person, aren’t they…and it’s not like i know him?

Yet, the thing is…with The Swirl aka T Bone…We’d already talked lots and lots before…Life kept sort of,  pushing us together and pulling us apart…Anyway, when I met HIM, for the first time, in person, it was actually amazing. I think we got on better than we thought, because it was just so easy. Just so perfect.

I mean, that could’ve gone another way…but it didn’t…So meeting The Gent in 2 weeks, will give me better insight..Lol.

I almost wish guys came with a quick film trailer of their romantic history, so i could see what I was getting myself into.

Anyway, I’ve godda get back to work.

Thank you following my life.

Hit play…


Love you..

Chrissie x



Inbox Poems, Diets & Showbusiness

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Let’s at least try and start the year positively, right? I’m currently sat in a local pub blogging with a freshly bubbled prosecco and i’ve been scrolling through all my feeds.

Ooh wait….I have a message…

Firmonnell: ‘Why didn’t you come in then??’

Me: ‘You were talking to someone in neon and just looked busy. I’m at the pub now.’

Anyway, I’ve been scrolling through my feeds and gosh….HOW MUCH drama can every human in entertainment shimmie into 2018 with.

If you’re not in entertainment, I’ll tell you, during THIS TIME of the year we all (and I say ‘we’ as I am certainly included in all of this,) but we all hit the *panic button* because we all need to find attention, build attention and push the career a fresh…make our mark and make our money. We worry that we’re going to tinker through the year without making all of our merry dreams come true and we wrongly think that we have to SLAM IT in January to prove that we can start the race well.


In my ‘older and now wiser’ mind, it’s not a race. It’s not about where you start, it’s where you finish and your journey to the finish line is essential, as that is what makes you. Everyone tends to see the ‘success’ part of the ‘hoo haa,‘ yet forgets to see the journey it took for that person to get there. (We won’t you to see both.)

So as I scrolled I saw the ‘flashes,’ the ‘go getters.’ (Which is all fine, as it’s what the business of ‘show’ is about. There are the ones that play the ‘fame game‘ the ones that only focus on doing the one thing that they love and the ones that capitolize on both.)

But gosh, everything from Logan Paul already having to apologize for his behaviour and we’re only three days into 2018. Whey didn’t he just sit in a bar with a prosecco and chill a second?

If you are unaware of what he did, well…that’s a good thing. I do feel sorry for the poor boy, yet when you push the line, for attention…there is always backlash. I don’t think he expected it to backfire the way it did and I do think that he knew and still knows what he was and IS doing. It was in poor taste and well he ran on an excited energy, for a lot of ‘look at me,’ rather than using his nogging. It worked…negatively.

SIX MILLION views later…and Logan is forced to ‘say sorry’ and attempt to make it right to save his career.

We’re THREE DAYS IN! Rein it in!

Then all sorts happened, Paris (as in Hilton)…I am a product of the Hilton Brand, after tinkering off her ITV2 show, she is now engaged, with her $2million dollar ring and her ‘looks really happy to have found her soulmate’ video…The Jena Frumes/Lingard story….popped out of nowhere…(I can’t decide if it’s a PR stunt or a real life bit of pokery?) If it’s real…then he’s pretty stupid, young, far too horny or blind. If it’s a stunt…then it worked.

And just last night….Celebrity Big Brother began…filling the news with the opinions of showbizzy types…Katie Hopkins made her usual ridiculous remarks about transgender ladies, just to play her role of the villian…and already in that world, a couple days into 2018…Showbusiness has gone ‘cockaleaky,’ and i’ve already been called a ‘bad role model’ by a lady on Twitter who makes machines for the NHS…incase she ever found me on her CBB screen.


It’s made me need a chill and a wine…and search for a wink of normality. I even messaged all the normal people that I know this morning, just to make sure I was still safe and sane. If anything, I adore peace. I adore the business of ‘show’ yet it’s all about balance for me. I can do both. Lots of people can’t.

So i’m going to use my little bit of kitten voice for all that is positive! 2018 is all about good vibes, love and that cosy bit of energy that leads you to your happy place. A place where you love what you do, adore what you have and believe in what you stand for…and what you stand for..INSPIRES.

I’m gonna start off with this..

I woke up this morning, still in my nighty, checked my inbox email and found the most beautiful poem from a fan…What I love about this person is the simple fact that on Instagram the evening before, he had commented, stating that he would write me a song or write me a poem. The next morning, it was in my inbox.


It’s so attractive, because so many people, say SO many things and don’t actually mean what they say at all. You know they don’t mean it, because they never ever ‘action’ it.

(Oops hang on..I’m getting distracted. I’ve got quite a lot of things to promote and i’m trying to get through everything over the next couple of weeks. The powers above keep messaging me and dumping parcels infront of me with smiles…)

Anyhow, Here is the poem: (How Thoughtful, right!)

‘Chrissie Wunna

Always believe you’re worth it

Practice makes perfect
So beautiful but yet hardworking
Not a dumb blonde that’s only interested in twerking
Chrissie Wunna
Such a stunner
Light up anywhere like the sun in summer
You’d look good in any number
I feel you have sharp intellect
I wonder what is your main interest
When you die that’s the time to take a rest
Remember to save n invest
Towards your future will leave you feeling truly blessed
Don’t take no disrespect
Never expect
Think carefully what you accept
Stay away from fuck boys
Who try play girls like toys
You’re special
Got the right credentials
Very essential
A man would be proud for you to have their last initial
Wife material
Imagine waking up in the morning chilling drinking tea whilst you eat your cereal
Nice smile
You got alot of style
Dress elegant
Manners are excellent
You run a tight ship within your own regiment
Like a veteran
Chillin wid the folks counting benjamins
Celebrate life cause all you do is win.’

That is one of the first things I read today and it filled my soul with delight. What a lovely person. It made my day! (AND he rhymed ‘Wunna’ with ‘Stunner’ and referred to money as ‘Benjamins.’ That’s double points. I have the best fans! 🙂 AND all my chick friends are accidentally blond, so I like that he called them a bit ‘dumb.’ Hahaha. (If you’re my chick friend and a brunette… My apologies..I’ve forgotten about you of recent. :). All the points! Yes I win…..


Thoughtfulness is so sexy. From the bottom of my kitten heart.


(Oh!! AND TO ALLEN, who sent me the flowers! THANK YOU.)

It actually put me in a really positive mood and after reading all the rest of your messages….(and I couldn’t thank you enough for all the love I’m receiving, as you really are making me smile, you really are making my day..) I sorted myself out, made a few phone calls and got back on the deliciously clean ‘straight and narrow.’

Well..that’s after I watched the trailer to ‘Fifty Shades Freed! It looks amazing.I’m totally obsessed. Yes to Mrs Grey!! I can’t wait for February to go watch it with my ‘NO DATE. ‘ Ugh! Why can’t Christian Grey be real? Even if he was…he’d probably opt for not dating me, which would be somewhat awkward. 🙂

I thought everyone loved the Orientals?

I am starting my fitness plan next week. There’s an inappropriate ‘jiggle’ to my wiggle’ right now. I adore my body. I do. Don’t get me wrong. But at 37, after two babies…and a delightful Christmas of cocktailing and eating everything, my body is far too ‘playground’ as I like to call it. There are far too many juicy bits, that should be a little more… tame.

So yes, the diet starts now…The fitness plan begins next week…and who have I gone with to get my kitty self into shippy shape…The one and only, cheeky chappy Joe Wicks…The Body Coach. Millions of you are already following him, so I really don’t need to tell you to. We had a Twitter ‘Morning/Morning’ this morning…meaning I am now read to go.

In 90 days…He will be responsible for any ‘good’ that my body goes through. So, if i look banging…I’ll let him take the credit. On a less funny note…I am sincerely inspired by him….and I really hope you are too!

Wish my sorry ass LUCK.

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Sex, Work, Single life & Genitals?

I cannot even tell you how busy i’ve been and i’ve loved it. I’ve loved every single waking moment of it, like the dewy dripped deliciousness of ‘dreams come true.’ I’ve worked really hard at everything and yeah there have been times where in which it’s been tricky and jingle jangled in obstacles. Yet, I must have downed a wine and jousted through them without truly realizing. Y’know ungracefully *hitched* over the brick wall, only to turn back around, *wink* at it and find it transforming into glitter. This is a year of change for me. That year. The year where I *unzip* out of the old and with my head to the skies smiling… i’m ‘ashes rising.’ It’s almost a ‘sexy’ year. On this day LAST year (and I hardly ever back track, I see it as unhealthy) I received a really hideous ‘hate mail’ message that I glorified with the best comeback blog ever. So great, that that blog post, even to this day is STILL my most viewed blog post of all time. It’s a shame that my ‘highest ranking’ was stemmed from ‘hate mail’ and simply by someone who tried to gain a little ‘look at me’ via making others ‘look at ME’ in a more negative manner. I actually gained a lot of support…and well, this time last year, I quite positively thought that I was doing pretty great career wise. However, if I compare it to where I am at this point THIS YEAR…it’s amazing how FAR I’ve actually come. So, even though i hate to back track, I will say that looking back & reflecting, is beneficial when it comes to *pausing* for a second and realizing that you’ve achieved. You forget to notice sometimes and because you’ve been so busy.

And boy have I been busy. I’ve been so busy that I’ve felt like i’mon  a glittery pink treadmill, that’s been turned up to ‘full speed,’ yet i’m in crystal Loubotuins, ‘yessing’ everyone, ‘no..ing’ those who aren’t quite right and i’m running, i’m tottering so fast that i’m racing against time…with a pina colada in my hand and a *wink* that is sprinkled with charm on repeat. I’ve been working through the day, blogging when i can, single mummying ALWAYS and then in then in the evening flying off to any event of my choice that i’ve been invited to. It’s felt like i’m on some kind of crazy cocktail, picture taking Wunna tour. And the weird thing is…i’m not even complaining. I’m shattered. But it’s felt so right that internally i’m smiling. That’s how you know ‘career wise’ that you’re doing something that you love, something that’s right for you, as you’ll always make time for it, because it makes you happy. It doesn’t feel liek work, no matter how shattered you are.

I will now say that I did opt for rescheduling my entire work weekend, simply because I felt as though i needed a ‘moment.’ My body was so exhausted that i just needed to refill (…myself with champagne cocktails :). ) Noooo. I just needed a day off, to enjoy the babies, be a mum, not feel the pressure of an audience and only because when i’m knackered I can’t shimmie to the BEST of my ability. It only takes a day or two…then I can replace myself back in that canon and *shoot* myself out again, but with full force. Everything’s been successfully rescheduled, with more on top, so I couldn’t be happier, as I have some really exciting people and places to venture! I can’t even tell you how excited am I. Right now, it’s so bizarre because there are so many places asking me to visit and a bundle of places that I personally are wanting to visit, so i’ve asked…that if i wanted to, I could set up some 300 day tour. Lol. I can’t BELIEVE HOW FAR THIS LITTLE BLOG HAS COME. And I can’t believe that PEREZ HILTON (who I LOVE and i’m completely inspired by) liked the fact that I’m a FINALIST in this years UK BLOG AWARDS! As if!!! AND he sent me cyber kisses, after I stated that his absence in Celebrity Big Brother is…well…I said ‘shite.’ (I know…I put it so poetically. 🙂 ) About 10 years about, I worked at Crunch Gym, just as the check in and ‘give you a towel’ girl. It was one of the best jobs I ever had. It was so much fun and I met so many different, yet familiar faces every day. It was stimulating. But one of those faces that I checked in almost every day, before he became GIANTLY famous, was Perez Hilton…So it’s really great to be 10 years on and able to look back on development. Why am I being so reflective? I need a rum. This is shit.

However, the great thing about this last week, has been the fact that i’ve been surrounded by the greatest chick friends. How any ‘Glamour Puss’ lives life, without her ‘Girl Soldiers’ (cue: Beyonce) is beyond me? You need them. You really do. And yeah, we’re all pretty different and range from the ages of 21 to sixty something…But without that daily check in, ‘Double B’s’ unexplainable banter and Mel’s daily, ‘but i’ve have melon’ announcement (she’s the slim girl that goes to your local Slimming world weigh in, who you despise for being slim because she can chow down half a pack of Rich Tea biscuits, lose weight and justify the *binge* with a ‘But i’ve just had a bowl of melon’ )….Without the balance of one another…we’d all fall to pieces.

I think the problem with me, is that I’m quite ‘boy bantery,’ even though i’m ever much the girl. I’ve always had a lot of guy friends, that now i’m really embracing having chick friends, because it brings out that inner girl, that you need in order to radiate and be a girl. Maybe that’s where i’ve been going wrong on the dating scene, because I never seem to be able to let a guy be a man, without being their hot bantery chick friend, looking after myself financially or taking control of the situation emotionally. What I mean by that is that i’ll chase to get what I want in love… and that’s lame. I’m lame. And it’s only because in business and in life by nature, i’m used to zooming forward with clout in an attempt to get what I want. I’m proactive. Lol. However, now I FEEL more girly and it’s the delicate girliness in me that seems to be bringing the gents forward…I’m playful and i’m divary…yet like i always say, until you meet me, you don’t realise that I have this soft warmth.

It’s funny because i’ve had some people meet me and say,

‘It’s weird because I thought after all the tit pics that you’d be an absolute  nightmare, but you are so much more sophisticated than I imagined.’

YET at the same time, I’ve had people say,

‘I thought you’d be so ultra high maintenance and up your own arse, yet you are literally so down to earth…’ 

So, i guess i’m both? The key is your initial perception of me.

Yet going back to ‘Girl Soldiers’….you don’t have great chick friends, that you see on a daily, unless you are comfy enough to discuss PENIS. If you could read my blog notes from the week, which are literally just quick bullets on the ‘notes’ section of my iphone, (which reminds me i’m due an upgrade,) you would wee yourself a little with laughter. The fact that i’ve executively typed ‘PUBE NATION’ makes into my phone, makes me DIE with belly laughs.

So, I guess I had started a conversation about sex and how I haven’t had any in ages…months….in fact and that it actually felt great. I’m dating no one, i’m single and i’m so happy and so busy that I’m not even plonking legs at ‘ten to two‘ as they say.. on bed sheets…ANYWHERE after cocktails! 🙂 Like i said, I do intend on finding my ideal partner…I want to fall in love. However, right now, unless they did all the chasing and really wanted to date me, or if i really really *hearted* them…I wouldn’t have time to date at all. I’m shattered.

But anyway, ‘Double B’ decided to tell everyone that she didn’t want to give blow jobs anymore because her ‘Beau’ has a penis that (wait for it) LOOKS LIKE ME! HAHAHA.

‘Honestly, Chrissie! It looks like YOU when you’re in your GIANT PARTY WEAVE. I can’t even look at it!’ 

HAHAHA. If you are unaware as to what my ‘Party Weave’ IS, know that it is the most biggest and most intense piece of head wear, ANY GIRL could endure on a night out. It is the BIGGEST AMOUNT OF HAIR… ON A HAIR PIECE… EVER MADE. That’s what her boyfriend’s willy looks like. I wonder whether it *pouts* too and takes Selfies?

Then, like that wasn’t enough, she then went on to tell me a story about how she knew this guy who hadn’t had sex or wanked off in THREE ENTIRE YEARS. (Odd news, when you’re about to calmly eat a pasty.) Anyway, he got lucky and manged to *bone* (‘Firmonnell’ always tells me off for saying *Bone*) a girl who just so happened to be ‘Double B’s’ friend…

‘Honestly Chrissie, she had just had sex with him, came over to mine and when she took off her top, to get in the bath, IT SMELT LIKE ROTTEN EGGS. His spunk had stayed in him for SO LONG that it had turned ROTTEN. I’ve never smelt anything like it!!!’

Hahahaha! She makes my blog too easy on me.

But does that happen? Spunk doesn’t turn rotten. It doesn’t have a ‘best before end’ date, does it? However, I do think that it’s unhealthy to have it stashed in you, going ‘rotten’ for years on end. Lol. Boys can’t win. They’re mucky if they always *splurge* it out and they’re mucky if they decide to hold it all in. It’s rubbish being a gent. Poor sods!

Men are just weird creatures in general. No wonder, why i haven’t managed to come across my perfect find. This morning I had Twitter banter with Tom Zanetti over a video he had received from a middle aged gentleman, who had taken a moment of his life to plonk a blond wig and make up on and place TWO cut out pictures of TOM on his nipples. HAHAHAAH. He sent Tom the video on twitter…and it was so funny that you couldn’t cry for laughing. We’ve been pissing ourselves about it non stop. I mean, it takes some balls doesn’t it, so i’ll give him a high five for that, as he succeeded in the art of gaining Tom’s attention. Yet it did make me consider burning my own eyes out..and i’ve been, seen and done it all. Lol. But hey ‘potatoe/pottato,’ some people wake up on a Sunday morning and praise the Good Lord Jesus Christ. Others glue Zanetti to their nipples for Twitter videos and hit ‘send.’ Lol. I love it!

I’m always going to be single aren’t I!

Maybe it’s a blessing.

There’s a whole lot of ‘city’ and for once, I’ll tell ya, i’m thankful that there’s not that much sex. 🙂












My New Years Resolutions….


Gosh! All this time off is making me go bonkers. It’s hilarious! I’m tottering around pestering and annoying innocent folk, just so my brain has something to do. Hahah! I’m like the kid that gets kicked out of glitter class (Wait? Hold up! I’d never get kicked out of glitter class? What the actual fuck IS glitter class? Lol Whatever it is? I wouldn’t get  kicked out of it.) But you get the picture, my system needs to get back to work mode in order to feel satisfied. I’m really excited because i’m about to go into a *juggle,* which is when you have lots to conquer all at once. It’s challenging, it’s fun.  Yet, right now all i’m doing is thinking and planning it all (which actually makes me panic as you can ponder things far too much) and being a FIRE sign, all the *pondering* gets boring after a while, when you have to wait to move forward. I’m an action girl…and therefore now, because i’m impatient…you are receiving a rant. Lol.

January always goes really fast! I don’t mean the ‘waiting for a pay day’ part, as I realize that most have spazzed their fine earned pences on cocktails. Yipppeee! Yet, when you have goals that you’re trying to fit in, in the first month, it’s always hard, as it *zoom* by without you consent and you have to double up in Feb.

I slept last night. I never can sleep, so that’s a good thing. But weirdly, I watched Chloe Khan’s snippets (lots of naked bits, boobie bits and sex bits) from her time in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Now, i don’t know whether she did that on purpose to gain ‘attention?’ If she did, well done, it worked and it took some fucking balls. It made her newsworthy. So the result, good or bad, was an attention winner. OR if she’s just like that as a human? Then I had a wine and wasn’t bothered anymore and fell asleep. It kinda made me learn that it’s what you do AFTER the snippets of attention have occurred that set task of longevity. My mind and soul must’ve been content with that knowledge and just conked out peacefully.

How was your New Year! I actually ditched my Slutty Sailor Girl outfit and Cockpit Pilot sexy wear, to simply stay home, with my babies. To the ‘Party Goers’ (and i am one to indulge in a good time, if it’s done right and in some form of luxury lol) that may sound dull. But to ME, it was heaven sent, peaceful, loving and bubbled my sail into 2017 with love. Their faces alone we’re adorable.

I will go on to tell you that LOVE MATTERS. It’s what makes you strong. Gives you a purpose. I’m a single mum, so the LOVE that I have for my children power me forward. Nothing compares to that! I’m ambitious, so the LOVE that I have for my ‘dream come true’ job and work radiates from my kitty soul like fire. The LOVE that I have for my parents, the people that gave me a foundation to grow, is deep rooted and dashed with the most sincere respect. The love that I have for having such hilarious friends, keeps my system light, filled with laughter and keeps me being a functioning alcoholic. Lol. It’s a fun love, as you need your ‘soldiers’ right by your side. They’re the people you tell everything to without *censor.*

We all know that i’m SINGLE and i’ve been single by choice because I just haven’t been able to find the correct male human to partner up with. Hahaha! Yes, i’ve been on dates, as usual, as they’ve come, and learnt a lot. Yet, i haven’t had that ‘chemistry’ that is essential to the way i think, move, or see the future…swing by me. Where i cn just be me and the get it! All great guys. All phenomenal people. But just not right for me. And i mean that both ways. As, I am also just not right for them. (Even if some of them haven’t seen that yet. 🙂 )

I get loads of messages from guys, as any girl would on social media, who may tickle anyones fancy, who read my blog and say that I haven’t have such a hardcore *tick list.* There isn’t a *tick list.* I just know what i like, need and want in another human being, that is so much more than a simple list, as it’ll be something i feel, when i see them and meet them. (HAHAHAHAH….That makes me sound pervy!) Just because i’m not willing to ‘just settle’ for ‘a bit right’ doesn’t mean i’m being tight. It just means that i’m doing what’s right for ME…and you can’t change that, because it’s working for me and i’m quite toolish and strong headed. HOWEVER, if YOU WERE Mr.Right, you wouldn’t want to change that would you? 🙂 As firstly, you’d be IT and secondly, trying to change a partner means you’re not getting it. You’re not accepting them for who they are with love and support. Nonetheless, I’m always quite willing to go on dates! Well…some dates. Lol. I LOVE meeting people.

I’ve gone on a rant haven’t I!

New Years Resolutions! What’s Yours?

I never usually make them, as I’m not good at confining myself to rules that i make personally. The little rules that I make for myself. If i find that i’m only answerable to myself, then there’s no hope, as I can handle Me telling myself off. Lol. I just end up hitting the glitzy *fuck it* button and having fun. (When i say ‘fun’ I simply mean doing the things that I love.) But if someone else gives me rules, I seem to be pretty obedient. It’s weird. Maybe because i feel more responsible and i’m not in the business of letting people down by nature. It makes me feel awkward.

But here they are anyway..

Wunna’s New Year’s Resolutions.

. EVERY DAY THIS YEAR do something proactive big or small that will help me get closer to my big goal. Work harder at it, basically.

. 20 minutes exercise every day. (I’m shit at going to gym, or signing up to groups, so it won’t be that. So it’ll just be some ‘show up to whenever’ class, or some run or something? I reckon i’ll be into Pilates. Lol

.EVERY DAY (because Karma’s ace) do a good deed for someone. Doesn’t have to be massive, as it’s the little things in life that make a difference. Hopefully it’ll come back on me threefold. If not, i’m not doing it again next year! HAHAHA. EVIL!

That’s it! As everything else in my life i do well. 🙂

I need a massage and to get my nails done today.

I’m back to work tomorrow. The sun is shining. The babies and my Mum and I are all off to The Frenchgate centre in Doncaster.

I’m excited to tell you about the stuff that I have going on in 2017. There will be a blog about it all. I’ll be telling you where i’m going, why I’m going and when as I go along also.

Do remember that you are able to cross life paths with me at ANY SINGLE POINT. Maybe life will just naturally guide you my way. But if not…purposely *bump* into Wunna land, have a good time with me and find yourself in this blog the next day! *The 2017 cast 😉 ) But this year, chrissiewunna.com will be becoming more interactive, as we all do life together.  I’m going to be focusing a lot on getting another rung up that success ladder…so bare with me.

Like i said there’s a plan, yet in life you never quite know what’s going to happen, do you? But everything i have ‘intended’ sounds pretty good. Lol.

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Don’t Be A Dick & Life Choices



I’ve had a couple of gin and tonics so were gonna have to watch it and you’re gonna have to bare with me. 🙂 I’ve put ‘blog writing’ off all evening, as i’ve been playing with Rubes and just neglecting the art of expression via written word long after she had decided to get some kip.

In my mind it’s Christmas time now and yes we all have a ton of work. I’ve been at work all day. But come on now, let’s have a bit of fun, or decent old chilled time, where we can kick off our kitten heels and just pour ourselves an after work tipple to relax and celebrate the year!

I have a birthday in FIVE DAYS, so i have all the excuses in the world to ‘tick box’ a sack load of fun. I mean, God, life is about filling ya cup, as you can’t pour from an empty one! So let’s enjoy it, whilst we still can. (I’ve just read this scary quote that states that if we as humans slept or 8 hours per day and we live to be sixty….we will have slept for 20 years of our lives. It apparently gives us a reason to get up the first time our alarm goes off in the morning? I don’t count in any of this, as being a single mum, with full time work, if i EVER slept for 8 hours on ANY DAY, it would be a blessing.)

I’ve had a decent time today as i’ve worked hard and enjoyed banter. Apparently my blog is so good that it SENDS PEOPLE TO SLEEP! Lol.

‘Chrissie, I love reading your blog and hate it when you don’t write one, as i read it before i go to bed and it sends me to sleep!’

Hahaha! I love it! Be it comforting or boring. Or be you sixteen or sixty….I adore that you have clicked into a bit of Wunna land, before you’ve gone to ‘n’nights.’ Makes me smile! My mum also reads my blog every night before she goes to bed and then screams at me the next morning if i’ve been a dick. 🙂 It’s all about how you’ve raised your kids. 😉 LOL.)

My friend ‘The Mighty’ is about to give birth in the coming months and is preferring to surround herself with fun ‘drink too much’ friends, rather than nice stalkery ones, who we don’t know are actual normal humans or Guardian Angels? I believe in Guardian Angel pop ups. So i’m going with that. Plus, it makes more story more magical than just saying ‘stalker.’

For some reason it made me flash back to a time when a gay guy, stopped me in a club, (I think it was Pre Bar in London) and wanted to name his cat ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ in my honour. Instead he went with ‘Jackonory’..and told me this on the dance floor, as Kylie played in the background. (I had just come off the telly, trying to be best friends with Paris Hilton, at the time.) I mean, JACK…A…FUCKING …NORY! When does that ever *trump* naming your kitten ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ (That was the night Mark Byron, who’s now a Big Brother Telly Presenting Star, asked me to hide his rent money cash in my knickers so he didn’t spend it all on booze. Lol. At that time he used to give out flyers to make people venture into clubs. Now…he’s ‘Off the telly’ Mark and currently doing Panto in Liverpool, dressed as a Genie.)

Today’s ‘Bone to pick’ is this. I had some blogger chick, slag off my ‘Nominated for a UK Blog Award’ moment because it’s apparently ‘not a popularity contest and should be purely based on content.’ (She’s nominated also.)


Firstly, you should concentrate on your own bit of cyberland and not chirp off at mine. This space ain’t rented it’s bought and it’s blooming right now, so enjoy it doll face and pour yourself a cocktail.

Secondly…BEFORE I WAS ANYTHING…I was a blogger. I wrote a blog daily in LA for years and have done for the last 10 years. EVERY DAY and when not a single soul read it! I wrote a diary for years before that, before my life story ever became ‘live.’ I wrote and documented my on goings, before ‘having a blog’ and being social media savvy was popular and that was before i became a model…a party queen Lol….before i accidentally moved back to the UK and got on the TV with Paris Hilton…before I had a book out….before i created a range for Ann Summers on the telly….before, before…before it all.

Now, i’m not stupid…All that did make my blog more popular. Yet if anything, i’ve always simply documented my life, the good bits, with the bad. You’ve heard my heart break, you’ve seen me victory dance,  you’ve listened to my make ups, breakups, watched births, my life journey, raw pain and laughter. I’ve told the story of it all. Like God, that moment when my husband left me and he did it by moving all his stuff out of the home when i was out. I came home with my 2 year old daughter and a newborn…and he was gone…All i got was a text. I told that story..and that had nothing to do with a world of limelight or a popularity contest. That was life.

Yet there have been times when i’ve partied with Leonardo Di Caprio and gone out on dates Matt Dillion and been shut in a house with Paris Hilton for a month straight as ITV2 filmed every waking moment of fun for public entertainment.

Just the same as the story above it…It was all still part of my life.

So i’m not  reality star turned blogger. I’m a writer. And i might have been ace enough to make the UK Blog Awards ‘Trend’ on Twitter. But i can’t help being that awesome. 🙂 AND that DOESN’T MEAN THE CONTENT ON MY BLOG IS SHITE.

I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…BILLIONS OF PEOPLE are doing life, right now as we speak…I’ve simply chosen to document my version of it…Everyone’s life is important. We’re all in it together. Just these little soul dots, chilling on a giant Earth ball as we orbit the sun.

So whilst i’m being hailed as the ‘Real life Carrie Bradshaw,’ YOU are being gummy stickered with a sexy ‘Hater’ slap badge.

Okay, i’ve sipped more gin and tonic. I’m better now!

I will tell you that this Saturday, ‘House of Solo’ Mag owner Arthur and I will be headed for lunch at Gino D’Acampos new joint ‘My Restaurant’ in Leeds. I’m so excited as i’ve heard great things about it and…well i know that Gino was there himself, last night, cooking dinner for everyone! Arthur at ‘House of Solo’ and I have ended up being ace buddies. We’re both passionate about our goals, where we want to be and our own bit of business. He shot Tom Zanetti the other night for the front cover of his mag. I met Tom at the Leeds Lifestyle Awards, as he gave out the award for ‘Best Club.’ I’m definitely going to make him my new Leeds ‘hang out’ mate. As i’m sure (even though i’m doing Manchester a lot of recent) that all three of us going to help put Leeds on the map! 🙂

See! Northerners are known for having a good time. Yet we can also do business quite well to. 😉















Friday, Free & Relationship Cut offs

DSC_6974_bok_flare (1)

I didn’t go to work today. I couldn’t. I’ve actually been told that I’m meant to be on a week’s bed rest, but I haven’t done that and instead called work and told them that I’d be back tomorrow. (Bad I know. But what can ya do. 🙂 )

Sometimes getting back into the swing of things is better. Things are changing for me so positively now, that i’m moving forward constantly and keeping life going.

Today, I feel free. I got home. I hugged, cuddled and loved my babies! I have literally missed them SO MUCH. Ruby and Junior are my entire world!!! I love them. Ruby was filled with ‘I love you Mum’s’ and gave me flowers. Junior kissed me non stop, but super missed GRANDMA. Lol.

Life just feels like it’s got back to normal. This has been the first day in MONTHS, where in which i have internally felt myself. I’m eating properly. I don’t feel groggy, ill or sick. I feel FREE. I feel happy. I still have pills running through my system, so i’m emotional and i’m still bleed for a few weeks, but lightly. But i’m free and it’s awesome because I honestly felt trapped in this bubble of negative energy, but i didn’t let it get to me too much, I always pushed it downward and heaved myself up over it! I AM A TOUGHIE!

With the end to that…I emotionally put an end to last relationship. I haven’t really spoken to him in weeks…and it hasn’t felt so bad. I just think that he didn’t really make enough of an effort in our relationship, emotionally, romantically or at all financially. I mean, if he did any of those…it would of been something. But he just didn’t and for a girl like me…ROMANCE is everything. He didn’t even get a Valentines card. Plus, paying sometimes…would be kind. We did a lot of stuff together, but i was the one that instigated, organized and paid for all that. I mean I don’t mind, because it’s done now….yet I want to get treated.

Plus,  I went through all this, which involved him, it was our child…all by myself because he was nowhere and if I can do that, then I don’t really need him and girls always want to NEED their partner. It’s sexy.  When I talked about being ill, he told me that i was being ‘Me, me, me.’ Hmm? He’s not a bad guy, I just need someone maturer and sort of more manly. I needed support during everything. He’s been really selfish. He was good with Junior…but i’m not sure what else he really invested into the relationship? I’m not sure he is…. Lol.


I’m on a rest day and i have rested! I’ve chatted to you all, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your messages and words of love! I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to booking the forest this Summer. I’m back at work tomorrow. I’ll be shattered, but whatever it’s one day! Plus, it’s almost payday.

I’ve seen both Keiran and Pete today. Both were lovely and both offered to look after the children, so I could relax today, since i’m headed back to work early. Both boys seem happy now, which makes co parenting much easier. I’m much happier too, as I don’t love anything more than being just ME and the babies. I’m always open to relationships, but i know exactly what I want…so i’m quite a hard pull. Like I said, it’s all about flickers and sparks…plus, i’ll know straight away.

I’ve had noodles. I’m chilling. I’m happy. I’m ready for everything and ofcourse anything…

That’s about it!

Happy Good Friday!



Best Week Off Ever


I literally had the most amazing ‘family day’ with my Babies, yesterday that if filled my kitten heart with joy! I never get time because of work and I work all the time in order to support my children, i’ve raised and I still am raising them by myself…and so far I can’t even believe how great a job I’ve done.

Anyway, i always work Saturdays. I never get Saturdays off, so yesterday was the FIRST Saturday that I had off, literally in MONTHS and we all finally got to spend the entire morning with each other, waking up in our own time, and travelling to Doncaster to have a fun filled ‘family day.’ No one in this entire world had more fun than my kids yesterday. They beamed with excitement and indulged in every single one of their kiddie heart wishes, all day and as they looked up…with Mummy right by their side, not a nursery practitioner, a grandparent, a daddy…but Mum. And even if I say so myself, I’m totally the apple of both of their eyes. *Wiggle, wink.*

Gosh we did everything! We even sang all the way in the car! They went on every ride, ice creamed, Built a bear, rushed around playing, bought balloons, danced, read, purchased everything and anything they wanted and even chose to have lunch at Ed’s Diner, this new American diner in the Frenchgate centre, which we also got for free! (I know! Wunna perks!)

I danced with them ALL DAY, my heart skipped a beat! We did everything to the point of exhaustion…but if you saw their little faces, your heart would’ve melted with glee. They both get spolit, but they just never get days like this, with each other..with Mum….all day, out and about, without me having to go to work, or run off to a meeting.  So not being at work made all the difference to our lives, yesterday!It made all the difference!



Then when we got home, we bought a whole bunch of delicious munchies to enjoy, so we could have a floor picnic and watch Ruby’s favourite movie.They played with everything we bought, they we SHATTERED. But I made them tea, we all cuddled up, got the snacks out and watched ‘Home Alone 2!’

By the time it was done, the day was done and as soon as I walked their little Wunna legs up the stairs and as soon as their little eyes hit their pillows, they were *zonked* out and fast asleep! 🙂

We were all in the same bed and I just remember looking at them both, as they slept and obviously I’m highly emotional right now…so I had a little Princess cry because I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be with them constantly, all week and have them all day with love and fun..and to watch how much in the last 3 months they’ve even grown up and become smart and so well mannered. It sort of overwhelmed…because I did it and i’m still doing, well and by myself! I mean, My Mother is a God send and she has helped me every step of the way. But other than that…it’s been me. And i feel like the luckiest Mum in the entire world.

Ruby is JUST LIKE ME. She looks like her father, but every bit of her personality is Me. She’s really close to her Dad…and Pete and I have always had a really brilliant co parenting relationship with one another. We’re great parents. It’s never been rocky.

Junior looks EXACTLY like Me, but his personality, aside from little ‘Wunna’ tricks that he has via genetics…is just like Keiran. It’s like living with Keiran…but much better, as Junior is pure, simple and filled with innocence and love. He’s probably more confident than his Dad, which makes more like Moi and no one but my own Mother loves me, more than my little boy does. Lol. He takes such great care of me. I mean even if I walk into a room and it’s dark, he follows me shouting, ‘Mum, are you okay? It’s dark in the there. I’ll come with you. Be careful.’ And every night before he goes to sleep, he whispers in my ear, ‘I want you, i love you.’ (That’s quite creepy, I know.)

This morning, we woke up, bathed and I cooked them breakfast! Eggs galore. Love galore. having me home to cook breakfast is a novelty and then by 11am, both babies were picked up by their Daddies and gone! JEEPERS! Pete’s great but usually never on time. However, today and maybe because the sun was out, he was bang on time. Keiran’s always early. He’s on ‘Army’ time. Both babies, we’re fine today, Ruby always is when she goes to her Dads though. Yet, I think because Junior didn’t feel as though he has missed out on Mummy and Ruby time, (and even though he still said he didn’t want to go,) he felt more balanced today, so went quietly, but actually willingly, this time. He knew he had to go anyway.

Then it was like I had nothing. Lol. My home was empty. It was the first day of Spring. The babies were gone…There I was….all on my own. Ruby’s not even back until 7pm or later.

Before, I even had chance to throw a ‘moment,’  or feel lonely…and I did feel lonely, My Mother leapt to my rescue did a quick grocery shop with me, took me out to lunch and then we had a wonder around stores buying goodies and girl stuff.

I’m feeling really lucky, because now i never even have chance to feel sorry for myself and I think it’s the people that love you the most, the people that care about you most fondly and know your actual capabilities, who are the ones who tough love you, give you a reality check, tell you where you’re going wrong, make you pull yourself together and later on…you thank them for it. (Even though you hate it at the time.) I mean, GOD, my closest peeps always tell me the truth, be it hard or rough…and I always do much better, with a ‘pull yourself together and get on with it’ chat, then being cradled for being weak. It doesn’t help me and doesn’t help anyone at all. If you baby someone when they need to find strength, they’ll never find strength and they’ll always find an excuse as to why they can’t ‘hero’ forward.

I mean, GOSHY, one of my friends, who i knew in LA, for ages…we were really close, a really great guy, good person, got into the wrong kind of things, ended up in crazy debt, lost and admiring folk, who didn’t at the time deserve to be admired. Yet, still underneath it all…a god solid guy. Helpful. Caring. He’s thirty something now…and it took him years to pull himself together…as I first met him when he was 19. In his mid 20’s, he met a girl. she dated him, she fell pregnant to him, she kicked his ARSE and told him to get himself into gear. He loved her. She left him. And because he loved her so much, he ended up pulling his finger out of his arse, leaning up his act, going back to Uni, going to MEDICAL school..and just this year not only has he graduated Med school, but he has just got his first residency as a full time Orthopedic surgeon. (Which is what My Daddy was. A Bone surgeon.) Plus, because he’s American, he’s going to get paid triple much…and there you have it, he now is back with the girl, who is also now his wife, he’s raising their daughter…and is a flipping SURGEON! Woohoo! 🙂 I’m really proud of him. I love a good happy ending! he went from boy to man in seconds! And there was not one inch of spite in him. He thanked her, for pushing him forward! AS IF! Amazing!(Well done Bri!)

Life is good right now! I’m chilling. I’ve just got back home from lunch with my Mum. I’m in my pj’s (so rock n roll.) I’m having an easy evening, Ruby is back later. My mum’s coming over…and we’re eating sweets and Burmese things.

I’m back to work tomorrow….

I’ve had the most AMAZING week off!

Chrissie x




Gemma Collins/Big Brother Chittery


Happy ‘You made it to’ FRIDAY Kittens! (I’m working tomorrow, so it’s technically nothing for me to be cheery about. 🙂 However, I can find it in my glitzy self to celebrate it for you….we’re nearing to a January payday and when that happens, life gets exciting! *Corsets and glitter EVERYWHERE!*

Okay, this is a quick blog and only to pretty much tell you that I am currently obsessed with Gemma Collins!! Her last night’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ rants, keeled me over with absolute, Glamour Pussy laughter! It made me crave champagne…and need to watch her on repeat.

After her tantrum, that was it, i was in love! I mean, any girl that can fling out the sentences, (in ONE episode)

‘I’m hair’s frazzled, i’ve had enough..’

‘Only loser’s use straightners..’

‘But they’re fucking expensive.’

‘Buy me MORE.’

‘The ones with the rhinestones in…’ (and)

‘My Dolce and Gabana smoking pumps!!’

..is literally DIVINE!

How funny! I mean i’m not even bothered that she’s refusing to do some of the tasks. I find it hilarious that she’s refusing to do them because she’s not ‘running around’ like an idiot because she hasn’t even been given ‘heated rollers.’ HAHAHA. I love it!

I mean the good thing about Big Brother, well Celebrity Big Brother is that once they’ve got over the fake, smiley bit and start living with one another properly…it gets good. And yeah some are Diva’s, some or feisty, some really quiet and some are Stephanie…(and even though she riles everyone up, including myself at times, she’s just being her in that moment and to be honest playing a really good character. She’s a good watch and knows what she’s doing. I think there’s a fun side to her that will pop out later. )

At the end of the day, it’s just a game…so enjoy it.

Kisses and booby wiggles.

Wunna x

‘My hair’s frazzled, i’ve had enough!’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


Nerves, Blogs, Vlogs & Wrong Bra’s


Morning, my little treats of glammy, dipped, low carb, glitter balls?

I’m up early. Ruby’s back at school. I have a petrol station coffee by my side and I’ve just woken Ben up by singing him ‘The Sun has got his hat on’ (even though the sun quite obviously doesn’t) simply to ease him into Monday. (If you’ve heard me sing, you should know that i’m the next X Factor champion.) *Can’t sing for shit.*

I’m nervous today because i’m filming my first ever Vlog and even though i’ve written this blog for years and it’s done really well by accident and i’ve been on the telly, where i’ve talked into camera for mere entertainment a jolly lot in my life…i’m FRIGHTENED.

When i’m terrified, i either laugh it off or GROOM.

I’ve lashed, bronzed, i’ve back combed, i’ve faffed…pretty much…and i’m still fricking nervous.

(Ben’s now walked down singing ‘Steps.’ His song of choice ‘Last thing on my mind.’ Lol. He wants a Koala and is looking at boobies. Weirdly…not my boobies. *I’ve shouted at him.*

I have ravioli down my shirt. That we cooked last night because we felt greedy. I need a morning gin, to calm my fears. I’ve bought things I don’t need for no reason at Peacocks, this morning, simply to keep myself distracted…(as in a bra that won’t fit me.) Now, I know that a good trick is to wear a bra that is too small for you, for that extra bit of umph…but the only reason I bought it was because it was ‘powder blue’ in colour. It’s a bit too small because they never have my boobie sized bra in high street stores, so i may be walking around like a ‘look at me and my titties’ simply because my nerves got the better of me.

Right well, i think i’m just going to get on with it…because at the end of the day, I HAVE TO… and this is my only day off work, where both babies are in school or nursery.

I obviously didn’t win the lottery with my 20 lucky dips, this morning I heard that David Bowie had shuffled off this mortal coil (which is really really sad, because he was such an amazing talent, Ben and I were Googling him last night, saying how fit his wife Oman was,) Celebrity Big Brother is getting good now that they’re all kicking off…and i’ve just discovered that the lighting in my house is SHITE, so filming my Vlog is not going to easy, without all the nifty equipment.

Okay, I’ll leave you to if for now…

Wish me luck



Let’s not panic


For some reason, this weekend’s been stressy. I don’t know why it has, as i’ve had this unbelievably AMAZING fucking week of ‘dreams come true? In fact, so unbelievable…that it sort of became a bit stressy because that’s what I do. All turns out roses and I go around trolloping around the garden in a panic and start stomping on them by accident sauced up, out of fear! 🙂 Can all this great stuff happen to me once? Do I deserve it? Am I that amazing? 😉 (Wiggle…Giggle.) I mean, my psychic did say that the ‘hard stuff’ in my life was now over…and the rest of my life would be ‘charmed.’ Right? I’m super lucky and instead of stressing about it, i’ve decided to have my wine, centre myself, pull in the ‘flap’ (oh GOD, it sounds mucky again. HAHA.) I simply mean stay focused and leave the ‘tizzy’ behind me. I get quite excited and very easily. My nature is that way inclined. I’m happy go lucky, more than I am cynical and brash, yet I sometimes forget to ‘centre’ and focus. Y’know, GROUND MYSELF, before the starry storm starts. Before you know it, i’m ‘can can’ dancing, shooting rockets into the skies and popping open champagne sprays over innocents, whilst screaming ‘Yeehaa’ and totally in celebratory nipple tassles.

I’m staying calm. Staying focused. Calm. Focused. Not getting into a tizzy and not getting terrified. 🙂

But to give you insight…I’m actually going to do it..i’m actually going to ride up that Success ladder…lashes n’all. It made me eat handfuls of carbs today, well that and alongside it being my Mum’s pre birthday love. (I gave her her present early simply because I couldn’t wait. I’m all about treating my Mama these days and well let me just say…we’ve been through a lot together, some good, some bad, some weird…but no matter what our family has always remained so close we’re tighter than tight. We’re best friends. And since being a Mum myself…a single one (which my Mum, luckily didn’t have to stiletto through) I’ve kinda found an even grander appreciation for her. She helps me a lot and if anything, she needs a rest! Lol.)

Another thing! Keiren had Ruby and Junior on Friday and OH GOD, nothing was worse than getting home after visiting Chris at the Glassroom, to an EMPTY, DARK, COLD HOUSE! It was awful, tot he point where I have no clue how anyone does it. And it’s not just the ‘oh i feel lonely’ thing that’s shit. It’s the ‘where is the love and energy that I’ve created’ thing? There’s usually a bustle, a buzz, a swirl. Yet there was just me…mildy tipsy…but just me. In fact being tipsy made it worse. I flicked on my living room light to nothing, turned on the tv, simply for noise. I poured a wine and had a weep. HAHAH. I always cry when the babies have a ‘stay over.’ I’m shit at being okay with it. I enjoy the fact that i have time to focus on work, to make their bread and butter, but one they’re not around me…i miss them, the juggle, the madness. THE LOVE.

I left everything on and went to bed. I wasn’t depressed. I’m the opposite to that. Lol. It just sounds depressing. It was only one night and I was getting up for work in the morning. Plus, i’m usually with my parents or at least someone but my Mum had gone out on a birthday dinner with friends. So, I was on my lonesome. I have no idea how Keiran does it? He definitely chose badly, as it must be quite hard for him to go home to that sort of emptiness…especially when you know 10 minutes away there’s your would’ve been ‘family’ swirling around in merriment, making memories together. I’m glad that i don’t have to do it very often. I count my blessing every time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I shopped today in Doncaster. Bought a coat, simply because i’m always freezing. My coats are little fur bits. So I got one of those pink Soda parkers, with a pink fur hood. 🙂 Classy! I swear, we’re gonna have shit weather and when we do, i’ll look like the hottest eskimo on the block. Don’t HATE. I didn’t buy shoes though. We apparently need protective shoes for work? To me that means something completely different. I’ll buy black stilettos and wear them like champions to protect me from the ‘uglies’ who want to forward me pictures of their genitals. I’m sure that’s what he means. However, fuck it…i went with not bothering,as I always misread ‘the memo.’  I’m not buying shoes unless they’re glammy. If you strut into or out of anything..you need your heels to be divine.

Gay Adam sent me a message! A picture one that showed my book, ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ wedged between ‘The Greats’ of English literature. Apparently now i’m going to have to slum it and get buried at ‘Westminster Abbey’ with those great, writey folks. 🙂 I always thought that Greek Gods in Togas would carry me off into the distance, or that i’d be buried in a glitter swamp under rainbows and people  hysterically weeping at my loss. But whatever…you can’t win’em all. Westminster it is!

Right, i’m off. I’ve got my business plan to read and my application for investment to finish off. Things take ages when you’re a single Mum, but i’m headed upwards! Trying to date, being Mum, working a day job, having a social life, running a business and being simply Wunnaful is hard, but i KNOW that i can fit all the pieces of this jigsaw together and make it work in my favour.

You can toooooo…

So, yeah..be productive and all that shit. 🙂

Chrissie x

Ps/ I’m loving ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ this year, even though it has been a bit stressy to watch. I’ve been reading up on everyone’s thoughts on Katie Price entering the house and well to be honest, I LOVE IT! I personally think she looked amazing, that she was genuinely nervous and that it was refreshing to have her back on my telly screen, where she sort of belongs. Can’t we just give her a chance yet. She’s a veteran at this..she’ll do something ace that will make us enjoy the rest of the show even more. Plus, she’s a grown up now. Grown ups are a bit more sensible…usually. (Not you Perez.)