What Chu’ Know ‘Bout Me…..???

Morning! Morning! Morning! It’s really busy times in Wunna Land and everything is going delightfully. I’m really happy. Things are great. Yeah…I lost my flipping purse and bank cards…But they’re all cancelled off, new ones are headed my way and just like that….life went back to normal. (Even though my Mum did have to take the children and I out to dinner, because I had no access to funds. 🙂 ) We Pizza Expressed it and I had actually forgot how great the food is there. I only got the Caesar Salad, however it was remarkable! I could have it everyday!



Yes! I’m in a great mood. I’m tinkered over in a magical swirl of happiness. I still feel like the luckiest girl alive….and today, my cheeky little swines…You have a…


(I do the ‘What Chu’ Know’ blog every so often, when things are a little too busy with work….You inbox me questions…I give you my honest answers…You get to know me better, (maybe on a more personal level…) and we all slip on our stilettos and sing nursery rhymes, to the beat of utter happiness.

You cool? Get it?


What is your real name?

Christina Wunna. People are always shocked that my name is actually ‘Christina’ and I have no clue why?

What part of Asian are you from?

I was born in Yorkshire, but both of my parents are Burmese. Making me 100 percent Burmese through blood.

Have you ever got with a girl?

I’ve kissed a girl…Haven’t we all…and maybe messed around with one, once…..back in my Hollywood days….Yet only because I had a weird ‘swinger’ boyfriend. I actually didn’t enjoy it….But being young, I sort of just experimented with the whole thing…for him. I wouldn’t do that now…. I’m far too sassy…. I know what I want….Yet, I don’t judge people on their sexual preferences….Ours just didn’t match…. Lol.

Did you actually go to Private school?

Yeah I did. Hard to believe I know…Lol I went to Hill House in Doncaster, then Ackworth School in Pontefract. I have Doctor parents, so I ended up there. However, both my children actually go to that school there now. Which is lovely.

Weren’t you scared moving to Hollywood when you were young?

No. I was so excited. I wasn’t even scared of the bad things that happen in Hollywood. As soon as I got into my taxi at LAX, after literally just arriving, the taxi driver turned around and said, ‘I’ll give you $100 for a blow job.’ I just looked at him, laughed, said, ‘Don’t be a dick…no’ and he drove me safely to my hotel, without uttering another word. He was more terrified of me. I hate ‘ugly’ humans. Good try. But you lose.

Would you let your daughter be a glamour model? 

Not at all. 🙂 One rule for me….One rule for her… Lol

Would you ever get married again?

Yes. Fourth time lucky. I’ll get it right this time around. I’m just a slow learner when it comes to love. I wear my heart on my sleeve…and it’s shit. Lol

How long have you been single for?

I don’t know….? I don’t really count the minutes, seconds and years of ‘single’ or ‘together‘ life….I just get on with it…

What is you favourite cocktail?

Too vague a question. I love all cocktails. I can literally drink ANYTHING. So it depends on my mood. But I’m a creature of habit, so when I’m hungover, I will find a Bloody Mary. Or at Ego, I’ll always order a ‘Salted Rimmed Margarita,’ When I’m Ginos…I’ll always have an Espresso Martini….When I’m at Tattu i’ll always order the ‘Skull Candy.’ That’s just the way it goes…I attached drinks to memories…They remind me of men, friends or past dates….

Are you completely different to how you were in your 20’s?

Yeah, I’m completely different. You are or will be too. In my 20’s. I loved the 20 year old version of me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I just LIVED FREELY AND HAPPILY. I was a wild one….I’m not as WILD now…I’m cheeky, but balanced. I just love fun…It’s in my soul…

What do you hate about yourself he most?

Such a nice question? Lol. I hate my wonky bottom tooth, which I never seem to get fixed and I hate that I can’t ever conquer my love life….It’s like i’m on a slow moving merry go around, just doing the same thing over and over again….without learning…

Saw that you just watched Fifty Shades Darker….When it comes to sex, or you Submissive or Dominant, and also when it comes to your regular personality?

I’m sassy. I’m both. Well, I can ‘play’ both. and get off on both. I love to ‘play’ in the bedroom. I’m naughty but fun. It’s good clean filth. Lol. I’m just feel really confident in the bedroom. Yet, I’m not remotely promiscuous. Loyalty is HUGE TO ME. I wouldn’t like to sleep with lots of different people….When you’re in your 30s, you can’t be arsed with the ‘no hopers.’ I have a one track mind and heart…So when I love someone, I love them madly. But only them…

Personality wise…I’m dominant. Really dominant. I’m a ‘Diva. I might play or try and be submissive at times….But I’m not….By nature….I’m bossy. I know what I want…and hate not getting what I want. 🙂

Your pics are getting hotter and hotter, do you feel under pressure now that your 37 to look good?

Yes! All the time. It’s stressy. Lol. I have a shoot coming up in a couple weeks in swimwear and looking good for that, has sent me moderately bonkers. But I am vain by nature. I don’t find it a chore to primp. I actually love it.

What are your thoughts on long distance romantic relationships? 

I’m fine with long distance relationships. I’m actually really used to them. Most of the guys that i’ve dated have had busy careers, that take them away a lot and my career too, is quite busy…so It’s kinda just the norm. Plus, romantically, i don’t think geography is an issue when you truly love someone…You’d still make it work….if you could be arsed to, or if it was meant to be…

Will you marry me?

Where’s the rock?

Will you marry me…have more kids, cook…clean and be my bed slave, then take me to male chauvinism classes??

No. Simples. Lol

Dinner, what are we eating, where and when?

Lol. Everyone wants to feed me…. I get this question almost 4 times a day, by strangers…

Can I be your slave…?

Noooooo. I’m not a Dom. I don’t get off on humiliating strange men. I once had a guy follow me around G.A.Y in London, begging to be my slave…He literally wouldn’t go away and kept doing everything I told him too…It was so dull….It couldn’t have annoyed me more! My friends were pissing themselves because they said, ‘You’re the only person I know, to go to the bar and come back with a slave.’ 

Can I spoil you?

No. I hate it when guys say that. Surely real men just spoil you anyway, without having to ask because they want to. If you have to ask a girl that, it means you will never ever do it. I buy my own things. 🙂

You said you’re back on the tv soon, which show?

Can’t tell you…

Being Asian/Oriental did you find it hard breaking into the glamour modelling industry?

No. I started out in LA and out there, you’re actually at an advantage, because everyone is blond, tanned and beautiful, or brunette tanned and ‘girl next door,‘ meaning they have it a lot tougher, because there’s so much competition. ‘Types’ (as in being ‘asian’) work ALL THE TIME, because there’s really just a handful of you in the entire city and they have to put you in the magazine. Lol.

Do you reckon you’ve met the man of your dreams…?

There is definitely someone who I really fancy right now. In fact, more than fancy….

Do you think you’re a good or bad role model for girls?

I’m not trying to be role model. I just write the diary of my life….The good bits and the bad bits….Sometimes i’m preachy and ‘role model’ like, other times i’m a swine. But that’s what makes me real. That’s what makes me human.

Do you make up the stories on your blog?

Noooooo. Not one piece of it is fabricated. Absolutely every single little bit has truthfully happened….to the point where I even MISS things out, because they’re too inappropriate, or because I don’t want anyone to know. All the people are real…They’ve just been given ‘nicknames’ because then they still have their own sense of privacy, yet can enjoy reading and reliving their piece of the blog without you knowing, who they are.

Over the years, are some of the ‘characters’ you’ve labelled with ‘other names’ and wrote about famous?

Oh God yeah….A lot more than you think.

How do you think your blog has become successful?

Word of mouth. It’s like Chinese Whispers…Someone tells someone, who tells someone else….I’ve met a lot of people in my time…So I guess, a lot of people have accidentally read the blog and just told someone else about it….It’s like a cheeky discovery.

What the most important thing to you?

Ruby & Junior. I don’t value anything more than their journey through life…..I’m a soft mum, so they literally walk all over me….

Love or Money?

Both. I like balance. Lol.

If i were to meet you in person, would I be shocked?

No. ‘Shocked’ isn’t the right word? You might feel awkward at first, But everyone feels a little bit weird, until the first five minutes of ‘pleasantries’ are over…I am SUPER DOOPER GOOD WITH PEOPLE.

Would you have another child?

Yes. I’d have one more…Yet, It’s not something that I NEED to do, as I already have Ruby & Junior. I have my hands kinda full, as a lone parent. So, if I knew that the guy was gonna stick around and we were a whole family and utterly committed…Then ofcourse…yeah. I’m sure parenting is much easier with two of you.











Lucky Me, Moments & Eton Mess


Y’know how you don’t actually sort of think that out of the blue your life is going to just cross paths with another, by accident and then after the initial friendly bits of chatter and banter and time passing….more chatter, more banter, more ‘getting to know’ one another….peeking into each other’s worlds, problems, lives, ups, downs and happy times…which is followed by meet ups, laughter, moments of withdrawal, but then moments of solid movement….shy times, exciting moments, fresh chapters, friendship and ‘sexy’ interludes. 🙂 Well…you just don’t expect it to happen? So when it does and it’s great…it’s warm and it makes you smile. In life, you have to hold onto those moments that make you happy. They’re more important than you think.

Our paths have crossed from him simply ‘liking’ a picture of my pudding on Facebook. 🙂

That simple ‘like’ led to more and  I know in the world’s of others, that may happen a lot. Yet in my world, even a bit of chatter and especially a meet up would  NEVER EVER HAPPEN after a ‘like.’ It just wouldn’t. I don’t do that. And only because the absolute majority of men online terrify Me & My Boobsicles quite greatly. (No, not all of you before you all start.)

But anyway, ages ago, I remember seeing his picture, after he ‘liked’ my pudding 🙂  and I remember thinking that he was SO ATTRACTIVE. I couldn’t even keep my eyes off his profile picture. That certainly never happens! So it took a couple of ‘back and forth’ likes…as the process goes…and then came a message and from that message…it just continued. It never stopped…I mean, the night i first met him, (which was after a long while of chitter chatter,) i was astounded at how handsome he was in person and how well we actually got along…He made me smile the entire way through the evening. He was amazing.

So the other night, when i was sat next to him on sofa talking about general life and penis enlargements.

Eton Mess: ‘Honestly, a guy couldn’t have a penis enlargement to make it longer…only to make it have more girth.’

Me: ‘Are you sure? As it was such a craze in Hollywood when i was growing up…? I didn’t know it was just about girth? Lol.’

(I mean who would want just a girthy old willy that you had to waddle around with and stuff into your Y fronts. That’d be odd. As it’d be like having a pet, a stumpy one, that you’d have to nurture and then even worse, actually have to ‘showbizzy’ whop out and pull sexy faces with during moments of ‘I might get jiggy.’ Lol.)

However, yes, there i was with ‘Eton Mess’….doing life…after our own version of ‘ooh laa.’

There’s just something about this guy. I’m drawn to him. I understand him. There’s nothing about him that annoys me? He’s smart, he’s sexy, he’s quite the guy’s guy, but there’s a softness to him, he’s wise, but he’s fun. He seems to be good at everything? He’s witty. We’re good when it comes to being ‘sexy.’ We get along. So there’s also a decent level of friendship. He’s brave. He’ll go for it…if he wants to. To me, he’s a massive turn on, so i don’t think that I could be in a room with him ever and even try to keep my kitty mitts off him. I can’t help it and i don’t really want to help it to be honest. There’s just a good level of mental, emotional and physical stimulation. It’s not an easy thing to find.

I’m an extremely expressive female and it’s cute because he makes me feel shy and i’m nowhere near shy. I’m a really confident, gobby one, aren’t I. 🙂 But at first…when I initially *peek* him and we’re there, doing ‘just us’…..i’ll feel shy, for a bit. Lol. That’s something that usually would never happen? I guess he just has this way of being a guy, that makes me feel like a girl. Does that make sense? AND it’s good. It’s really good. Other than that, I also respect him. There’s like this whole bunch of of respect that i just seem to have for him. I listen to the things he’s tells me. I ask his advice on my own bits of life. There’s something motivational about him. He’s like a bundle of aceness wrapped into one.

I surely can’t be this lucky?

(My friends assure me that i am not. Hahah.)

But with a bit of water, nurture and high fiving…this… if we let it…could be good!