New Dates, Mates & Old Flames…

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LA Bestie: ‘How the hell are you still alone’

Me: ‘Haha. Wow! Cheers. Stop saying ALONE at me. I’m fine. FFs.’

LA Bestie: ‘I actually meant ALIVE. Lol. I really did.’

Me: ‘Oh? That…I definitely don’t know! Just lucky aren’t I. 😉 I need a fresh orange juice..’

LA Bestie: ‘What?? Honestly. What has happened to you?? Dead to me. Orange juice?’ 

Me: ‘IN MY MALIBU, you idiot. I don’t order juice.’

How’ve you all been? I’ve had to take a few days off blogging, because work, auditions. socializing, surprises, shocks and single mum life sped into a WHOLE different lane and I was pretty much slow jogging in stillettos behind. If i didn’t hit *pause* I would’ve lost the plot!

I like to keep on top of things. I’m not one to lag behind with ease… 

I hate not managing things appropriately. It stresses me out.

So yeah, right now, my life’s not easy.  I’m happy. But it ain’t easy. It’s a really hard juggle, to be honest. But THANK GOD, i’m back to ‘tipper tappering’ at my laptop, because I swear, it’s my saving grace. (Well, once I get my ‘swing’ back, anyhow. At first it’s shit and definitely feels like it needs rum cocktails pouring all over it.)


I’m just gonna jump the gun and tell you that I got this voice note, the other day, that followed a message. Remember I told you that a few weeks ago, a guy, a lovely older gentleman, had tinkered into my DM’s.

I’ve hardly ever been on a date with anyone older than me…I don’t know why? Maybe because my surroundings are always young. The last older guy, that I actually went on a date with…was Matt Dillon..whilst I was in LA. 

Crackers innit!

(Wait, I’ve lied. both ‘London Business Man’ and ‘Eton Mess’ were older than me. Yet, only by a couple years…They kinda seem boyish in comparison to the ‘voice note’ guy Yet, they’re both happily in relationships now…& I’m happy for them, as they certainly weren’t right for me. I can be treated better than that.) 

ANYWAY….The Gentleman..

He initially messaged me with a picture and then a couple voice notes…and I liked it, because hearing someones voice makes a difference. (Not my awful voice though.) But it’s true…A voice or a video helps a connection… doesn’t it?

I felt that he was SO polite and gentle, yet sweet and fun. He was really respectful. He wasn’t smutty. He led with his romantic foot forward. And I am ever so used to hearing smut, or the game of charm.

I mean, remember that also a couple weeks ago, a German footballer, slid into my insta DM’s…and was pretty much the opposite. He started with the usual ‘you’re beautiful’ stuff…then led it straight to the land of Smut.

I get that…it’s fine…However… that point, I just ignored him…cos whatever…I’m too old for that shit.

Anyway, the other guy, who I always label a ‘gentleman.’ (I say label, because I haven’t actually spoken to him much and I’ve certainly never met him.) Back to the point..He sent me a message at the weekend…Was it Friday? AGAIN, followed by a voice note.

I like a surprise voice note..or video.

It helps me connect faster…(I’ve said that already, haven’t I?) 

Weeks ago, and I did blog this, he had asked if I’d like to go on a ‘friendly dinner,‘ with him, to ‘say hi, properly.’ He doesn’t live in the country, yet obviously he ventures to the UK quite a lot with work. His occupation…Pundit. He’s a retired footballer.

I should balls and a nets for my yard of milkshake, as it seems they’re the only guys that want to play Wunna Land, right now? They find me..

So, I get this message, at the weekend, saying that he’ll be over here on 18th…for work and it would be lovely to meet me.

Wow! Impressed!

I get asked out quite a lot…(that isn’t meant to sound conceited…it’s just the truth and we love a bit of truth in Wunna Land.) I always say ‘no.’ Or just ignore the message. I mean, I must be a sucker for eternal loneliness, because I definitely would love to find my Mr.Right, yet I ignore everyone who DM’s me. Lol.

It’s because i’m a happy singleton.

I’m never miserable about single life. I enjoy life. I still enjoy love. I’m just one of those chicks, who is sure my Knight will saunter up out of nowhere…one day, when he’s had his tea and ready. 

Fate will force him to…

Anyway, I haven’t ignored this ‘gentleman.‘ I need to give him a nickname, don’t I? That’ll come. Yet, bottom line…I’ve agreed to go meet him for ‘friendly dinnering,’ simply because he was so utterly and sincerely sweet to me via voice note. He treated me really normally, yet like a lady. He sounded nurturing and I love nurturing ‘I’ll keep you safe ‘ kinda men.

So, we’ll see what happens…I’m open to it..

I feel like i’ve had this really fun Summer of debauchery and irresponsible, sunshiny behaviour. We’ll all remember Summer ’18. It was fun. Yet, I kinda miss focusing on what i’m doing. Glamorously, of course.  I love what I do and I love what I have…and I’m really lucky, to have the mini opportunities, come my way…Hopefully, one day, the mini ones, will turn into BIG ones.

If i’m being honest…

I kinda started to feel stifled, over the last couple weeks and I’ve been on the search for excitement and adventure. A new chapter, with more balance. You’re a product of your environment..I was becoming one…and not being a chick to enjoy the ‘same old ting,’ I got my balance sorted.

I found me a new chapter..

(…and it took nothing but determination.. Something I am oozed in.)

I’ve been with my family. (My strength.)  I’ve been with the kids. (My world.) I’ve worked hard, (my passion)… auditioned lots (my challenge)..and still managed to cocktail my way to happiness, whilst being over eyelashes, boobied and fully lipped. (Just who I am.)

Let’s *clink* wine glasses to that!

Summer 2018, was really important to me, because I learnt a lot about myself…and I was actually a little broken hearted, through it. Hence why I celebrated, enjoyed and drank a lot. Well, I say broken hearted…but I began with a solid stance. Then emotionally ventured to ‘all over the place,’ which led me to naughty fun (because of course I’m that way inclined..) and was left with my eyes open...WIDE open…my ears a listening (they could hear everything once more)…and as I screwed my head back on, bundled up my heart strings, back into my hands, ready for the next round of blissful, romantic tugging…I realized that my mind, my gut…my body…my everything…just kept lulling back to, reflecting back to…and utterly missing….(back to…lol)…..

..The Swirl.

(Who I renamed ‘T Bone.’)

So, I know that i’m not gonna to go through life, without encountering ‘T Bone’ again…I mean, I might do? But I doubt it, because we get on so well…

My gut just tells me…

Yet the timing of it all…. ‘our ting,’ has always been off. Life has never cut me some slack with that old timing shindig. But I’m willing to see and willing to wait on it.

Right now, he’s no where near me, he recently moved to another country for work…and he’s pretty focused on that and doing his version of life out there.

So, now that i’ve done my Summer of ‘heartache’ (lol…a heartache, that I didn’t realize was happening…) I’m pretty ready to explore…and let my little kitty eyes, take a peeky and who else, of DECENT POTENTIAL…that i’m attracted to… is a knocking?


September 18th…’Friendly dinner,’ here I come…

Ps? I keep getting a Flashback of Ms.Derry, being sat on the  ‘door wide open’ loo, with her leopard print shorts down by her ankles, as she wee’d, told me she fractured her hand, because she fell, whilst flamenco dancing down the pavement. She was in those shorts, that night too.

Then she wiped up, jumped up, pulled this make up stamper thing, out of her hand bag and stamped my hand with a tiny, black love heart.

It was beautiful. Made me smile.

Be beautiful always…

Mr Rights, Love & Blow Up Dolls.


Aww! It’s the weekend and to be fair, I have had AN AMAZING last week. I’ve been so busy. *BOOOYAH! Rummy shots for the world!* Work’s been great! Entertainment is peeking up. Good times and friendships have been dashed in sass, sarcasm and that good old ‘belly laugh’ kinda fun.

Me: ‘Yeah but imagine if i actually fell in love and ended up with an actual forever BOYFRIEND.’ 

Firmonnell: (Who’s turned into a creepy mild pervert…I love her for it.) ‘What???’ *Paused* and then almost absolutely DIED with pissing herself of laughter, like it was the most STUPID idea that I had ever come up with, in my entire life. Hahaha.

I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my colourful lifetime. like flying to Vegas and marrying an American stranger, then crying down the strip, with my plastic bouquet of flowers in my hand (Haha) in a white lingerie nighty (that was my actual WEDDING DRESS) and whilst in GLOSSY WHITE knee high platform boots. 🙂 THAT WAS FUCKING STUPID. Love to me is beautiful. I ooze that stuff out. It radiates from me. I’m kind. I’m loveable. I’m filled with that glow of deliciously evil love juice. It beams off me like smiles from a Benny Hill chase scene. 🙂

However, i have noticed that most people who know me well, so…my family…my friends…my LA friends…my work colleagues, they probably know me the best…I’m a workaholic, i’m there all the time and love it…But yes, they definitely don’t think that I will settle down and be with a gent, EVER because none of them (SO FAR) have been a ‘good fit.’

‘Who’s honestly going to end up with you..’

‘You need someone who puts you first and takes care of YOU, not someone you have to look after or chase.’

‘I don’t even know what you were thinking with that guy you dated last year, he was just so bland?’

‘You’re just meant to exist as a hot single girl, as there is no one that i can ever imagine pairing up with you.’

‘I have no clue why your single, but i just can’t imagine you being with someone who’s going to be that worthwhile or treat you as well as you deserve.’ 

This..with laughter…is what I hear ALL the time…Hahaha. And it must be true, as they see me and hear me all the time. Yet, when i tell them about any new boys, past boys or new dates, there’s a smile in their eyes like they’re hopeful…or straight away they just don’t like them. Lol. Even my guy friends are the same,

‘What does he even do Chrissie? What was the last girl he was with like?’

But to me love is love and it’s something that I always ramble on about, because i don’t care what anyone says, feeling loved, is a MASSIVE PART of our silly lives as humans. I feel pretty loved always. I’m lucky. But no matter who or what you are? You want to feel it, don’t you? It’s an appreciation of your existence. Coupling up is not something that you NEED, (well not in my world) BUT it’s there as an option if you want it, as what’s better than sharing your best dickhead moments with a partner in crime over a drink, a wink and a bit of ‘we share life’ laughter. I sort of fantasize about being 80 years old and with this old man that I fell in love with me in my late thirties, who shares all these memories that we made,when we were young, over a brandy, as we watch the world go by…from our castle. 🙂

It’s not something that I worry about ever, even though i do go on, because i honestly feel quite comfy, really happy and lay in this peace of ‘soft landing’ knowing  that MY Mr.Right will appear in a puff of cocktailed smoke, reappear with a tinker in his eye and a change of heart, is about to appear as he struts around the corner, not knowing his entry into Wunna Land or will make himself appear more clearly and officially *STAMP* his territory with a ‘MINE.’

(Hang on, i’m in the middle of a game of ‘Hide and seek’ with the kids and Junior’s decided that his next hidey spot, should be under my top? Hahahaha. *Boys.*)

I don’t know how i’ve ended up harping on about love, as i was definitely meant to be telling you about how I made fun of a drag queen blow up doll, only to realize that I WAS the drag queen blow up doll..

Life is good. Loads of people i know are panicking because they’re in their thirties, be it early or late and suddenly finding themselves single. Don’t panic. It’s not the end of the Earth, It’s actually far more exciting than that as it’s the natural beginning of your next and for some, your final love chapter. SMASH IT!





Family life has tickled my little fancy and on the whole, with a umbrella jabbed into my Gin and Tonic in a can, my life feels like a fucking DELIGHT!