New Dates, Mates & Old Flames…

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LA Bestie: ‘How the hell are you still alone’

Me: ‘Haha. Wow! Cheers. Stop saying ALONE at me. I’m fine. FFs.’

LA Bestie: ‘I actually meant ALIVE. Lol. I really did.’

Me: ‘Oh? That…I definitely don’t know! Just lucky aren’t I. 😉 I need a fresh orange juice..’

LA Bestie: ‘What?? Honestly. What has happened to you?? Dead to me. Orange juice?’ 

Me: ‘IN MY MALIBU, you idiot. I don’t order juice.’

How’ve you all been? I’ve had to take a few days off blogging, because work, auditions. socializing, surprises, shocks and single mum life sped into a WHOLE different lane and I was pretty much slow jogging in stillettos behind. If i didn’t hit *pause* I would’ve lost the plot!

I like to keep on top of things. I’m not one to lag behind with ease… 

I hate not managing things appropriately. It stresses me out.

So yeah, right now, my life’s not easy.  I’m happy. But it ain’t easy. It’s a really hard juggle, to be honest. But THANK GOD, i’m back to ‘tipper tappering’ at my laptop, because I swear, it’s my saving grace. (Well, once I get my ‘swing’ back, anyhow. At first it’s shit and definitely feels like it needs rum cocktails pouring all over it.)


I’m just gonna jump the gun and tell you that I got this voice note, the other day, that followed a message. Remember I told you that a few weeks ago, a guy, a lovely older gentleman, had tinkered into my DM’s.

I’ve hardly ever been on a date with anyone older than me…I don’t know why? Maybe because my surroundings are always young. The last older guy, that I actually went on a date with…was Matt Dillon..whilst I was in LA. 

Crackers innit!

(Wait, I’ve lied. both ‘London Business Man’ and ‘Eton Mess’ were older than me. Yet, only by a couple years…They kinda seem boyish in comparison to the ‘voice note’ guy Yet, they’re both happily in relationships now…& I’m happy for them, as they certainly weren’t right for me. I can be treated better than that.) 

ANYWAY….The Gentleman..

He initially messaged me with a picture and then a couple voice notes…and I liked it, because hearing someones voice makes a difference. (Not my awful voice though.) But it’s true…A voice or a video helps a connection… doesn’t it?

I felt that he was SO polite and gentle, yet sweet and fun. He was really respectful. He wasn’t smutty. He led with his romantic foot forward. And I am ever so used to hearing smut, or the game of charm.

I mean, remember that also a couple weeks ago, a German footballer, slid into my insta DM’s…and was pretty much the opposite. He started with the usual ‘you’re beautiful’ stuff…then led it straight to the land of Smut.

I get that…it’s fine…However… that point, I just ignored him…cos whatever…I’m too old for that shit.

Anyway, the other guy, who I always label a ‘gentleman.’ (I say label, because I haven’t actually spoken to him much and I’ve certainly never met him.) Back to the point..He sent me a message at the weekend…Was it Friday? AGAIN, followed by a voice note.

I like a surprise voice note..or video.

It helps me connect faster…(I’ve said that already, haven’t I?) 

Weeks ago, and I did blog this, he had asked if I’d like to go on a ‘friendly dinner,‘ with him, to ‘say hi, properly.’ He doesn’t live in the country, yet obviously he ventures to the UK quite a lot with work. His occupation…Pundit. He’s a retired footballer.

I should balls and a nets for my yard of milkshake, as it seems they’re the only guys that want to play Wunna Land, right now? They find me..

So, I get this message, at the weekend, saying that he’ll be over here on 18th…for work and it would be lovely to meet me.

Wow! Impressed!

I get asked out quite a lot…(that isn’t meant to sound conceited…it’s just the truth and we love a bit of truth in Wunna Land.) I always say ‘no.’ Or just ignore the message. I mean, I must be a sucker for eternal loneliness, because I definitely would love to find my Mr.Right, yet I ignore everyone who DM’s me. Lol.

It’s because i’m a happy singleton.

I’m never miserable about single life. I enjoy life. I still enjoy love. I’m just one of those chicks, who is sure my Knight will saunter up out of nowhere…one day, when he’s had his tea and ready. 

Fate will force him to…

Anyway, I haven’t ignored this ‘gentleman.‘ I need to give him a nickname, don’t I? That’ll come. Yet, bottom line…I’ve agreed to go meet him for ‘friendly dinnering,’ simply because he was so utterly and sincerely sweet to me via voice note. He treated me really normally, yet like a lady. He sounded nurturing and I love nurturing ‘I’ll keep you safe ‘ kinda men.

So, we’ll see what happens…I’m open to it..

I feel like i’ve had this really fun Summer of debauchery and irresponsible, sunshiny behaviour. We’ll all remember Summer ’18. It was fun. Yet, I kinda miss focusing on what i’m doing. Glamorously, of course.  I love what I do and I love what I have…and I’m really lucky, to have the mini opportunities, come my way…Hopefully, one day, the mini ones, will turn into BIG ones.

If i’m being honest…

I kinda started to feel stifled, over the last couple weeks and I’ve been on the search for excitement and adventure. A new chapter, with more balance. You’re a product of your environment..I was becoming one…and not being a chick to enjoy the ‘same old ting,’ I got my balance sorted.

I found me a new chapter..

(…and it took nothing but determination.. Something I am oozed in.)

I’ve been with my family. (My strength.)  I’ve been with the kids. (My world.) I’ve worked hard, (my passion)… auditioned lots (my challenge)..and still managed to cocktail my way to happiness, whilst being over eyelashes, boobied and fully lipped. (Just who I am.)

Let’s *clink* wine glasses to that!

Summer 2018, was really important to me, because I learnt a lot about myself…and I was actually a little broken hearted, through it. Hence why I celebrated, enjoyed and drank a lot. Well, I say broken hearted…but I began with a solid stance. Then emotionally ventured to ‘all over the place,’ which led me to naughty fun (because of course I’m that way inclined..) and was left with my eyes open...WIDE open…my ears a listening (they could hear everything once more)…and as I screwed my head back on, bundled up my heart strings, back into my hands, ready for the next round of blissful, romantic tugging…I realized that my mind, my gut…my body…my everything…just kept lulling back to, reflecting back to…and utterly missing….(back to…lol)…..

..The Swirl.

(Who I renamed ‘T Bone.’)

So, I know that i’m not gonna to go through life, without encountering ‘T Bone’ again…I mean, I might do? But I doubt it, because we get on so well…

My gut just tells me…

Yet the timing of it all…. ‘our ting,’ has always been off. Life has never cut me some slack with that old timing shindig. But I’m willing to see and willing to wait on it.

Right now, he’s no where near me, he recently moved to another country for work…and he’s pretty focused on that and doing his version of life out there.

So, now that i’ve done my Summer of ‘heartache’ (lol…a heartache, that I didn’t realize was happening…) I’m pretty ready to explore…and let my little kitty eyes, take a peeky and who else, of DECENT POTENTIAL…that i’m attracted to… is a knocking?


September 18th…’Friendly dinner,’ here I come…

Ps? I keep getting a Flashback of Ms.Derry, being sat on the  ‘door wide open’ loo, with her leopard print shorts down by her ankles, as she wee’d, told me she fractured her hand, because she fell, whilst flamenco dancing down the pavement. She was in those shorts, that night too.

Then she wiped up, jumped up, pulled this make up stamper thing, out of her hand bag and stamped my hand with a tiny, black love heart.

It was beautiful. Made me smile.

Be beautiful always…

Life Magic, Workaholics & Privacy Please…

Happy Sunday! I’m feeling great. I had a proper ‘chill day’ yesterday and I’m enjoying every single second of it. I still feel like the luckiest girl alive and as long as that feeling is still infusing it’s way, through my little kitten soul, then i’m happy! 🙂 I’m really happy. I do get stressed, as I tend to worry more than necessary. Yet, over the last few years, i’ve kinda just trained myself to let life take it’s natural course of ‘ooh laa.’

I don’t know why I didn’t learn that sooner, when I was in LA? I went through SO MUCH, I wish you could see into my mind, as I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Lol.

Prep, practice, caution and all sorts of other logical things, DO MAKE SENSE. (I’m not a logical person, I spent my teens wishing upon stars. I spent the first part of my 20’s following ‘The Secret’ and the rest of the time doing tequila dances with my fingers crossed. 🙂 )

 YET, there’s always an overpowering *magic*…a LIFE MAGIC, that no matter how much you prep,‘ how long you ‘practice’ or how carefully you tread…that ‘magic’ bursts out of nowhere and glistens your situation with ‘destiny.’ It’s something you can’t control…It’s in the air and whirls by with an ‘everything happens for a reason‘ flag.

What’s yours, is yours. What you’re meant to get, you will. If it’s not meant to be part of your story…It won’t be.

I’ve had two days off picture taking and it’s actually felt like bliss. 🙂 I woke up this morning, Junior (my baby son) was spooning my left arm, before going off to his Dads. The babies are my entire world. They just make my life, so complete. I LOVE THEM MADLY. I can’t even tell you.

But, with them both at their dads, I had loads of time to just indulge in wearing my comfies, ( I say ‘comfies’ i’m usually topless, because it makes me feel free.) Then I chilled and started smearing my new ‘Bee Venom’ cream all over my face, before peacefully checking through my ‘socials.’

(Which reminds me..I just need to send someone a Whatsapp. One sec…

…Eww! Lol…They’ve read it and ignored it.)

What I’m gonna tell you about the ‘Bee Venom’ cream, I’ve been using (and I use the one by Venom Skincare,)  is that it’s actually AMAZING. And I wouldn’t just say that. It’s the only cream that i’ve put on my face in the morning, that has actually made me *squeak* because it felt so fresh and blissful. I’m not at all kidding. It’s by VENOMSKINCARE.CO.UK.  And since my diet’s out the window, (I could eat a flipping donkey right now,) I at least need my FACE to look halfway decent, as I grow older.

Yes, I did have it sent to me to try…But sometimes you get sent a lot of things, that areokayish.’ This is the OPPOSITE. It actually feels amazing and to me, what something FEELS LIKE, is so important…be it cream, situations or matters of the heart.

I seem to be able master everything, expect the ‘matters of the heart’ part of my life, but i’ll get there. If i was put on this Earth to learn anything, over and over again…it would be about love.  I don’t exactly know why, i’ve always had the most difficult love life…? Yet, as least i’m tinkering along with a smile on my face, right? Lol.

I don’t stress about it, because regardless i’m happy, i’m lucky and as always….that part of my life, will sort itself out naturally.

I’ve just watched Jamie Foxx peel off his headphones and walk out of a ‘live’ interview because they asked him about Katie Holmes…It’s a subject that they both obviously wish to keep to themselves. They want it out of the public eye, because it’s something they have chosen to cherish privately.

I don’t get why people refuse to respect peoples *wish* for privacy, at times? If they wanted to tell us all about it, they would! There’s tons of other couples who don’t mind celebrating their love out in the open, out loud, for all to see. They don’t want to…and that’s fine!

Dating’s hard enough, without the world prying on in with their ‘2 cents here and 4 cents there.’ They come in all armed and excited for the gossip, thinking they know the WHOLE entire story, when they actually know nothing. Nothing’s worse than the ‘think they knows.’ 

It’s kinda put me off really showbizzy,tell all relationships. I’m not one to mind telling people about bits of my love life, or picturing the happy moments, that I’d care to share… I don’t mind that all.

Yet, I wouldn’t like ‘think they knows’ tumbling in, looking for cracks, or nonsense, to prise open. I’d hate to wake up in the morning, look on my newsfeed and see that I was ‘apparently breaking up’ with someone or that the person i loved had run off and had rampant sex with some chick, behind my back.

That doesn’t sound like fun to me. It sounds like absolute hell. It turns love into entertainment, which is fine, but for me, it takes me away from what love is really about. If i love someone truly, I love them madly and i’d hate to have it ripped to pieces to fill gossip pages. So good on Jamie Foxx, for shaking his head, peeling off his headphones and walking away from his ‘live’ interview, with total ‘stay out of my shit’ swag!


Work wise, i’m really excited because i’m about to film and shoot, the online advert for this blog, my blog, my diary,


It’s only a short online advert, but it’ll be so much fun to do. I’ll love every single second of it and that’s all that matters. I’ll enjoy it. It already feels so exciting and I love the whole creative aspect of it all. I can imagine it in my head and that alone keeps me happy. Lol

These last few days off have been wonderful. You’ve got to have balance. Even if you’ve chosen a job that you adore. I love what I do. Yet, for me.. being a workaholic doesn’t fit well. It’s 10 sizes too small. I was made for fun and pleasure and when you’re a ‘Lone Parent,’ Mum of two…You can’t just constantly prioritize work, because without balance, it’s not fair on them or in fact anyone you love.

On their death bed, no one wishes they worked more! And if they just so happened to, I feel bad that they never experienced the joy of love.

God! I went on a rant again. Maybe I should get back to working harder… 🙂

Ps/ I didn’t dream of Dwarves last night.





Day Six, boys and Bitches

ac17 - Copy (2)

Dayyy SIX! Lydia and I forgot to do a rain dance. I did drinks the evening before. (Just at home, with myself because i’m cool like that.) Everyone else is going to be enjoying life in a beer garden but me and i’m fully aware that It’s going to be  hellish busy, yet we’re just going to laugh our way through it because at the end of the day it’s just funny…and it’s my last day of ‘very busy’ before it turns ‘easy peasy.’ After today i have only 4 days to go, the majority is done and when that four days occurs, i’m filling it with fun,alcoholism, dancing, second dates with Spanish Doctor, errand running (I mean GOD i haven’t been able to buy sight or even collect school uniforms because of this stretch,) babies  and hopefully booking two photoshoots. There’s actually 3 people that i wish to shoot with…so i’m going to book them all. The more pics i have the better! Plus, I’m pretty good at posing, so i’ll smash that out like a champion. Yet it’s going to be a different approach to the usual ‘boobs out’ Wunna. (Even though my Boobs did me proud! Lol. However, the beauty of the blog is that you grow and develop with me. There’s people who have been reading it since I was 24, in LA and on Myspace…so a lot has happened to me in that decade. AND THANK GOD FOR IT.)

On the boy front…I’m talking things through with Ben…and trying to understand what he’s saying..yet…i’m guarded because he hurt my feelings..meaning that it’s probably best if i just meet him, chat it all out, high five the situation and have a wine.

The Doctor has still, ever since the day or even moment i met him, delivered me a message to make sure i know that he’s in tune with me, thinking about me or thinks highly of me in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY. He’s getting back from Wales this evening to begin work tomorrow…and it’s kinda lovely that we’re both somewhat busy, as the time that we get to schedule ‘meet ups’ in…are more precious and exciting. He makes me feel good, I’m excited! *Eeek* But like I said, once i’m in work mode…i kinda just commit to work until i’m free and then tango with love. But in life, i’m thankful because i’ve had some really wonderful experiences with some really fantastic, charming, troubled, hilarious, simple, mainly sexy, but just all sorts of guys form all walks of life, all over the globe…and it’s made my life very colourful and at the end of the day, it’s something to be grateful for, as i’m not a being who will find myself on my death bed, feeling as though (unless it all turns boring) I haven’t lived. So much has happened and even the bad times have been fun and precious.

I’m looking forward to work today and simply because i’ll get to spend it with Lydia. She cracks me up and hopefully she’s spinning in the swirl of love today, but probably not, as her Facebook status last night was moaning on about how she shouldn’t be such a nice person and be a bitch instead. Lol. (Bitches get what they want Lydia! HAHAH She’s in Glamour puss training and failing.) Next week, i’ll be swirling in romance mode and i can feel it coming, as I even bought myself fresh tulips yesterday just because….It means i feel good times coming…like a blooming.

More lips are dry as hell because I didn’t have time to consume fluid yesterday…aside from after work alcohol. Keiran’s meeting me at the garden centre to pick Baby J up. (We’re getting on really well now.) Ruby’s been scheduled out to Grandma, followed by her Daddy, Pete…until i finish work. Mayhem! The babies wanted party food for breakfast, so i had to get up early to set up the entire table like it was a birthday party, with balloons and paper plates..the works. Lol. I can’t help it.


Day six guys! Hope you have a wonderfully, sunny day! (Whilst i’m at work.)

I’ve resigned up to Snapchat now…so i’ll finally get to get back on it all. That boyband guy that i used to date is now gay and happy. 🙂 See what you can find out via snapchat! Love him!

Enjoy!! Pete and I’s song for Ruby…It’s be her Mama and Papa, wedding dance song…


When Victoria Saved my life…


Looongest day ever…Lol…I started off in a sort of good mood, and then got fed up with it all and just wanted to toss off work for fun, but couldn’t. Haha. It didn’t help knowing that everyone else was either off tomorrow, for the weekend or had one day left of their own little ‘stretch.’ It was hilarious. Tomorrow i would’ve done ‘five’ and I’ll have ‘five’ more to tinker with. (I’ve even got a spot today. Only a little one. But I never get spots. The Beauty Gods usually bless me without adult acne. Just the stress rash. Lol)

Anyway enough about my day. I had a lot on my mind. i’ve got a lot going on in and out of work. I’m single mummying. I’m loving it. But i have a lot of lash line work, other work and all sorts that I’m sort of juggling with and plate spinning with a wink. I’m fine. As i am at my strongest when i’m in this position. I can juggle anything…Infact, I can do anything…but have a decent love life. 🙂 I swore down to Victoria today, that it’s always the hot girls that end up single all the time, because we have more choices so get to pick badly more often. Hahaha. It takes us longer to find our ‘Mr.Perfect’ because we are forced on a ‘detour’ via ‘no hopers’ who assure us they care about us…but don’t. Right now, Victoria has her Mr.Right…and she found him in her early 40’s and like she said…some people meet the guy of their dream at 20 and live happily ever after, and some people don’t. I don’t think there’s any rules to love…as long as you end up finding it. The good kind. Told chicks are sent on ‘detours’ before Mr. Everything! 🙂 (Oh shut up, i’m an ego maniac and I don’t care. I’ve just completed Day 4 of my 10 day work stretch, and everyone else is out having fun…so you can all just go with it and clink wine glasses with me to the Wunna ‘pity party.)

But yes, longest day ever….was simply mulling around..and then out of nowhere, Victoria popped in..I heard her voice…’Chrissie?’ And it immediately brought a smile to my little ninja heart, as she follows my blog, knows me anyway, we’re actually becoming great friends, like i just seem to have just pull towards her, this great respect for her. I’d been talking to her for ages…and she’s read and been there along my recent life journey…but I hadn’t actually gotten to see her in the flesh in AGES…so it felt really great to stir her a cuppa tea and have a giggly, Girl God chat! (Remember that Victoria is my sassy, Girl God life mentor. She instructed me all the way from cocktails in Tenerife with her ‘Handsome Guy,’ when she was *hooked* on me meeting the Spanish Doctor and wanted to help me ace my First date, with the ‘seal the deal’ advice!) In fact, she made me feel great today because she said, because the Wifi was not always on top form in Spain, she had to screen shot parts of my blog, whenever it was working, just so she could read it. Made me feel all honoured. Then i got all big headed. 🙂 However, you can’t get too big headed around ‘Sexy Vic’ as she’s just a total glamour puss..I mean, she had dashed in from a SIX AND A HALF MILE RUN (she’s doing the London Marathon shortly) and she looked like she was in her 20’s and flawlessly beautiful. AFTER A SIX AND A HALF MILE RUN. No one has sex appeal after a six and half mile run…except Victoria! Lol. I’d flipping look like Jackie Chan in labour, if i went for cups of tea after a bit of a  run. (That’s why i adore her. We all love a Glamour puss.)

Right, long story short, we got talking and nothing is better than a good girly chat on a Friday before the end of your work day. I needed it that was for sure…especially because i didn’t have a wine. (When i picked Junior up from nursery he actually said out loud, ‘You smell of wine!’ Lol. I just looked at him, after i had RUSHED out of work, after watching thieves with Jenna, ready for video..but it didn’t work out…and said, ‘I WISH.’ Hahaha.)

I am currently sipping on a mojito in a can, with my new glitter iphone wrap in ‘rose gold’ laid next to me, as text messages are coming in, that i’m peeking at constantly.

Anyway, during our chat, she told me the magical fated story of how she met Guy her hubby to be. Her ‘life enhancer.’ (How sexy! They’re sexy!) She gave me advice on my own love life…because remember how I had Lee with me yesterday giving me his version of events during our supermarket shop…and well I love that Victoria jogged on in with her ‘Girl God’ voice to guide me appropriately because chicks know chicks…and well…I have absorbed her advice and will act upon it appropriately. What she did say to me was to do what makes me happy because in’s those little moments of ‘happy’ that make our world perfect for a while, so whenever we feel them or have the chance to experience them…we should grab hold of them with two hands, thank life for them and enjoy! I AGREE!

Then we decided to throw a ‘Date a Dad’ party at the Quaker school where both our girls go, so i can be really hated…and talked about on Open day and Summer Balls! ‘I’m sure there’s some hot Dads at the school you can date Chrissie!!‘ HAHAHA. I love being a girl!

Then we just went on about how great we were. Hot hot we were. How lucky Victoria was with her love life…how good my cups of tea were, but i should’ve become a Doctor and how our unglam our jobs felt. Then she reminded be of how men don’t want to be with you, yet at the same time, don’t want anyone else to have you.

It was GREAT! Like this mojito…it made my Friday and my Day 4 worth it…just for that last half hour chat! It saved me from making Brett hit me with a broom by a unicorn.

I love life. (FYI, Victoria likes the Spanish Doctor for me, right now. It’s early days…but i think she’s rooting for him! However, she did say that i was to do what actually made ME happy…regardless…and i always think, that no matter what and no matter what circumstances you’re in or facing….you’ve just got to go for what you want…)







Champion of the world…& Lip gloss


Feeling great today! I’m on Day 2 of the big old ‘stretch’ and i’m not bothered if I ace it or not, as long a I sort of champion it with a smile on my face.

I worked all last night, on my own business stuff and it took ages. I had to do whilst some showbiz drunk was on my telly in their undies singing into a vodka bottle. I still managed to get a good night’s kip though and a good night’s kip makes all the difference.

Just like manage at around 11pm, the Spanish Doctor comes through with a message reading, ‘Thinking about you, hope you had a wonderful day. Sending you hugs and kisses.’ It was almost on cue and I appreciated that because if random (and he does think about me a great deal) then he’s certainly my right kind of attentive and if he ha the magical powers of finding out how I was feeling via my blog…then he was very smart, because he made the effort to give me what I needed. See what I mean about him being intelligent and romantic. I like it. I don’t have to prompt him!

But yes, today I feel powerful, happy and like I can conquer the world. The babies are currently having breakfast, whilst i’m again working on personal business stuff, before day job…(Junior’s trying to get out of nursery by telling me that he’s ‘poorly everywhere.’ Ruby weirdly loves school and has ended up being a boffin. Junior prefers days off so he can chill and cuddle every women in Wunna land. Typical. But what do you expect if your genetic makeup is created of Chrissie Wunna and Keiran Thompson. You’re either gonna be the greatest being alive. Or doomed! Lol. Saying that, both Keiran and I have this tremendous work ethic, so Junior needs to step up his game a little, as Rubes is steam rolling forward with ‘When i’m older, i’m gonna work hard, do well, and make money, so that i’m rich and can have servants.’ Lord help me.)

I’m feeling good on the love front, the work front, my own front. 😉 Things are slotting into place and I don’t have long now until ‘new beginnings’ and that energy swirls on in and sweeps me off my feet. I told you I can feel it. I’m lucky…

After having that natter with ‘our Lee’ it’s sort of made me feel all empowered by accident. All ‘hang on a second i’m Wunna!’ What it did was give me my ‘Va voom’ back and when i have my ‘va voom’ I am delicious!

All morning, (I got up early early) i’ve worked my pretty frilly socks off to get work done before normal work. Yet when i’ve been productive, i always feel over the moon.

So yeah, right now i’m happy, but i’m also enjoying all your Summer bodies and loving all those that aren’t slobbing around and keeping in shape or just those who are making the effort or taking the time to look good and feel good in general. It’s much better for you. Even if you’re simply lip glossing for no reason or going for a salad over a lardy spread. Well done! You can still enjoy cheeky bits. I do…Yet I enjoy people who take care of themselves…it sort of give me the impression they’re not slobs. Lol. My news feed is also filled with ‘David Gest’ has passed away, info…and it’s sad when people pass, meaning it’s important to make sure you know how precious each moment, feeling or decision you make in life is.

I’m really busy right now, with everything,home life, normal work, new stuff, business ventures….MUMMYING. So, i’m gonna try and fit in blogs when i can. My biggest love to you,


Chrissie x





Great day! Well aside from the fact that my babies rinsed the hell of me. 🙂 But whatever, that’s what Mama is for. Junior got his golf clubs. He raced down to the store, where he KNEW he saw them before and went to the exact spot to grab himself is own set. (Exactly like his Father would. He’s super precise.) Ruby got a book filled with Top Model faces that she is to colour in, do makeup upon, hair upon and accessorize with earring stickers…so you can imagine her excitement.

We did lunch at Ed’s diner.

Then I totally got my ‘shop’ on. To River Island, as my ‘stylist’ Lydia suggested. I tottered there bought myself a dress. Well it’s a dress option, as we always need a couple don’t we? It might be a bit conservative…but sexy…However, it makes a good option…as it has boobs. (But not too much.) I’ll actually look sexier and maturer, which I do well nowadays. (I even have a shoot coming up.) Saying that, I also need another local photographer, to shoot new pics of me or this website…so get messaging me.

I bought a ton of makeup, a ton of ‘ooh I smell good’ options, didn’t get my nails done, completed a work phone call…and didn’t manage to buy shoes, as I had to work it all into rushing around the babies, who were now tripping people up with golf clubs and flirting with cashiers.

I’m home now and it feels like bliss. I feel like a kitten again. I feel really girly. It’s great to sort of come out of all the hospital drama and feel all romanced…it draws a line under the discomfort forever and starts your new chapter with love. I’m excited by it. It feels like a new adventure. If it goes well it goes well. If it doesn’t…and the gent assures me it will… as he knows that he likes me already, (I like that,) then it was a great start to a new beginning. So, it’s a win, win and I just think that when a guy makes you feel like a girl again, one that’s special…it’s magical. It does all sorts to us…I mean read this, that Brad Pitt said about Angelina…

Brad Pitt – “People think because we are rich and famous that we don’t go through things. We are real like everyone else. We are human. My wife had got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children. She had lost 30 pounds and weighed about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs.
She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the morning and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of break up. Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, she was poking her head, and stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role. I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon…But then I decided to act on it. After all, I’ve got the most beautiful woman on the earth. She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her and to hug her shoulders. I began to pamper her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised her and pleased her every minute. I gave her lots of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends. You won’t believe it, but she blossomed. She became even better than before. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and she loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she CAN love that much. And then I realized one thing: The woman is the reflection of her man. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it.”

And that makes Brad Pitt one of the greatest husbands and men alive to all women. Boys…learn it! I mean half of the boys around here…In Ponte are often so backwards when it comes to being forward with chicks that it’s ridiculous. Their romance buttons are on ‘off,’ and it’s boring. Hence why we get so excited when we’re romanced, expressed to and told how delightful we are. So girls aren’t bothered…but most girls (especially those of the ‘fairytale’ variety like myself, ARE. I’d love to find the man of my dreams…i’m never one to sort of shun a ‘fairytale romance.’ I’m literally the kind of girl who will enjoy her ‘forever’ with you…provided you’re right for me and if i know that I am right for you.

So, I have a week of solid work….then I venture off to the Spanish Doctor’s, for dinner on Sunday evening. He’s making me a paella…a ‘romantic paella,’ and well I can’t wait just to enjoy the evening. I also enjoy it because out of nowhere he said, ‘I’ll cook you dinner (took charge) and we’ll enjoy a romantic date.’ He apparently can’t wait to be with me…and I can’t wait either. 🙂 (I’m still beaming.)

Men who take charge, score major points with me, as usually I’M THE ONE, who has to organize everything…whilst they dilly dally, act cool, be scared or can’t be bothered. Then love it once we’re on the date…but yeah iHATE waiting for them to ponder every single ending of the potential relationship, or just sit there thumb twiddling. …It’s much sexier  when men take charge and very smart of the guy to sort the entire date out. I don’t get it,ALL boys should know that!  In LA the guys are super schooled when it comes to dating a girl, as it’s done quite often…both girls and guys do it all the time and the girls therefore know how to be treated (and they treat you well over there) and the boys know how to treat a girl….be it to get what they want, or to get the girl to adore them appropriately. I men I remember sitting at a coffee shop patio in West Hollywood with my guy friend ‘Berlin’ who was a model. He was organizing a ‘first date’ with this girl he had just met…and he distinctly said…and we were kids at the time, ‘I’m sorting it all out, because a girl doesn’t want to hear, what do you want to do…I have no clue what i’m doing…She wants to hear, I adore you and have organized everything to make our night special…relax and enjoy.’

The grown up and confident guys, get how to do it all here…The Doctor is grown up and confident…yet also has this spicy culture of a background. He is passionate, fiery and romantic. I *heart* it…and we all know that I love Latin Men. (*Mrs. Martinez.*) It’ll be a great date…and mainly because I’m the same and he’s noticed, as he states that I’m a rare girl to find, because I’m romantic, passionate and just plain old fantastic. Lol. Told you, it’s my charm. (Okay, I’ll stop going on about it now.)

But yes, My Stylist ‘Lydia’ 🙂 lol, has informed me that it is important that I do not ‘look too intimidating,’ and that it is vital that I look soft and feminine. We all know Men love that…some men….as other men hide behind strong women. But sometimes when you’re too intimidating with your look…you either attract weaker men or terrify them. But let a man, be a man…If he wants you…he’ll make you his. He’ll come get you. Be a girl. If he’s too scared or too stubborn to make the correct moves…some other guy will… Right? (I love Lydia, because I can say rally stupid things to her like, ‘Ugh, it’s your fault, that I haven’t drank enough water! I NEED TOOO. I have flipping HOSPITAL SELFIES tomorrow!!! 🙂 And she’ll totally 100 percent get it..and feel the exact same way. HAHAH. I’ll tell you about her last date in my next blog. It’s hilarious.)

Oh and fyi/ This recent occurrence of the Doctor hasn’t been long, as it’s only since i’ve been in hospital..well come out of hospital…was last week, on Thursday, when it all ignited.  However, he’s not new….as he knows me from before, we actually chatted a lot previously, about a couple of years ago now. I know!! Time flies. But nothing came of it, because I…in his words, ‘disappeared.’

Now, I’m back…and i want to get to know him a lot lot better.

Having a Date at the end of the week, gives you something to look forward too! It’ll make my work week breeze by, as I aimlessly swirl around on Cloud 9. It’s these moments where being a girl rocks. Enjoying being a girl….is one of the most magnificent feelings!!!

As you can probably tell…I sort of feel ‘alive’ again. This means…I’M BACK! 🙂








Because I’m happppy


I have a lemon tea, a fruit yoghurt and a slither of raw green beans…which is making super happy this morning. Alongside that, I have a cuddle day with Baby J, which I am adoring, simply because I never ever get to spend a Thursday with him, when he doesn’t go to nursery. Keiran’s caught himself the flu, so whilst he gets better, I get to have a giggly snuggle day with Juni’. I love it. I truly love it. In fact, last night was the first night, where in which WE ALL felt better and slept like glitter logs! So, we’re feeling super refreshed and happy.

I’m eating so much healthier and i’m lucky in that respect because i’m a not a being who needs to really watch what i eat. I just sort of enjoy fresher food. I’m feeling great. I’ve given up a whole bunch of shitty vices, like wine, late nights, going out, spending my hard earned pences of unnecessary things. The children are happy and closer than ever. When there’s just me, Ruby and Junior are literally the most well behaved children, yet because they’re never under any pressure or getting shouted out for no reason.

Wunna land is filled with new and swirled in a fresh happiness. I’m currently getting texts of my chick friend, who is always going through some kind of love life drama. And even though people think that I’m always going through love life drama, I sort of never am, because when i’m on my own, i actually feel strongest.  But yes, she’s younger and foolish and dying to be loved, so still doing the going out every night to meet someone and ending up with what I used to call ‘the tequila dance.’ (I performed it a lot in my 20’s, when i was lost and heartbroken in Los Angeles.)

Without me having to explain….it’s pretty much the ‘One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Four calls to your ex, Five calls to the boy that you’re sleeping with, Six calls to the boy that you’ve friend zoned, yet doesn’t know and then a cry to your chick friend.’ HAHAHAHA. She’s going through that phase of her life…and it’s hilarious! I’m a pillar of advice and strength, smeared in sarcasm and winks. I’ve been there and it’s rough. All girls have. But part of me is super happy that i’ll neer ever have to do the Tequila dance ever again!! *Cheer here.* It’s all about finding your happy place…i’m sure.

*Sips her lemon tea, gets comfy on her high horse.*

As i’ve said there’s a lot of change going on in Wunna land right now. There’s fresh new swirl that’s taking over and it’s beamed over with all kinds of luck. I’m naturally a lucky girl, but right now I feel really lucky. And when these new swirls occur, I get excited. So all of you who feel a new swirl approaching, you should completely and utterly embrace it, ride it and enjoy it. Everything just feels new and everything just feels fresh again.

Junior’s currently pointing at me and laughing with spagetti around his mouth. His face is just like my face, so it cracks me up. Junior, in the words of his sister, is literally ‘the luckiest boy in the world.’ The reason for this is apparently because ‘Mummy is a sexy lady and lots of Princes like Mummy. But the only boy she truly loves is Baby Junior.’ Which is pretty true. It’s amazing what kids pick up on. And it’s weird because I just see love as love. Even with the boys that I date, I love them like family. So I guess it’s really hard for me to put some other boy/man first, when the one that I adore the most, who adores me the most is my littlest. It’s like my heart is already filled…so any new being has to be super impressive or super strong, or super romantic, in order for me to even have time for them. And if they’re not any of them…then they’re pretty doomed, because i can never go against the natural grain of what I want or what I need for very long.

I definitely want more spicy noodles or lunch, simply because they made me smile so much yesterday.

What on this earth is better than a Spicy Asian Noodle smile.

Nothing. 🙂

Happy St.Patricks Day! (Not that I ever celebrate it! But green beers and ‘poTAToes’ to you all!)





Get the look…..


Here’s another ‘Wunna Look’ for you! I do this one ALL OF THE TIME. It’s my casual, day to day, look!

Do it with a mini denim, or with tight jeans or jeggings!

I love a statement, slogan tshirt!!! I love them! And i tells ya…a pair of sexy heels is great with a slogan tshirt, if you choose the ‘tight jeans,’ option. I prefer comfy boots, with a ‘mini.’ (A bit of leg, but not too much.)

Perfect for going into Spring, whilst we’re still a bit chilly, yet wanting to feel sunny.








Glammy Casual! My Look for Winter!

DSC_4135 - Copy

Hey Dolls!

Check out my favourite ‘Glammy Casual,’ Winter look!




Nothing is more fun that a great tan in Winter. Especially when near snow.

Dangly diamante earrings (really great for insta ‘GLAM’ and twinkling in crisp white sunlight in the wind.)

Hot pink shoes (of any variety)

A warm ribbed jumper. (I enjoy bright colours that clash with your shoes. Makes people think you’re happy. 🙂 )

Giant, white, up to the waist, faux fur coat (Lots of these in the sale right now.)

A solid Mac lipstick. (I’m currently loving ‘Velvet Teddy’ and ‘Honey Love.’



Thank you for watching my Vlogs!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been tuning into my Vlogs and watching or subscribing to by new Youtube Channel!

It means so much to me, that they’re doing better than I thought? They’ve been up around 2 weeks now…and i’ve already managed to shimmie over fifty thousand + views! That’s CRAZY!

If you haven’t seen them (AMERICANS)…here’s  quick reminder… *Click links*


There is a lot more to come and they’re going to be fun!