Busy Times, Travel, New Apps & Blackpool

I don’t even know where to start. So much has happened, that it’s almost like a *blur.* In the last 72 hours, i’ve probably worked the hardest i’ve ever worked and travelled from city to city promoting all sorts of jiggery, to all sorts of people. It’s what I wished for right? And yeah, it’s not easy. But i’m a ‘non sulker.’  We just get on with it right? You don’t get anything without working hard and it’s the ones that put in the grind that get the rewards. (Blah, but true.) This is a really busy time in Wunna Land…I don’t even know where to begin…But it’s GREAT!

I’ve fitted in all sorts from work, to leaving do’s, to prosecco dripped afternoons, where we learnt that blowing up balloons that taste like salt is a sin, fanning yourself with used Mayo plates by surprise is disgusting, that we know how to spend almost a £100 on Pornstars Martinis in one round and that i’m shit at stalling people. Lol

‘Chrissie, just go out there and stop her from coming in her! We’re not ready!’

My lips have never been more chapped from balloon blowing. We blew like bitches. Double B turned into a balloon blowing Nazi and Hustle Barbie almost collapsed after gentle blowing ONE! Lol. However, i’m still smiling, so I must be okay. (Or an alcoholic? Who knows?)

There’s been trains, schedules, manic travelling, family birthdays, being mum, filming shows, starting new texting reality dramas for all of you to read and an event blog diary that is filling up all the way through to Autumn faster than I can *blink.* I even have a book to put together over the next few months.

I’ve shared gin and tonics with good friends and you know they’re great when they actually rush upstairs to get changed for the gym and then immediately fuck off the honing of a ‘Kardashian’ booty to jog to the bar to spend ‘G & T’ time with you. That’s what ‘Double B’ did. That is a good human. That’s what I call a glamour puss! It makes me glow knowing that she’s ace. I need beings like that in my world…ALWAYS. You need to be her.

There’s been up and downs, great times and exhaustion and I thought I was gonna feel really sorry for myself ( we always have those moments don’t we, where we all get scared, tired or worried) until my Mum sat me down and said,

‘I know you’re tired. I know it’s hard. I know you’re juggling a lot. And yeah, I hate seeing you think you can’t handle it. But you can. I’m proud of you. You are surrounded by great people, who support you madly. You have one shot at opportunity…and this is your shot…don’t blow it, go for it…In the end, you’ll be beaming. Remember how lucky you are. Stay completely earthed. I love you. I love you more than anything. Go for it.’

Anyway, with that in my head and after a really long work week, I kissed the babies ‘bye’ and shot off on a train to Blackpool to go see one of my good friend Liam Halewood (He’s a singer and entertainer…He did the Xfactor and we’ve become besties, after Lisa Appleton introduced us. ) He’s gay. I’m his token hottie friend. You get it. Booyah! Gin for everyone!

My girls, Liam and I had been texting each other the whole day. (Our private text messages are currently ‘live’ on the Onlookr App for ‘Chrissie in the City’…Where you now get direct insight into my life 24/7, with our messages delivered straight to your phone. It’s had such a mad buzz  on Twitter. I’m not gonna tell you it’s easy, because it’s not and i’m used to having my ‘privates tellings’ splashed all over for the cyber world to read. But I will tell you it’s fun.. It’s a story to tell. Once we get going, we’re ace and I’m really grateful that I have such good friends. I mean that. I really mean that. PS/ Thank you… You’re wonderful.) At this moment in time. I’d say, we’re really lucky.

But yeah, I slept all the way up to Blackpool with messages coming in galore, weird tramps next to me who kept shouting out the word ‘Pussy’ (they had their kids next to them also…delicious,) time was going slowly and i had a message from a production company who are working on a Channel 4 show, that I want to be on. They asked me to call them pronto. It made me feel giddy!

I had zero charge on my phone, so  I just couldn’t do it. OFCOURSE. I don’t like trains without chargey spots. Infact, you know when they say ‘Divas’ always have ‘high maintenance’ requests…like..

‘I’ll only have green M & M’s and Gin & Tonic flavoured crisps please..’

(Yes, you can get them. 😉 )

My ONLY EVER requests are..

‘There needs to be an alcoholic beverage of any kind, but not a shot, free wifi and phone charger points close to me, at all times.’

(Sorry, i’m pissing myself. It’s still Junior’s birthday weekend and their both still up having a ‘dance party’ in the next room, after an entire day at Sundown Adventure land. They’re cute. I LOVE THEM. It’s late. But whatever, I’m soft. You’re only 4 once. 🙂 )

As soon as I got off the Leeds train to Blackpool, life just lit up! I was ready. I’d had a nap. Lol. I was excited to see Liam and there he was with a hug. (Even though we just stood there talking , accidentally at the front of the taxi queue, waiting for a his hubby Lee to come get us, as other people formed an orderly queue behind us and waited for ages for a cab.)

‘Ooh shit sorry! We didn’t realize you were waiting for a taxi! We’re just chatting. Lol.’

Got back to Liam’s and chilled it for a bit, as we caught up with Lee his hubbster, I had an a phone call audition to tend to, so i scheduled that in and did it on speaker as I got completed naked and got changed into a ‘going to dinner’ dress and then we slagged all the new Big Brother contestants off. Well…I did. Liam’s nicer than I am. Lol. (When he’s not pissed. Lol.) I’m the opposite. I’m nicer when drunk and yeah i’d say heavily down to earth but naturally SASSY when sober. 🙂  I have no problem telling you what i honestly think.

(‘Fairytale Blond’ has just ruined Sunday by reminding me of our ‘next week’ work schedule. She wanted to share her pain with me and remind me that we’re both on some hardcore diet from now on. Lol. We’re too hot to work that hard. Honest! Why is she ruining Sunday? 🙂  We have one day off…that has already been scheduled out to Gino’s Restaurant in Leeds. For the next 12 days straight, i will be with ‘fairytale.’ She’s put us all on diets! Lol) 

Anyway, great hour long phone audition done, our friend Aaron stopped by, Liam got changed, as he was filming his Facebook Live ‘Liam’s Corner of the Couch’  thing with a singing gig to follow and I dashed into my dress, hopped in the car and we all headed for dinner at the Waves Bistro.

Great place, because it’s so chilled yet so lovely.  As soon as you walk in it’s filled with ambiance, which I love and beautiful seaside detail. Like our table was glass covered, with internally filled with soft sand, that had scattered real sea shells and stones in. I loved it. It was warm. Well appointed. Had things like a sensor lighthouse on the walls and new fittings with decadent glamourous rooms. His hotel has actual been on the Channel 4 show ‘Four Beds..’ and it won!

Matt the owner..

‘I love that picture..’

‘Which one…? Oh that one of me casually in a bath in a barn! lol’

…came to greet me immediately with the biggest smile and the greatest most down to earth manner. Not snooty at all. I love that! I felt at home straight away…then asked for a Prosecco and a phone charger point. 🙂 He couldn’t be more easy to get on with and when youre easy to get on with and have a bottle of bubbles in your hand, i’m probably going to be your bestie…

Liam was setting up for his ‘Liam’s corner of the couch’ interview with ME. I was shitting myself for no reason..and now guzzling wine. Aaron was looking through menu’s. Then we all whammed in steak food orders…

‘Yeah, the steak, no fat..’

‘No blood..’

‘I don’t mind blood…No carbs, so just veg…’

‘Do you do fish?’

Then we filmed the show. I watched Liam chitter chatter for a bit. I talked shit in the live interview with him, where I talked Paris Hilton, Steven Bartlett for a bit…and we all sat down with Matt the owner over the most delicious starters (I had the roasted bell pepper) and steak mains. I’d go again…and I hardly ever say that! It just felt lovely and I always go on how places make me feel. It’s the manner of the joint.

Best Service ever…Best company ever. Even the noisy ‘when we were filming’ Geordies were ace.

‘How do we shut them up?’

Delicate sea shelled tables, light Prosecco pours, perfectly cooked steak and right by the beach at the coast. Who knew Waves Bistro existed? He’s done a fasntatstic job. That will be one of the BEST places in Blackpool. Everything had been modernized in the warmest way. I mean the staff couldn’t be more chilled and polite. No wonder it won awards. I did selfies with Matt, by a lighthouse wall. He deserved them.

Then all was said and done…we’re ordering taxi’s to take us to the next hotel for Liam’s gig and..




And that was non stop upon exit, until they nearly got run over, by a taxi.

‘Who are you dating? Are you off on Big Brother?’

I’m great with all that though. It all helps. 😉

Got to next hotel and could finally just chill! Aaron and I watched Liam do his set and he’d down played it to me like he was shit, but he was AMAZING.

We drank, we laughed, we drank, we laughed, we got our Tina Turner on, then were joined by Kyle (he’s Aaron’s friend and a Wunna fan, so he’s already a favourite) and we committed to a night of debauchery.

Got out that hotel…


But by then it was a blast. We were all ‘tell it how it is’ and  sweary. For the most expressive human, I was great and graceful and all ‘I don’t know sir?’ 

We all jumped into a cab, I plonked on Liam’s Playboy comfies. (I love comfies more than anything in the world.) I text all my chick friends to make sure life was all in tact and sent a guy I was thinking about a message, AFTER ORDERING DOMINOS AT 2 AM in the morning.

Great nights sleep. Did my face in a Apple Desktop computer screen the next morning. I had such a great time. I couldn’t have been looked after better. It meant a lot. It made me smile. I can’y wait to go again.

Got straight back in the afternoon, after coffee, banter and a cheeseburger by Balamory looking Houses. All I wanted was to see the babies after such a tough week of work. I love work. I love my friends. I’m grateful for everything. But i love my baby time. I’m in charge of making sure they’re great adults…Its a huge thing for me. I do it well by making them feel special. No…I do it the best I can….All parents do, with our fingers crossed.

Got back to Leeds, texted everyone…and then I slept…

I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Ill have a good blog. I’m just so knackered. I need extra shut eye. x Diet starts tomorrow, as my friends and I ALL have bikinis to get into.

Life is changing. Good things are happening. It’s a shock. But if you don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the ride, its not so shabby.


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You’ve missed loads.





















Life, Love & Louboutins


Hi! I’ve finally found time to blog in what feels like ages. I can’t even being to tell you everything, but i will say that my day began with a school run. Now, I always attempt to drop Ruby off early, as the Ackworth school run, gets jammed packed in the morning and i try to avoid what I call the white ‘Range Rover’ express. (There’s a point in the morning where in which feels as though every Ackworth school Mum has a white Range Rover, and they all lined up in a ‘jam packed’ fashion, like some kind of glizty Mum train. You get wedged in that train if you don’t get there early.)

Anyway, this morning was particularly ace, as I didn’t get wedged in anything..and i hate the art of wedging. It doesn’t make me feel free. Rushed out the car, got Ruby out the car to walk her in. Saw a panicked, on the way ‘maybe late’ to work Mum, who sort of opened her car door and a whole bunch of Louboutin’s fell out, before her child. Lol. She just looked up at me, in her pencil skirt, all worried, until I smiled and gave her that ‘i get it’ eye glint. And from that moment we were buds. After the ‘walk in’ i saw her on my back to the car and all she said (with laughter) was, ‘Now i’ll have to buy more.’ Lol. I just giggled, dressed in ‘New Look’ and then zoomed off to work, so I didn’t miss the Greggs run, as I never want to begin my day without a coffee or a sausage something. (That sounds rude! 😉 ) Greggs are always trying to convince me to ‘get the app’ but Jesus that’s a bit far. I’m struggling to hold up my ‘glamour puss’ persona as it is, without a fucking app that gives me my sixth sausage roll for free.

Life is busy but good. I have a lot on, but i’m wanting to find time for lurve. Work is busy, in the sense of there is lots to be ‘getting on with’ and today we celebrated the day by being systems down, which was super dooper frustrating, (especially when you have deadlines) then it turned into the warmest day on the planet. ‘The Mighty’ who is growing humans was fanning herself, (I offered to carry her meat,) McC was whopping out ‘sass,’ and being OCD by doughnuts, I laughed, worked hard, hit a deadline, sat across from ‘Fairytale Blond’ who i adore and listened to her love life tale. (She’s currently receiving a special kind of ‘silent treatment’ from her Prince, because he’s in a mood. ‘What? I was just drunk? Why can’t he find it funny???’ The good thing about this, is that usually during this phase she would panic. I missed it, but there were tears last time. However today, there was this sense of confidence and power about her. I watched her, shrug things off with a hair toss because she knew that she on safe ground, as she hadn’t done much wrong, yet wasn’t going to entangle herself with the other beings art of ‘mountains out of molehills, ‘ because she was busy. AND I LIKE THAT!

Like for me, as a girlfriend..and i’m single right now…I’m quite laid back. I’m not naggy and i don’t waste time rambling on negatively about things that don’t matter. I’m emotionally grown…with boobs. 🙂 So i hate it when boys ‘Queeny’ up. Infact, it’s kinda annoying when girls do it too. ‘McC’ (who’s ace) did tell me that she was hardcore on her hubby when it came to him being a ‘Drunky MStrunky.’ Lol. (Kinda made me wee myself a little.) Yet, i’m the opposite way. If i was out with a guy and he was being drunk..i’d just find it funny. Lol. Like it really wouldn’t bother me. Basically what i’m saying is that he wouldn’t get the ‘silent treatment.’ Nothing is worse to me than that treatment, as i’m by nature an expressive chickadee, so i enjoy to chat things out and tell everybody how i feel about all sorts. Lol. I have no fear in that department. I’m a really direct person and i like expressive boys. It shows me they’re not scared to be or feel who they are.

We’ve had a humid and stormy evening. Yet it’s kinda been good as it’s graduating us away from Summer and into our next season. New chapters! I love Autumn, even though the year zooms by from now on. And at the beginning of the year, i went through so many changes. Left a guy, began at a new work place…all sorts. I entered my own Chapters New and now i’m feeling on top of the world. I’m in a really good place emotionally and i feel completely warm and ALIVE.

On the guy front…I fancy ‘Eton Mess.’ We’re chatting, so our life paths are meandering around each other. Kinda like a dance …but sexier. I am impressed by this guy and i think I just understand him. We did our date, we quite easily got along and smashed bases. Yeah…I like this one. His spooning technique is on point. He’s playful, hard working and fun….but loving. He might need time. I’m not sure what’s going on…I mean, I know that he’s attracted to me, but i don’t know much else? Yet, right now, i’m happy with it all. I’m positive…regardless. I sort of see myself as lucky to know him…I’d be with this guy. He makes me laugh. 🙂 And what is life if you’re not having a chuckle and feeling whole along the way.

That’s what I loved about ‘Fairytale blond’ today, she felt confident and found herself funny. Like i always say, when a guy likes you, or wants to make you his, or wants to say sorry, or anything of that nature, he’ll make sure you know and if he doesn’t, well there’s nothing you can do about it. Lol. You just have to laugh it off.

Anyway, i’m off…I can’t believe we’re in the middle of September already!