‘T’ is for Trust

Morning my delicious kitty cats of ‘hubba-hubba.’ I’m feeling quite refreshed today. Well as refreshed as you can feel, after being kicked in the face  repeatedly a 1 year old at , who wants nothing other than a ‘bot bot.’ I enjoy how Rubes can’t just TELL me what she wants and chooses to use acts of baby violence to get her way. #notsurewhereshegetsherfiestfrom

Anyway, i’m thinking about the future a lot. I have a great deal going on and well not only is it exciting, yet at the same time it’s super stressy. It’s only stressy because it’s important to me, to do everything the right way this time around and not make the same foolish bits of , in work, love and well just plain old…really f****** glitzy life.

All is well at home, however last night, during a burger under my chandelier, Keiran told me that he wanted to wait until we produced any children, as he wasn’t ready to Father them…just as of yet…until he felt financially able and solid. (Which is a good thing really, as with little kiddie winkles, i truly it’s important to practice the art of ‘quality’ not ‘quantity.’) So, there i am, all hormonal, ovulating and eating beef in burger form…in grey leopard print pj bottoms and i make the executive decision to say (and as a test)…’Yeah we should wait shouldn’t we…i mean…incase we break up.’ (Rubbish thing for me to say.) Without even thinking, in the midst of his recovering from work exhaustion..Keiran says ‘Yes.’

I look back at him, i screw my little Asian face of flooze up and i say, ‘WHAT!!!!!’ And there i was for a whole few moments thinking his intentions of being with me, we’ren’t as pure as i thought. (Awful feeling to think, whether you have got or right or got it wrong, that the person you are with is looking over your shoulder for a trade up, as they stone step.)

I did what any Glamour Puss of  Google would do and performed a ‘storm out’..after throwing my burger down, to take 5 minutes on the new bench that he acquired for me. (It’s not in the garden, it seats 8, come play ‘sit down.’)  Then after the moment had past and i had evaluated and adjusted my chain of thought. (I’ve had a lot of boys toy with the advantage taking of ‘Le Wuns’ and i’ve hated that part of my life for donkies years. It’s like they forget that i’m the glitzy one and that i’m still moving onward successfully..when i can be bothered. Bottom line, it made me feel insecure and like i had to becareful of how much i gave to someone.)

Long story short, i tottered back in, still mildy sour faced and stormy and  after he beckoned me back onto the sofa, for a cuddle and a bit of ‘lets make up,’ we got back to ‘fairytale’ and i forgave him. Even though he never explained himself and i conclusion jumped because of it, he’s a good guy and when tiredness gets the better of him out of exhaustion he says irrational things. I mean, in the morning of that day i had left eggshell in his breakfast and he comedically believed i tried to poison him. But we bonked and made it better and i promised to always ‘put out’ in the future whenever he felt he was being eggshell poisoned. (I peeled the eggs like my life depended on it this morning. HA!)

But yeah, we’re half way through the year, a lot has gone on in 2012, well from half way through 2011, emotionally, mentally, physicaly, and financially. Work has bloomed and we’ve managed to team up, love each other, get married and leave our Yorkshire past and Hollywood 20’s behind us. I’m feeling sassy, strong and back to being trusting. It’s important to be able to trust in relationships, ALL relationships. Yet you have to be able to rub away the mist of your own issues in order to see clearly and look at the person you love with fresh eyes. If not, you merely push your own issues upon them..which actually has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you. It’s important to be careful…and refrain from being foolish. Yet it’s vital that you don’t let your foolishness get the better of your true judgement. (That didn’t even make sense.) I’m married to the man of my dreams. We’re doing forever and it really does feel wonderful. I love him. He makes me happy and when you’re an old bird like me….you need to surround yourself around things that make you happy. (In my case toyboy husbands and wine.)

I’m excited for the future, i’m plotting planning and organizing and well as long as you stay positive, yet PRODUCTIVE, you really really can’t fail.

I’m happy today and every inch of me wants to be success. I’ve always been a girl who wants to make her mark and in the Wunna- Thompson household that feeling is mutual with us all!

My mum actually told me that you have to lose something that you really wanted in order to be blessed with that utter determination to succeed and finally get what you want in life. I’m passing that on to you…now go make your dreams come true! Do as much as you can and rock it like a champ, with that essential glitzy swag.

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Love you dolls!

ps/Em’s has found a new husband. She didn’t like my Circus man, option. 🙂

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