Swiftly but Silently

Just got off the phone to @Wazza who is pretty much my best friend of all time. He’s known me since i was tiny and well, i was going through..well i am going through a bit of a love life dilema, that no-one would really know about unless you are a member of the delicious Wunna Family, Wazza, the boy in question or maybe an Angeleno. *Wink Pout*

Whenever i need a pep talk…he’s the best person for me to go to. Firstly because we’re both adults, (i’m a bit exhausted of hanging out with kids…they haven’t lived enough yet…so they can’t really guide me on life, without being ‘Kiddie’ about it. ) And secondly because no-one quite understands The Wunna like Wazza or my family do. The way Waz and I solve our lovely problems, is by mentally ridiculing each other into submission, it’s one big giant ‘piss take’ of love…kinda like my life. This evening we talked about ‘Love.’ Who i want to date. Who i should date. Who i shouldn’t really go near. And then decided that i was pretty lucky. LOL. He on the other hand wants to date a geordie or a fat chick from Louisana so he can live off Gumbo and Jambalya…then die happy, with pecan pie running down his bib. He also wants to date a hot girl and be the ugly one in the relationship, simply because he doesn’t want to wake up every morning and feel like he could do better. LMAO!

Valentines day is near…so everyones getting a bit uppity about the whole ‘love’ thing…which kinda makes me giggle. I was previously uppity about it, but now i feel like Greatness, so i’m quite relaxed and happy about it all really. *pours herself a little love.* Woohoo! *smiles* Cupid currently likes me a little, so i can look around and feel 100% content with what i have going on. I feel whole and loved and when you do…amazing things happen. *Excited* Wazza hates Valentines day simply because he has a birthday 2 days after it…therefore it kinda takes the focus off his ‘turning another year older.’ Instead of people buying him prezzies, he has to buy some chick that he doesn’t really fancy prezzies..therefore he’s intending to not get a girlfriend until the 15th… (Which everyone knows is the wrong way round, as that’s the day of dumping, the day of ‘i don’t think it’s going to work out’…. after all the ‘i love you’ prezzies. LOL) I think the quote was, ‘then she can buy me shit.’ Hence why he’s single. I’m all for love, romance and a bit of kissy kissy. Valentines day is glorious to me. Infact, everday is! Woohoo! *wallows in confetti shower*

Anyway, enough of the jiggery pokery. I’ve worked really hard today and i feel grateful that i have a team around me who is boosting me up to a place where i feel i can flourish. Dreams really do come true, if you work hard at them and it’s funny to me how people often get me wrong. I work very very hard, under the false pretences of ‘party’ or ‘fun fun’ or like i’m really not doing so. I’m in a really good place right now. I’m had a calm day filled with adults and happiness.  It’s just been one of those days where you feel grateful for who you are and who you have around you. I’m one of those people that can sit back and laugh at myself and i’ve notice that that comes with age. I think it takes alot of living and being comfortable with everything in your life…happy for what you have to..and courage to beable to sit back and have a giggle at the old self.  It’s odd to me, how a great deal of people can’t and they sit there and go on about the ‘issues’ that  they have. I think, if you’re a person who holds onto issues, you do so, because you want too. People like that do not seem to do well in life, do they? Maybe because they spend so much of it throwing a pity party? I dunno. I just hope they get better. Holding onto issues, almost seems like an act of self destruction. If you are going through a bad time…know that someone else somewhere probably has it 99% worse.

I’m currently getting a wee bit sad because I’m seeing people them take themselves far too serious. I do understand it  because there’s always the age where you need to find yourself. But I’m seeing them make mistakes. Big ones. I see them struggle to find their footing, they’re way in life and they don’t seem to learn.  But that’s just is life, when you’re young. Now i’m grown, i’m happy. I know who i am. Where I am. Where i’m going and i’m excited about it. Today i surrounded myself around people of the same sort and i don’t think i’ve been happier. We’ve mucked around all day and i’ve loved every moment of it.

I’ve worked like a champion of all things ‘ooh laa’ today. Been on the phone to everyone practically possible. Loved hard. Laughed hard and well i’m ready to make my mark. I’m currently being prepped for what lies ahead and i’m feeling truely grateful for it. Imagine everything you ever wished for coming true. I’m proving that it really does happen and hopefully insipring you. Like i always say people get ahead in the time that others waste! Don’t waste time. Work hard. Keep good people around you…stay focussed. Try not to get distracted. Put YOU first.

On a dottier note, I had WONDERFUL bbm convos with my darling bestie

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