Sweet is Weak


You’ll learn a lot more at Martinis with me, than you ever will in school my darling.’

Whenever i go out now, my right earlobe decides not to work and it quite rudely releases my earring from my right ear, which is later found hooked upon a lady’s sequin dress in their personal ‘nipple’ area, where in which i will have to apologise, ‘nod, nod, smile’ a little, tell them to ‘hush,‘ then snatch my piece of earland ‘ooh‘  from their naughty boobie woobie. It always puts up a fight…yet it’s worth it simply to see the *shock* on the randoms girls face, when she looks down all drunk & 98% more easy, and believes she may have gotten something pierced mid-‘party.’ (Watch out Wunnas About!)

It’s early, i’ve worked, i’ve shot, i’ve tended to my calls of business. Infact, i’ve been a great deal more productive out here in the countryside, than I ever am in the old smoke. For some reason it gets my juices flowing…y’know feeling the air on ya face, ya hair, ya crotch! I’m signing contracts with managers in America. I’ve called and submitted to Yvonne at Harper Collins. I’ve been called ‘a star in the making’ by the lovely Pete at ‘Nuts.’ I’ve organized the drinks part of the filming of the first episode of ‘Miss.Romance,’ and I believe I’ve marketted like no other! I’m actually quite good at it…even if i do say so myself. (And there’s nothing wrong with saying so yourself, believe me.) You don’t have to pretend to be humble, if you really don’t feel like it. I mean, it’s ten times more ‘sick bucket’ to watch someone ‘fake’ humility, than it is to see the happiest of Dandy’s simply say ‘Yeah, i’m great!’

I feel like lots of people are taken in and fooled by ‘sweetness.’ The more insecure they are, the more fooled they are by it. Like i said before…‘Sweet’ is simply a substance, we add to something, in order to make it taste less ‘bitter.‘ Just be you. I swear it’s okay. Not everyones going to adore you ALL the time..and that’s really not as bad as you believe it is. (Puts on her fur. Straddles off her ‘High Horse.’)

I mean you’re going to be loved, you’re going to be hated, you’re making your history and it’s vital in order to make your life worth talking about, when your old in a rocking chair slowly dying to the sweet sounds of memories. Have the most fun you can and stop getting your knickers in a twisteroo over nothing. Life is shorter than you think. (Well not your twenties..they’re fucking long as hell & your awfullest years, as it’s the decade in which you learn things you never even wanted to learn and it’s always always the hard way.) If i look back at what i’ve done in the last few years alone, i’ve been all over the world and found myself in the most unimaginable predicaments. The best and the very very worst! And i’m not talking ‘bad hair day,’ worst. I’m talking arrests, drugs, sex and violence. I actually can’t wait until i’m thirty. It will feel like I kinda graduated.

My Glamour Puss words of wisdom for the day: Don’t fall for 1984 bully tactics. Be who you are. Quit being a cry baby. Celebrate life. Be a little cheeky today and remember that i don’t have a sideways vagina. (My bestfriend assumes that i have because i’m asian.)

5 thoughts on “Sweet is Weak”

  1. u are the guvna miss wunna simple as it is . u will be a mssive star and u deserve it babe best of luck with everythnig chrissie if u ever need a han i am here for u babe

  2. my pleasure chrissie u know i think u are a diamond i love your blogs but know it is all pink it is harder to read i have to higlight the words so i can read it ha ha ha

  3. If you go to the browser at the top and click on the icon that looks like a broken piece of paper…it should make it right for you…as it’s actually ‘white on grey.’

    But i like that you see it as ‘pink on white’…it’s like a sick mindfuck. hahah


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