Suzy Pickett Bloomers

A great phone call happened today, making all grumpiness disappear before the end of the day!! Hurrah!! I heard an email ‘No,’ from a job, yet since i had heard a clear ‘YES’, YES’ on two other things earlier, (that are more on the lines of the NEW Chrissie Wunna,) my ‘No,’ slipped away like water off a ducks back…it’s a great feeling, and doesn’t usually happen. I feel a proper lucky ducky!! Bring it, world!! According to Russell Brand, (yet he said it a lot funnier) life throws a whole lot of tragic shite at you, makes you really sweat and struggle. Yet if you keep fighting it, kicking, screaming, swearing, bouncing back and basically being a complete nuisance, God thinks, ‘….Shit…this chick really wants to live and actually wants to succeed’…therefore cuts you some slack, by making your life blessed with ‘dreams come true’ etc… I believe this theory is true, and much better than ‘What ever will be will be,’ as i’m sure that was made up, by a drunk lazy Drag Queen.

I’m getting ready to watch some telly, so i will leave you with the fact that i found myself saying this today, ‘….yeah and I can work in a groggy flipping post office and he can make stale pub lunches for a living, whilst we all wear silly fucking hats, hold hands and dance around to crappy nursery rhymes!! AS IF!! That’s Suzy (pickett) Bloomers life…NOT MINE!!’

I believe the above statement classes me as ‘Greatness!!’ (hahahahaha! ) I’m an idiot!! But what a beautiful idiot i am!! Love you xxx

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  1. u are quality chrissie u are tunes but in a lovely way babe im pleased u had some good news for the new chrissie wunna the old one wernt to shabby let me tell u so i cant wait ot see what the new one is like babe. have a blinding week treacle take care chrissie tada scratch


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