Sunday Chills, Judgements & Love letters…

Hello everyone! I’ve had a good day and I hope you have to. Whether you’ve woken up after a dinner nap in the UK, or if you’ve just peeked through your morning blinds in Australia, Africa or LA…WELCOME!

Pull up a ‘pew,’ get comfy and enjoy.

Okay, so firstly, I want to tell you that, last night, I hit my first 2 MILLION VIEW milestone on Tiktok. I can’t even believe it! But again I couldn’t thank you all enough for watching, commenting and just making me smile, on a daily. It means so much to me, to be able to perform for you and have you enjoy it. Especially since ‘lockdown’ had me closed up indoors. Therefore i’m certainly grateful and well…hopefully well keep this foxtrot a float.

(One second…I’m dying for chocolate and i can’t find chocolate in the house ANYWHERE!?! WHAT KIND OF RESIDENCE IS THIS? I’ve created a disturbingly weird ‘healthy hell.’ All i need is a chunk of choccie…)

Okay, i’m back! I found a ‘Cookies & Cream’ Kit Kat.

So, yesterday I filmed and put my ‘wipe it down’ video online and it was received really well because I ended up in a corset.

Some people were shocked (because they strangely thought I was ‘sooo sweet & innocent.) Some were not (because they either know me personally or have followed Wunna land throughout the years and they’re aware of my somewhat ‘colourful’ past.) Most were excited and I was really pleased because all the comments were positively, wonderful.

What I will say though (to the ones that were a little shocked by it) is that people AREN’T just ONE thing. I’m certainly not. I’m a bit of everything and that’s what makes me interesting.It’s what makes everyone interesting. You shouldn’t automatically ‘label’ people and it’s weird how it still happens all of the time. Surely we’re all grown now? We need to be able to see the bigger picture…always.I don’t how people can’t seem to do that? I’ve been able to do it since I was 7.

In case you didn’t know, I get labelled all of the time and I’m aware i’m in a career, y’know an industry where ‘labelling’ does occur. I get that, because we’re playing particular roles. I try not to get pigeon holed, when it comes to acting…and i’ve made sure i’ve experienced and played out as many different roles as possible.

However, away from work and when it comes to my personal life, be it socially or in love… I do feel like i get quite PRE-judged, by those who haven’t met me in person, or those who are about to have me strut into their world.

Even when i expect it, it’s still really awkward. Imagine having a whole room of people, gossip about you and then as you strut in, they smile sweetly, say nothing but lovely things and assume you can’t read their eyes, or you haven’t heard anything through the grapevine.

This can also go the other way, where people expect me to be all fun, glitzy and glammy, only to find that i’m just chilled, normal or in a kimono.

But i’m rambling…What i’m trying to say is try not to prejudge ANYONE. Wait until you have the opportunity to get to know them over time.

People aren’t just one thing.

I’m loud, but i’m quiet. I’m sweet, but i’m sexy. I can be selfish. However i can also be the most generous person alive. I’m wild and exotic. Yet i’m British and sensible. Just lots of things.

I mean, just because a girl is stood in a corset…It doesn’t make her ammunition to be gummy labelled with a derogatory ‘slap.’

Men: ‘She must be a slut.’

Woman: ‘She’s such a tramp. How disgusting that she’d show herself off like that.’

Others: ‘She’s just another *plastic.*’

Potential Date: ‘I can’t ask her out now. She’s a diva. She’ll just say no.’

Folk: ‘She’s just too intimidating.’

Insta Stalkers: ‘Girls like that aren’t looking for anything serious.’

I don’t know why i’m even going on about this, because everyone was so lovely about my ‘wipe it down’ video…Haha.

Yet it wasn’t always that way, was it? So i guess it gives me ‘flash backs.’ Plus, online i see people hating on others ALL OF THE TIME and it winds me up. They make THEMSELVES look so narrow minded and they don’t even see it?

Luckily, these days it seems like I can’t do anything wrong and i’m really grateful for that because i’ve powered through the difficult times.

I guess when you’re older and you’ve done things, y’know lived a bit of a life..I guess there’s this weird kinda respect that people, all of a sudden, ‘have for you.

I’m not gonna lie…

I’m love it.

But enough of that. Let’s move it along. Everyone’s asking me if i have a crush? The ‘i’m single’ thing has now embedded into everyones system…and we’ve now moved onto the…

‘but who does she fancy?’

If i did have a crush…I’d never ever say who? They would never even know themselves? (I’m good like that. Haha.) In fact, the only person i would ever discuss it with, would probably be Ruby my daughter. Lol.

We were actually chatting about it earlier. We laughed about the times when she was younger and if she hated the guy I was dating, she would put small sharp, toys like ‘Sylvanian Families’ in his shoes to annoy him. When he dashed to put them on, he’d scream in pain…but then have to act like she was all cute and nice, to make a good impression. Haha. Plus, i’d have a go at them if they were mean to either Wunna Baby.

Anyway, our chatter about my love life got cut short because she ended up getting an allergic reaction to deodorant and her entire body was covered in the most hidieously, rashy, red, lumpy blisters.

This is what my love life does to people. It gives them allergies.

Maybe i’m better off alone?

But I always think life’ll just hand me over Mr.Right, at the exact right time. All i have to do, is concentrate on work…Get on with living my life and as the fairytale goes…he’ll gallop on in, on his horse and shit, telling me how much he adores me. Right?

It doesn’t matter to me where they are in life right now? What country their in? What they do for a living? I thin we’ve ALL learnt this year that ANYTHING can happen, to anyone, at any point.

2020 has served.

When the time is right and as i’m toddling along…all the elements will shimmie into place and ‘BOOM’ he’ll show up.

Erm..whatelse? Oh yeah..people are also asking me what my favourite gift ever is. I like ‘bouji’ things, but i’m quite a simple girl. I love an experience, over ‘stuff.’

My first husband Mike…the actor, (before he started doing really well, booking everything & making loads of money,) well he once snapped a twig, off a tree at 3am , one morning, outside a bakery, in New York. Night was turning to morning. I still have that twig.

I also remember, Boyband Jonny…over a decade ago. We were dating for a bit and I had stayed the night at his Camden flat. In the morning, I got into a nearby black cab.

Me: ‘Kings Cross Station, Please.’

I wound the window down a little, as he was waving something at me?

He handed me a note, that had been folded into quarters and then waved me off.

As the cabbie drove me to the station, I unfolded the note and it read:

Dear Chrissie, I know that I might not show it all the time, but when i’m with you my heart lights up with joy. I love you. Jonny.’

He’s gay and happy now… 🙂

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