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I’ve had an amazing day!

In life…i guess i’m just accidentally lucky and I sort of find myself in these quirky little positions 😉 that I really have to pinch myself over, in order to really feel what is happening.

It was odd and it was funny, yet anytime when you are hiding by cupboards, on a phone call…auditioning…and by cooking bacon, with a friend that you’ve named ‘Booty’ you know life is great! It was hilarious. I was bobbing up and down yattering on about myself, which I guess is something that I great at naturally…and completely by bacon sandwiches. (Keeping it Yorkshire.) I then passed the phone so ‘Booty’ could ‘yadda yadda’ and I wandered out all smiles, onto ‘the stage’ of life with the bacon butties in my hand and a showgirl smile a glistening, like nothing had even occured.

I’ve felt really strong today and really powerful. I’ve felt sexy, delciious and liek I can conquer the world.

I want ot build an empire…and i’m totally en route now. I’m getting there and I can’t even believe it. If i do this, i’ve managed to survive heartache, a house move, two babies on my own, a day job and launch my own business all at the same time. I’ve even managed to still be social and plonk myself in ‘Biggies’ for high kicks and laughter. (Code for ‘shots and making out.’)

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in life when it comes to romance, the book of love or success and how much of it you can gain…you can start anytime and do it like you’re the best at it. I’m just lucky and good shit just happens to me. The bad shit, i can laugh off with love. I’m in a great position, i have great friends, wonderful children, a promising career, the perfect family…and everything going for me. I’ll have my glass towered lash offices and dream mansion. I’m taking the right steps. And well who’da thought eyelashes would do so well…the answer…well i guess, I did!

Tomorrow, I have the day off work and Keiran is having Ruby and Junior meaning that my day will be spent working as hard as I can! (With cocktails. I’m addicted to having Cosmos at home now. Lol Some call it alcoholism, I call it ‘bouji.’)

The Screen Nation Awards have asked to see if I want to take part in their celeb gifting suite, which is where I want my lashes right now. I’m going to wiggle my way into all of them this year for cheers an ‘look at mees.’ I also have my business plan at hand and the investment application to fill in tomorrow. It’s all very exciting and all very fast for a company that just launched in Decemeber. I mean, I’m accidentally the CEO of Chrissie Wunna Ltd…and is my first ever business…and they’re selling everywhere from my local town to Hollywood! I know!! It’s crazy. but a complete and utter honour. THANK YOU!

And you see..after that whole drama that I went through with that awful boy yesterday…(who i’m glad i never met now) you think i’d be all angry or glum. NO. Almost as if ‘The GODs’ wanted to remind me that i was awesome. Immediately something crazier happened that was  so positive, so accidentally lucky and all about work and today I found out where my true passion was at, where my priorities lie and that I didn’t actually focus on the negative shit that life throws at you..which finally means i’m ‘WHOLE.’ Hurrah!

‘Booty’ even had to pinch herself because she couldn’t believe what was happening.

So, i’m excited for tomorrow where I’ll get to really get Wunna stuff into things and really really plunge myself into work and promoting my FABULOUS eyelash line. I can’t wait. I’m gonna talk to beauty editors, get them out there..agents…the lot. It’s what I do best and what excites me the most. I also have errands to run…so inbetween i’ll keep it glamour puss and get my eyebrows threaded, my body tanned and well i could even get a weave. Lol. All with Cosmos. I work better tipsy.

My diets doing well..I’m still eating soya bean salads and Mediterranean goodies. I’m not sure if i’m slimming down as of course, I got plonked with my ‘time of the month’ today meaning that I’ve bloated up like tyre. (Remind me to get my tyre filled with air on my car tomorrow. I keep forgetting.)

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I even get a lay in. WHAT!!! So I’m gonna work hard, on my day job, day off. Y’know, at ‘day job i’ve allocated ‘In house’ husbands for each of the workers. ‘Booty’ has a great one, who dotes on her and gives her plastic flowers and everything. My ‘in house’ husband…can’t seem to strike up a conversation with me unless I make him or initiated it! HAHAHA. What is it with me and boys? 🙂

Life is good.

(I’m currrently watching ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ My fave is Michelle form the Ru Paul show…and well Ken was weird, I’m glad he’s out. Not because he was rude or pervy…but just because he was too odd. Perez Hilton is being rather dramatic and Katie Hopkins…weirdly seems okay! My day is sat on my sofa itching his back with a gadget shop back scratcher I bought him for Christmas. LOL MY Mum is watching telly with me, laid on a black bean bag…being all opinionated and telling me that I shouldn’t date and instead concentrate on building my empire. Nothings changed. The babies are fast asleep and bizarrely..I love it.)

Thank you for all my messages by the way, it was truly uplifting. i mean I had to you all sending me love, calling that hideous human a dick and wheeling over ‘pity parties’ for me to enjoy. LOL I appreciate it and it’s great to know how many close friends, acquaintances and amazing Wunna cyber soldiers I have who are rooting for me when all goes to pot piddle.

You all actually want me to do well..and because of that..I will. *Wiggle…wink*




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