Stupid Cupid

I’m feeling kinda ‘ummy arry’ right now because it’s almost Valentines day and i need to find a date. I always want something magical to happen..but it never really does. I know i’ll get a bunch of cards and i completely adore that part as it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but i just want a beautiful dinner with a beautiful being, a special time, moment and well a proper Valentines day. I won’t get it, so i’m already sad…but i’m not giving up hope.

Samuel and i discussed this the other day…We’ve noticed that boys are terrified to ask us out now. Like WE ALWAYS have to do the asking and it’s not fair, cos we’re both quite shy why it comes to matters of romance. I’m a great deal less terrifying that you think…and the chances of me saying ‘Yes’ right now, (if i like you) is HIGH…due to my desperateness. 🙂 haha….WOOHOO.

Why are the streets of London littered with boys who are pretty much dating loads of girls at once? I get toyed around a lot actually and well I’m not anything like that…well not if i really like someone. I mean if i don’t then i’ll HOBBY a whole bundle of ‘Handsomes.’ But right now, i want to do things right. I need good karma. I’m happy, i’m excited and i can’t wait to see what tragic ongoings await me for Valentines. Dear Lord have mercy! Hahaha

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