Strutting with Obama in Dreamland

Feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fantastic this morning. The sun is a shining, the birds are a chirping and last night i dreamt of sexual liasons, in the toilet of my parents first house with Barack Obama. (haha) God knows why?? It got really dirty too, yet in the end turned into pure comedy. I remember having to rush to have a bath, due to messy squirting (hahahaha) and not by ME! (hahahaha) Disgusting, yet sooo funny i woke up laughing my head off!! It went everywhere. His face was all panicky! (hahah)

It’s such a lovely day, that i’m getting ready to strutt off on a walk around the village. I actually can’t believe how sunny it is! Delicious! I feel a great day coming on. I’ve a smile on my face, and i’ve just managed to make a paper airplane out of a single slice of crustless bread, smeared with butter. It flew it’s way straight into the bin. I’m aware that thats highly wasteful…but only just this second aware. So i need to think about it a little more. Time for the naughty step!! Spank me daddy!

Anyway, i’ve really got to go and enjoy my day. I really do hope you have a wonderful one, full of winks, smiles and tingles. I love you all… (not really)


Chrissie Wunna

1 thought on “Strutting with Obama in Dreamland”

  1. have u got all the obama jokes chrissie? typica lameicans have to be different most people keep there sapdes in the shed they keep theres in the white house. barak obama made american history as he became the first black man to enter the white house without a mop and bucket. news just in from the white house george bush has lost his wallet. obama and gordon brown met today to do a deal that the queens head goes back on the doller if the gollywog goes back on the robertson jam pot. i hope u have a great week chrissie i hope to hear u cheering us on against the krauts tommorow babe


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