Strip Poker is Aggressive

You don’t even have to go out to cause a sincere amount of jiggery pokery around the entire world when your Chrissie Wunna and i’m loving it. I stayed in last night amd had one of the most incredible nights of sordidly silly bahviour that even the Champion of the World would have to bow down to the ‘Kitty Queen of Play’ (which is ME, incase you were ‘umming and arring.’) I love how at this time on a Sunday morning, if you look outside my window you will see a trail of’studs and stilettos’ and the odd minger, fumble out of the appartment building that I live in, all hungover, in last nights clothes and filled with heartache. I don’t know why my building people (they love how i refer to them as my subjects) drag  ‘shag pieces’ back in the cold of this weather from the bar. I just can’t do it! I’m a Glamour Puss not an ….Eskimo? I find it hard to even have sex in this weather of sheer fright, because i’m not so keen on having to take my clothes off and be sexy. Infact, i had sex the other night and it was rubbish. He was all into it like he was the King of the fucking  ‘Rumpy‘ was almost as if his whole entire existance would explode after bonking this one little ‘Rangoonian Treat.’  (It kinda put me off him a bit.) I actually just laid there naked, staring up at the celing, wishing i could put my socks back on. When he left the next morning, i didn’t care and i usually always care when boys leave. I just waved him off, as he joined the trail formed by the rest of my appartment buildings ‘cast offs.’ I’m put off by him and i think it was because i felt ‘used.’ Like he didn’t at all care one bit, if i was having a sensuous time in my sheets…so he’s now on my list of ‘rubbish lovers.’ Eww…i’m actually really put off, like i don’t care if i never speak to him  again. LOL. It’s weird how that can happen, right?

Last night was amazing. I had wine with neighbours who enjoy the warmth as much as i do. I like their appartment because i only have to venture next door, and they have chandeliers and champagne. They enjoy the finer things in life, much like i do. Glamour Glamour Puss Puss! Unfortunately, i managed to lower the tone and well all these strangers kept tumbling in and demanding to play strip poker. Now i don’t play strip poker unless there’s a worthy prize to be won, like a ‘Happy Ever After.’ Therefore i got them all excited about it, then left them to play it alone,whilst i went into the living room and took the piss of out dear good friends, with serious emotional problems. I’m tired of peope with emotonal problems. Lol. CHEER UP! YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE UNLESS YOU FUCKING CHEER UP! (Bottom line, if you hink you have it bad, KNOW that there are people in this world who  have it worse!)

Strip poker got a bit aggressive, and oddly ended up being just a circle of boys..which sways in my favour (wink wink) yet is rather gay of them really. I pointed this out, and told a dear ‘handsome’ that his white boxers looked like a nappy. They then began play fighting…as boys do. It was good for me. Bitter for them. I don’t like ‘angry’ strip poker. My friend stated that i had causd all these uneccessary boners and was simply sitting in the middle of it all with a smile of achievement…eating ‘Quavers.’ Then i read an article that stated that it is AGANIST BRITISH LAW to keep a lunatic without a licence!!! How hilarious!! I never knew that. Now I’ll have to free all my ‘nut jobs’ that i keep for raining days. It’s not worth the jail time..nothing is! (Well apart from sleeping with 15 year olds…bad joke, but fuck it…ooops! 😉 )

I then ventured home feeling all merry and positive about my life. I sat on my window ledge insiade my appartment in my lemon pyjamas, having  quick phone antter with my mum…who is the most wonderful Mother any girl could ever wish for. I’m really settled back into London now and ready to stomp my mark. I’m loving this year for Me and no matter what anyone has to say about IT or ME…i’m doing really well and i couldn’t be more grateful. 

Note to everyone: One of the main reasons why i do do well, even by accident is because i ALWAYS do what I want to do and i do not listen to other people, who do not neccessarily KNOW what they’re talking about. I ean i listen, cos it’s rude nt too…nod, smilem then do whatever i want.  If you’re  having to ask people what is right for you then you have to live a little more, grow a little more and become a great deal stronger before you take on a career in showbusiness or infact a fucking HAPPY life! If you do not automatically KNOW what’s right foryou, then you’re fucked because you’ll be competiting against people (like Me) who DO!!! And we’re as ballsy as they come! Don’t let us take your dream right from you, simply because you couldn’t make a strong choice. I always know what i want and i’m not afraid to get it.  My ambition is frightful. It’s kinda what makes a ‘being’ sexy too..

The rest of my night was drunken BBms fom boys, who can’t find chicks in bars, therefore they get pissed and bbm me for a bit of witty banter. I’ve been sworn to secrecy about what was said, yet it did involve meeting peoples mothers, disabled babies, what kind of girl i was, and how everyone in the club looked like cast members from’ The Hills had eyes.’ They then got called ignorant for being on their phone to me…ahah…so they had to  leave and tend to drunkeness. I’m LOVING MY LIFE right now!

I’m like living this really rubbish fairytale that is actually working out alright! I can’t even believe it? I’ve never felt so determined!

But anyway, i do have to go. I’m n that grubby cyber cafe again. *sighs* I will tell you that a new boy has strutted his way into the scene..a hot one too. I have a date with him next week…so we’ll see. I’m kinda being selfish right now, because i enjoy all men. I go through phases where i just want loads..all different typesd, in all different places, and then phases where i just want one. When you feel like you want everyone, its simply because you have too many average options, howver not one right now. We all want that ONE bit of magic that blows all the average options out the cloudy. The one that is your ‘right!’ This year is my career i’m staying focussed on that! However it doesn’t mean a great deal of Kitty fun can’t be had!

Love you are. Choose who you want to be. Make your world a fairytale and maek your dreams come true! I love you.

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