Strapped in Tight

Feeling AMAZING, which is odd, as i woke up feeling like a whole 3 out of 10. After 2 cups of coffee, a painkiller and a ‘do’ of my face…i now feel marvellous. Like i can conquer the world. Like i can jump of tall snowy moutains and land on my feet. Like i can…well you get the picture and i can’t really think of anything else. Is it past noon yet?

I had the strangest of dreams last night. I was bonking some world tennis champion (who’s existance I made up in my head. He was HOT!) I was watching old people get fake tanned by being pushed through a fake tanning roller machine. It was all beige. Bizarro? And then it just went back to shagging tennis champion. (I was really into my boobs. It was shameful!) I woke up rolling around my sheets…(which is lame when you’re on you’re own.) Then luckily i realized I had company as, ‘Chrissie ya nipples out and i don’t want to see it,‘ is what followed 3 seconds afterward. So my street cred it still coolio! CHAMPION! Disturbing the Innocents, a day at a time!

Anyway, why is there always someone in my bed? And why are there always people making it, whilst i’m still in it?? Isn’t that rude? I don’t trust anyone who MAKES beds. I only invite those who are willing to un-make them, into my personal space. Seriously! I was strapped in sooo tight, i could hardly breathe and i hadn’t even woken up yet!! It was 6am, and i think i mumbled ‘Please do F**** off’, as i was being sheeted down and into my own bloody bed. Like a slutty prisoner. They’re Useless! And who honestly does that!?! If you are going to ruin my life at approx.6am…then you better come laiden with fucking gifts, right?? Or just TEA!! TEA GODDAMITT! Aren’t I the girl who writes that blog, and gets her boobs out, and magically entertains the world!!! I have AWARDS!!! (For tap dancing.)  So a little bit of sucking up, wouldn’t go a miss before noon. I have the shittest staff!!  I need to beat them with monkeys and poke them with rusty bread knives. My eyelash just fell off.

Chrissie Wunna

2 thoughts on “Strapped in Tight”

  1. Heyyyyyyyyy wassssssssup girl!???!

    I was going to comment on your blog yesterday about the topless pic you posted; however, I got busy with other stuff!! 🙁

    I basically just wanted to say you have got GREAT boobs and you are a fantastic model. I love how you embrace your sexuality. I think that you should just keep doing your thing. I love how you live life to the fullest!! If other women are going to hate on you for being you then they are just plain old jealous bitches!! LOL, I love your craziness on Facebook and this blog!! I find you entertaining; however, you also have my respect at the same time.

    I’m super tired. I hope you will have a great day!!!!!!! I’ll be logging on my PC later to see if you updated your blog. It is always a pleasure to converse with you. You are a very beautiful person inside and out!! 🙂

    BYE!!! 🙂 xox

  2. Hi Nicole!

    Wow! Thank-you! Ur a sweetie! I love that my tragic (haha) life is entertaining you. U make it all worth while! lol…You really do! I appreciate all your comments, and ya compliments (hahah.) Oh and my boobs (although i’ve had them done since my piccies) LOVE you too. Ur brilliant!!

    I’m sooo glad ur tuning into my blog…it brings a smile to my face and makes me want to be bad!!! (hahaha) Massive winks!! You are GREATNESS!! xxx


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