Stolen limelight

So on Wednesday ‘almost evening,’ i’m getting all set to be a glamour model queen, i’m all primped and pruned, and packed up, to go to London, with my dad.. to do my Zoo magazine shoot the next morning (this morning.) I look around, he’s telling me ‘lets get the car ready,’ i look again, and he completely decides to steal the limelight by having a stroke, mixed in with a heart attack, and then tops it all off by having a internal ‘bleed’ session, in his brain!! Oh my GOD!! My swash- buckaling, all singing, all dancing, all ‘ump’ and ‘soul’ cavalier type Hero, falls to his knees, still trying to lift his body up, and pretending he’s ‘just a bit dizzy darling,’ collapses down a flight of stairs!! There’s screaming and panic, then an ‘ambulance’ call. It arrives, but can’t find us, as my dad lays dying at the bottom of the red carpetted stairs, so i ‘in full glamour model, superhero’ glory, run up our 10minute drive, find the ambulance…then it tries to kill me off, by almost running me over…( i was running infront of it, as it chased me to the house, up the drive,) it straps up my ‘i’m just dizzy and can absolutely can walk’ father to a wheely chair thing…as he could barely talk, let alone walk…and off we go to the emergency room!! The ambulance ride there, was the bumpiest ride i’ve ever experienced in my life. We covered every single pot-hole Pontefract could offer. My dad puked 3 times because of it. I yell out, ‘Jesus..if he’s not dead now, he’ll be dead by the time we get there!’ The driver’s not too bothered, and keeps asking me if i’m a Glamour, and do i have topless pictures??? We get to the emergency room. My dad decides to stop breathing…(good times, awesome, JESUS CHRIST!!!) He’s getting passed from ward to ward, as they try and mend him. I stay with him all night, as he insists we’re still ‘driving to London.’ My heart just dropped to the floor, as i watched him dying right infront of me. I was silent, and he held my hand the whole time. He’s spent his whole life saving lives, so this to me was the scariest, most devastating feeling, i have ever felt in my life. I was terrified!! I felt like i had left my body and was watching the whole thing from a far, watching us both converse…which is weird, as isn’t he meant to be doing that part??? They give him a bed, some oxygen, and he is still to this very moment is fighting!! I love this man…he’s taught me everything i know, he’s the ‘silly’ in my soul. At midnight last night he says,’ baby..i want you to go to London tomorrow, and shoot for that Zoo thing.’ (he’s dying, and all he can think about is making sure i get there, and make something of myself.) By this time every family member has arrived (and about fucking time…lol..) he’s still alive, still fighting the fight, he can’t feel anything on his left hand side, and i go home to get some rest….

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  1. im so sorry chrissie i realy hope he gets better for u chrissie he sounds like a diamond and a good dad who wants the best for u babe. i hope the zoo thing went well chrissie and that yuor old man gets better soon


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