Spanked by The Talent?

Having an amazing day! It’s just getting better and better. I’ve done a lot of stalking. A great deal of pouting. A little bit of stretching and a whole lot of whoring it. My Kitten just got back home from having the ‘snip-snip’ after he quite rudely bonked his sister. I thought he’d be a lot more mad at me, but it seems little ‘Bruce-lee’ is happier than ever. All he wants to do is lay on his back, with his ‘now i can see them’ balls out and try and trick people into licking them. A kitten after my own heart. Delicious! They taste like chicken!

I’m currently being groomed so it’s hard to type. I am completely loving being all dolled up for no reason other than being alive and needing to look good, as i wander around my house. But just quickly…I’ve continued to massively flirt with Fernando who’s now deciding to talk love and marriage, (it’s the ‘ooh laa’ in me. Boys just want to tame me and tie me down…in 3 days. It’s always been a problem of mine.) Yet at least the hot boys are all now deciding to hunt me down. FINALLY! It’s like LA all over again and this bitch is happy about it. (OOOoooh-Laaaa!) I wish i could squirt vodka out my nipples, in a clown nose.

On the other hand ‘Britains Got Talent’ Mr.DJ Talent, has just asked me out. He says he wants to ‘spank me,’ and all sorts of other wonderous things. I believe he’s intending to go on a date with me next week. I said i’d only go if he made up a ridiculously awesome rap about me. ‘I say Chrissie! You say Wunna!’ It would be odd being spanked by DJ Talent. Yet i’m sure it’s an experience that can’t be missed. I’m not sure it would be my favourite accomplishment in life. Yet, something tells me it totally WILL! Wow! The ‘Britains Got Talent ‘boys love a bit of The Wunna. (Hahahahha!) First a bit of inappropriate teenage love, now a bit of…..I don’t even know how to describe him???’ He’s no Fernando.

Other than that i’ve been talking to a sexy witch in Germany and i’m being discussed in childrens Science classes. Hope you have too! (Winks) The swine flu is scaring me! I’ve always called people ‘Swines’ so i now i believe God will punish me by giving me a dose of the Mexican Piggy Flu.

7 thoughts on “Spanked by The Talent?”

  1. dj talent was the guvna i bet u would ghave a right bubble out with him babe. i could make a rap up about u if u want treacle i used to try to mc when i was younger and bang in to garage and drum and bass ha ha ha . good luck getting dsone up babe


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