So much to tell you

Okay boys, i have soooooo much to ramble on about!! I’m currently in London being very important, and very busy…hahah, but the craziest things have decided to happen…i met one of the most rock n roll men alive during my Playboy test shoot, i peed under a tortoise shell, i saw angels dressed as gays puke up, chicken chow mein, in China town, and well it will all have to wait… Oh i let my Donny boy fans take pictures with me, for almost 20mins…almost missed my fucking train…. they held my boobs, fought my fights and paid me in beer at 8.13am!! Life is really good. But I’m working right now, so i don’t have time to ramble, but OMG, i have stories. I’m back on Tuesday, and there will be a pleather of crap blogs, for you to get ya juicies on!!! I love you, i miss you…and i love midgets!!

4 thoughts on “So much to tell you”

  1. beers ithe bollox what is your favorite breed of larger dont say fosters fosters is like drinking piss. it has to be stella and if they dont have that u either walk out and find a battle wich does it or have kronenborg strongbow or guiness and blackcurrant. what part of london are u staying the nice part or east london take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. I think that blog could be an interesting psychological test – which of those events stands out to each reader probably tells you a lot about them and their mental condition….

    “peed under a tortoise shell”?


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