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So, I’m on Snapchat now! (chrissiewunna1) And, I have no clue why I’ve never been on Snapchat before? Yet, now I am, so ‘ADD ME’ and impress me with ‘whatever it is you have to do on there.’

Of course…being the ‘techy spaz’ that I am and being the Cyber Savvy folks that you all are, you know that I have no idea what it’s all about or what i’m supposed to be doing? I just know that young people do it and try to explain it to me so many times, that I just figured…’Okay…i’ll get Snapchat.’ You’d think that I’d be super savvy with all things techy, with me celebrating a blog..well THIS BLOG, that accidentally became a SUCCESS! However, the truth is, that WAZZA pretty much used to sign me up to everything that he believed I should be signed up to in ‘techy land.’ So, i’ve always had zero clue. I only know how to ‘login’ to things and talk shite.. ;)…with charm of course.

So, I’ve managed to sign up to ‘Snapchat’ all by myself. Meaning I need applause or something, I’m sure? (Can you tell I have a Cosmo?)

Okay, so life is BUSY. And I always know it’s busy because i can never get rid of my rash. (Sex appeal alert.) My day job, I love. The eyelash line is my own little brand that is taking off with a wink. I’ve always  said that building my empire was or is all about taking ‘Baby steps’ and I have. So, i’m happy with where it is headed, to the point where I can’t even believe it. It’s not been easy, as working a full time job, running a business and raising the children on my own is enough work already, without the drama, keeping on top of promo and going through love life stress, WHILST always trying to look great and own my inner ‘Glamour Puss’ title.

But i’m proud of myself because i finally found my purpose, proving that us ladies can ‘hero’ through like champions BETTER than anyone! I work a lot harder than my children’s father’s and I’ve raised the babies by myself…yes…i went through drama and heartache, as they did whatever they so wished at the time. However, I did everything the right way and honoured MYSELF AND MY MORALS. (The little ones i had left. 😉 ) And now look…i’m doing better than both of them put together…EASILY..and it’s about rocket even further forward! It’s the struggle that makes you strong and you know you’re pretty strong when you truly can lift your head up and high, keep moving forward, without dwelling on the past, holding onto the negativity, smile (without it being fake) and conquer on forward knowing that in the end you’re going to be BETTER THAN ALRIGHT. I’M HAPPY, EVEN WITH MY FUCKING RASH! 🙂

So, the work life has been busy, but my love life actually hasn’t? You see, the good thing about dating, and getting stood up, or being loved madly  and by numerous gentlemen, one after the other, who wish to have a shot at a ‘Glamour Puss, is the simple fact that you learn about men, dating and love, from the experience of it all…and fast!

In Hollywood, I would date a lot, break up a lot..and love a lot. And well  it taught me about men. All men. I knew then inside and out. Then once in England, I quit dating and did ‘settling down’…which put me behind in my edumacation. 😉

I sort of began to wear my heart on my sleeve, without being savvy. Now…after the last couple months. I know what i want and I certainly know what i don’t want. I’m a hell of a lot stronger and skilled at this (Lol) and it’s aided me greatly in my quest. I now know that you really can’t trust everyone..and i am really quite trusting. I’m not stupid, but trusting, to the point where I’m never really jaded by an experience. I can recover really well from a bad experience and immediately look at something or someone new with fresh eyes, a whole heart and with a smile.

So, yes…it’s good to date, as it helps you discover what it is you really want? Or who it is you want?

I’ve been working so hard over the last couple weeks that is hasn’t been easy to fit dating in. I have goals. I want to get there. I have a family who are my NUMBER 1 and I need to come up with something GRAND for their future. 🙂

I cancelled my Friday Date. Even though i really do believe Friday night, should always be ‘Date night.’ The guy’s really great, but he’s certainly more of a friend. I infact hope that I know him for quite a long time, yet right now, romantically…it’s just bad timing. Our separate lives are just not in sync, so if I did the date on Friday, i’d just be wasting his time and being a chick who hates her time being wasted…Well…i’d never do that to anyone else. Luckily enough, we’re good enough friends now for us both to be…what’s the term? Oh yeah..’Cool with it.’ 😉 *Giggles.*

This weekend i’m gonna do ‘family’ time. Friday night, I want some fun, as the babies are at Keiran’s and I have no work to tend to on Saturday. (Well, that’s a lie, I have lash line work…lots of it.) I’ll decide what i’m doing on Friday later on. PLUS, I want to try and get a massage and another reading over the weekend, between lunches, dinners and PAY DAYS! YES!! WE ALL HAVE A PAY DAY MUCH! And i’m just the same as everyone else!! Nothing feels better than ‘dollar dollar’ that you have earned through might hard work, strutting into your bank account with ‘Hey Fonzi’  thumbs! I’m excited. In fact, if I had time, I’d also get a weave.:)

Anyway, enough of that!

I have Snapchat now!

Add me ‘chrissiewunna1’ (And once i figure out how to work it…i’ll send you Snapchats back. 🙂





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