Sluts or Thieves?

‘Chrissie,¬†I love how you can be friends with a total and complete slag, who cheated on someone with 20 different people, yet the thought of being friends with a poor person, repulses you…‘ said the dearest ‘gay’ of Adam to the over eyelashed glamour puss. *Adjusts boobies.*

I will tell you that i do find the slagginess of a being, so yucky it’s hilarious. (I mean when people are slags..I was one in 2005…they are simply quenching their loneliness…and cock. ūüôā I was really lonely in Hollywood at that time. I’d just got a divorce, realized I was desired and HUMPED everything…and anything, that would stay with me the night.¬†Having the otherside of my pillow filled, made me feel *whole*…like there was no divorce..even though I asked for one…¬†and¬†I well it would also fool me into¬†believing that¬†I wasn’t alone.¬†Know that¬†that technique of *slagging* it, does not work! What you don’t realize, is that¬†at the same time that you are selfishly crawling ontop of delicious hotties out of loneliness, is that they might actually like you…a lot. You use their time and use their heart…and when you do that…KARMA is¬† BITCH! You will make up for ever ‘being’ you have hurt, one by one…and you will get hurt, until you’ve made even and stopped the foolishness! I learnt that the hard way and well only now, have I just made even with and with Loverboy! ¬†)

But yeah, on the whole, I can find empathy deep down, somewhere in my crotch for a slut. I can! Yet the ‘poor people’ thing..that Gay Adam was referring to, is mildy true. I don’t hate ‘poor people’ before you all start! (Lol.) But i’m certainly not a fan of people who still money out of tills at ‘Legally Blond’ performances over and over again, whilst they’re meant to be at work. I think it’s naughty. Really really naughty! Now, i’m a minx, in a fun, playful, drunken naughty way. Yet i would NEVER do that!!! I find it really ghetto/chav much to plunge your hand into a till, when someone has trusted you to work for them honestly! Eww! ¬†I’m big on hating people who steal and because i’ve had people steal from me a lot, emotionally and financially. It does humour me and i understand that greed and desperation can get the better of you…but not at Legally blond much!! Have some respect for the art of ‘Bimbo!’ What kind of gay is he!?!

Anyway other than that, Gay Adam filled me in on the drama of his. We didn’t talk for 6 months. My fault. I¬†cut everyone out that i should’ve loved and well chose extremely poor..when it came to the person that I did keep in my London life. I chose Jonny…who is the biggest user, i could’ve ever met. But at least he admits it. When he’s older and hopefully richer..he’ll be a bit more of a decent person. Yet he will learn the hard way and he knows it. I’m glad that i’m nothing like him.

Luckily, good friends will always be there and all it takes is a phone call to get you back where you left off. I was pretty angry earlier on (hurrah) and shouting at a boy who a boy who tells me he¬†loves with me. I’m an idiot. I need to not do that, but my emotions are running wild! I love Pete deeply…but i can sometimes take things too far. He is the man of my dreams and well Wazza told me to be nicer to him, because i’m apparently really good at ruining all my decent relationships.¬† I’m ace at the shit ones. I love Wazza, but properly. He’s the only boy who truely knows me and my oldest friend in the world ever. In school and everything together. That’s forever!

Right now, Wazza is being perfect, and being a pillar of hilarious support. He’¬†s usually a bit more evil to me….however currently and due to my¬†*thing-a-ling* he’s having to be nice to me, and¬†ALL of the time. WOOHOO! IN YOUR FACE! Don’t worry i WILL use it to my advantage. It’s kinda making me feel quite powerful! Yet bottom line, all joking aside, he’s one of the best friends any person could ever have…even though he likes to date fatties and can be a bit racist when drunk. ūüôā¬†

I had another cry today. It truely is getting hilarious. My hormones are delicious. I’m watching tampax commercials and crying because nobody loves me. (Haha.) I’m being mean to Loverboy, because i want attention and no-ones giving me enough. (Yippeee!) I’m gleefully happy one moment eating a mango in the kitchen, then bursting into tears simply because my body¬†was telling me to! It’s fun being a nut job. I think deep down and due to the *thing-a-ling* i’m overly hormonal and just plain scared. I am NEVER scared, therefore this is a new emotion!! I mean, my *thing-a-ling* is something that at this early stage, I do not want to fuck up and i’m so terrified that I might! I mean, i wont. But¬†even the thought of the ‘might’ terrifies me enough. It’s hard being responsible for something that not only belongs to you, but also someone else. I’m a party girl. I’m only used to being responsible for myself. But i’m fine. I just need to quite the random crying over fresh fruit. HAHAHA. Oh Lord help me! You can only laugh at it all!

Other than all that, i was informed that I was going to mailed hundreds (about 4) pairs of shoes, simply to wear and because na company adores me. Not bad for a days work. I love killer heels, they are my LIFE! The onyl time I will place the words ‘Killer’ and ‘Life’ in the same sentence! They’ve also decided to pay me, to model the footwear…which luckily, i think i can do! Woohoo! Then i found a little black thing crawling up my leg towards¬†my vagina. I thought it was a fly of some sort an began screaming MADLY, like i was about to get raped by a disabled goat! (Bizarre use of imagination!) Anyway, it ended up just being a mole (as in a beauty spot..not a furry blind critter..are moles blind?) It wasn’t even moving…i had imagined it actually crawling and i wasn’t even on drugs! I think that if i was on drugs, I would’ve actually realized it was a mole. This¬†being sober thing, is fucking my head up. My insides are all *rehab* right now, but screaming for a ‘party party.’ I want to be naughty and drink 72 cocktails, whilst shimmi-ing on bar tops in nipple tassles to latin beats! This no booze thing is killing me and probably more than if i was to actually DIE from alcohol poisoning.

I’m happy, fun, having to miss the Alea fashion show tonight at Clarence Dock in Leeds. I travel to London tomorrow and have a weekend of pure non-stop work. I’m a busy, busy bee…but it’s just the way I like it. You don’t get anywhere, if you don’t work for that dime! I’ve played a LOT…now lets get back to business. I’m an entertainer and proud! *Puts on her tie- tightens her cuff links.*

Gay Adam told me he was walking in the London Gay Pride this year, which i completely adore. I mean, it’ll be a long *strut* in heels, but fuck it…be gay and proud! ¬†I did question the *walking* part though? I mean why just walk, when surely a skip and a shimmie is what the Gay God ordered. He claims that he is wanting to throw things out to the people in the crowds….yet feels that stones would not be appropriate. ūüôā¬†I think he’s gonna go with confetti or vodka minatures? I told him to go with condoms and pills. I really enjoyed talking to him today. It made me remember our good times togther. I was in stitches, laying on my bed, on my Black berry. He really knew how to perk a Glamour Puss up. I felt back to normal again…and well dollies this bitch is a smiling! WOOHOO!



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