Sluts before 9am

I woke up this morning, as i do every morning, with my mothers finger on my nose. In the Wunna Family, it’s code for ‘I love you…now wake the fuck up.’ When i’m in LA, i wake up with a different ‘Finger’ on my nose, it sometimes smells like tacos and it’s usually attached to a 6ft Mexican, who so happened to MISS the appropriate hole. It too, is code, for ‘I love you, now wake the fuck up.’ Anyway, after the ‘nose thing’ and because it’s sunday, we all (as in Mum, dad, brother and I), jump into one big bed, and talk about SLUTS!! It’s fun!! I hope i pass on the tradition. The word ‘slut’ was probably said more than 57 times, this morning, on this bed, and ALL before 9am!! I was raised wrong, but probably better than you, so…hahahaha! I was also informed, that my Godfather, use to go to burmese discos, in …well Burma, ofcourse, and deliberately  leave his flies undone, with his 8 incher hanging out, so chicks would dig him. If i am left orphaned…that man will be my new father!! LOVE IT!!

I’ve just woken up, i feel quite marvellous. I have the biggest pot of coffee, waiting for me to play, and ‘Rudes’ (thats ‘Latn Lover,’) are quarrelling over the sex of our first born child…(yes it’s imaginary, we do not have a baby…and yes we do need therapy.) I want a girl, he wants a boy. I claim, i wouldn’t know what to do with a boy, except have sex with it…. hahaha, i’m going to hell for that one!! But really who cares, as it’s not on the current agenda, as obviously we need to reside in the same country first!! Would help really??

Anyway, i’m off to cause havoc, it’s the holiday weekend, there’s mischief to me made, and i feel HOT!!



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