Sleeping Beauty & Space Jazz


Today…I’m knackered and I know i’m knackered simply because not only did I believe it was Wednesday on a Thursday, but I also seem to be unable to open my eyes to their full kitten effect, meaning they just need a bit more sleepy. 

Junior had his injections yesterday. A horrific moment for me, hence why I always let ‘Daddy’ do the holding down for the jab. We all went to get my little bundled weighed and pricked, all in the name of good health, (he actually started giggling out loud and wiggling with his willy, when he was starkers on the weighing cradle *rolls eyes*…) so afterward I decided to treat us all to a bit of boneless chicken at TGI’s.  Mummy bear, Daddy bear, Ruby bear and Junior bear, rocked up to our comfy red booth and chowed down! It was lovely and well.. us all being a family again really seems to be making a difference. Of course life has busied up, so it’s a great deal harder to get fully back on track romantically. Children, work and mayhem seem to take over.

But I saw the sparkle in my little girls eyes yesterday..a sparkle that had forgotten to twinkle out,  for a wee while. When you’re a mum, that sparkle is essential and something you crave to see in the eyes of your loin fruit. But yes, she’s back to being confident, chipper and giggly again. I mean, this morning when her eyes woke up, even though mine were knackered from Junior deciding not to sleep…(luckily this time I had help)..she peeped up, smiled like her smile could melt the hearts of the entire world, squeezed my hand and said, ‘Gosh, I love you mummy.’ Awww. (I enjoy that my children are charming. They can be rascals at times, but i’m proud that they are able to manipulate themselves out of trouble with utter, ‘smeared on thick’ charm. 🙂 She called me ‘a witch’ the other morning.)

I still can’t keep my eyes open. This working malarky, with two kiddies is hard core. I’m doing my very early mornings, staying up with the children through the night if they need me, working, travelling, tending to nursery runs and now i’m back to being wifey. It’s great. But I need staff! 🙂 However, I’ll enjoy the benefits to it all the work, when it comes to Christmas and my bank balance is *BA BOOMING.* That’s my incentive. Cold…hard…cash. 🙂

It’s only been two weeks and i’m knackered. 🙂 I already need a break, a holiday…a massage. I’m starting to think that Sleeping Beauty had the right idea. Always thought she was a bit of a lazy cow, but now i’m thinking she was the smartest Princess in all of the land. ‘I’ll kip for 100 years, you lot do everything for me, then get some hot guy to kiss me, wake my ass up and i’ll get lots of fame, attention and love. The End!’ Works for me!

(UGH! WHAT IS WITH PLACES TURNING UP THE AIR CON WHEN IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE!!! I’ve got fripples, on top of fripples today! They’re like Woody Woodpeckers!  UGH! GOD! Now someone’s phone is ringing and it’s that weird ‘Popcorn’ ringtone. It sounds like old school ‘space jazz.’ Just what I need when i’m this exhausted. Space jazz. GIVE ME BED.)

At least it’s Friday tomorrow. That’ll be nice. Ruby, Junior, The Hubs and I have got an audition for a Christmas supermarket commercial at the weekend. It’s good to go on a family type audition, as you feel all excited to have company. So fingers crossed. I haven’t fully read the brief, as it was actually emailed to Keiran. But i’m sure we’ll do alright. If we get it, it’s good ‘dollar,’ meaning Santa will certainly be coming down our forest chimney. (We’re in the forest for Christmas cabin fun this year. I’m fully excited for it, as i’ll be on a big old break from work! Yeeha!)

But anyway, I can’t be more interesting just yet, as I have a lot to get through, sleep to look forward to and there are eyes glaring at me, like I should be being more productive.

Love you,

Fill you in later.







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