Sick men rock

Feeling quite lovely and isn’t the weather just gorgeous!! I love how my life went from being, Queen of Hollywood’ Greatness, partying like a champion, and feeling quite ‘half full,’ to all of a sudden see-sawing from tending to sick men, in hospitals, and tending  to hopeful Glamour model stardom! I love the word, ‘Stardom,’ it sends a delightful quiver down my spine. (Woooooo! I do one naked, and one fully clothed….yet in all cases the men are usually quite sick!! Lol…. I’m headed for great things finally, and i think it’s because i feel stable, happy, and ‘Full to the brim.’ Hollywood, is an exciting place, yet definitely can aid you on your journey to completely losing yourself! I feel stronger than ever, i feel sane, and it’s all because i’m in England, hence why the career is accidentally going soooo incerdibly well right now. I’m gonna make something of myslef…Thank God, as i was beginning to get a bit worried there…hahaha! Plus, i’ve also realised that i’m bloody good at looking after people. Since i’ve been on the ward visiting ‘Old papa’ and seeing that other patients haven’t been recieving visitors. I’ve been making my lovely self useful for once, and randomly visiting them. It’s a really great feeling….a muscle i’ve only just got use to exercising. I go everyday and visit as many people as possible. Don’t worry it’s not an addiction, as (like i said to Byron), i’m far too commitment phobe, to be addicted to anything….well apart form work. yet, that to me is acceptable. I LOVE my job. Entertaining is my thing, whether it be with my boobs out, in a Zoo Bikini, or at the side of a sick mans bed (erm…) in a hospital.

‘Latin Lover’ is successfully getting on my nerves. He doesn’t even deserve such a grand title as ‘latin lover,’ (no wonder he loves it so much.) From now on i’m just gonna call him ‘Rudy.’ It’s his name, and far less exotic. During a time when i needed him to talk to him the most, he decided to tell me to bollock off, and instead wanted to watch a dude throw raw fish through the air, because his so-called ‘friends’ (who never call him) we’re there. All Rudy does is play games for attention, and that is something i don’t have time for right now. I’ve grown up and blossomed quite delightfully, since being in the motherland. So i’m plonking him at the bottom of the ‘ Will talk to when he decides to grow up’ list. I just can’t be bothered, especially since he finds apologising quite difficult, and i dunno, he must think he’s quite charming?? he keeps trying to charm himself back into my heart…unfortunately the Queen of Charm, gives him ‘nil points.’

But i am feeling GREAT, and i’m pretty much ready to take over the world now. Thankyou so much for listenning to me babble. It’s very much appreciated. I love you all, and a LOT!! Don’t you forget it!! xxx

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