Should’ve Put a Riiiiiiing on it….

It’s been a day of getting the ‘love’ from the ‘boys.’ I’m feeling AMAZING today. I intended to have a day of pussy cat chillax much, however, my day (as always) turned into ‘hey i know, why don’t you work!’ I had a being of ‘eww’ tell me that i ‘didn’t do much, if anything,’ and my answer to that is ‘yes, because i’m lucky.‘ But lets look back at the ‘not doing much,’ thing, because, i thought i had been a model (which is a properly paying job) for years and years and years…I acted, in LA and loved it. (That’s work.)  I’m a blogger. I get paid to show up places. I did a 7 episode  reality tv stint, i do  interviews around the world to inspire and i have a cosmetics line, two books, a fragrance and more tv to come, on it’s way this year alone? Therefore surely that’s doing quite a lot? (I’ve noticed the only people that go on about the ‘u don’t do anything’ and hate on people, are the ones that aren’t doing well themselves. It’s never the ones that are happy with their life.)  However, saying that I LOVE my life, and i enjoy being me. My actual reply was ‘I do life,‘ and i don’t really have to justify it. I’m one of those girls that just got lucky from living her life and writing about it. I treasure life. It’s the only ‘thing’ and the most important ‘thing’ we all have. I’m doing it ..i am…i am…and therefore specializing in the most precious gift in all of the world, therefore i concentrate on it, and ditch all negative bitty drama, that litters it. It’s a great deal harder than people think. (Hence all the drinking and winking.) But are you doing everything you ever wanted? I hope so…because i am and i feel AMAZNG! *Hair toss-strut*

4 thoughts on “Should’ve Put a Riiiiiiing on it….”

  1. I don’t know a thing but i do know you rock on this blog. The first paragraph where you tell all the b**tches off that is cool. Everything else is cool too. Hey babe take the world by storm and when they say what was that they so stunned? You tell them. Have fun. Cheers 🙂


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