Shooting it Lovers!

Okay i’m in a bit of a rush, and i’ve just fallen into a shelf of spices, but i’m here writing you this Mcblog because i’m an Attention whore and need my fix! And i’ll ramble on to anyone who’ll fucking lend me their ears for a second.

I’ve been up since 6am…which is a shit time of day as nothing happens at 6am really, apart from milkmans, walk of shames and paedophiles sneaking back into their wives beds. I am shooting today in Yorkshire, Wakefield to be exact with a bunch of other lovely girlies i believe?? It’s in a Mansion…i would assume, since i’ve just looked at my schedule and it’s under ‘mansion shoot.’ Any excuse to whip off my and be a pretentious nuisance. REJOICE!!

I’m really sorry for not being able to aimlessly natter with you delicious sexy bitches on Facebook etc…. just recently. The Gods are punishing me by making me actually have to work. But i will be catching up with you all next week…don’t worry you moaney little imps!! The bitch will be back…to rock her sexy with all y’all shortly.

Today i’m horny as hell and it no-one wants to have a bit of ‘ooh laa’ with me!! Yet everyone wants me to give them a blowjob! Selfish bastards! I had a boy say it’s like when ‘Selfridges doesn’t have the bag you want, you have to take the next best thing.’  (This is after he [Boyband Jonny] didn’t want to ‘nail it’ and just wanted my face around his cock, for our first intimate moment.) UGH!!! I’m not gonna do anything, unless there’s something in it for me! Lol..It’s just the way the Wunna works! Oh and to all the boys who are sending me ‘Date me’ messages….please do try and BUY my affection! It works wonders! Tiffany’s much? It’s like you guys need to go back to ‘Romance camp.’ I like to be wooed. God i fucking need some wine and it’s not even 8am yet! And i love how my Mother thinks she owns me simply because i squidged out of her fadge one lonely December evening!

I’ve been presenting Unsigned Music acts and well i want you to check this chica out! I watched her live and was blown away…she’s amazing and in my mind the next big thing and fucking hell..the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I adore her. Saw her at a showcase, presented her act and well she has a bright sexy future ahead of her.

Godda go, i have a woman who resembles ‘Fat Bastard’ beckoning me and people rolling my hair, without my permission. I also have a PA running around the run with his trousers by his ankles..when really he has nothing to be proud of. If i can’t see your dick from here…and you haven’t ‘tucked it’ to make yourself look like a girl..then you have major problems. I’ve just been hit with it. I felt nothing. So professional in ‘The Wunna’ camp! Haha..

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