Sexual at Maya

Hello my Pretties! I’m busy as a hungover bee, not that hungover bees are very busy, but i’m dragging my arse up and around and functioning quite fabulously! Last night, i thought i was gonna have a quiet night in with my telly and a massive garlic nan bread, dipped in chicken korma. Instead, i get a phone call from my sexy Samuel, who figures since i’m in the joyous Capital i might aswell party up a storm and make the most of my McStay here, right? Plus, he called me ‘sexual’ and with me being easy i 100% commited to a night of ‘good times!’

An hour later and a fake tan spray down, we both ended up at Maya!! (Yeah, baby yeah!) Due to our dearest posh matey Flic who was interviewing celebs at the event..(and she’s bloody good at it too) we muscled are way in dressed as delciousness and partied our arses off!

All i remember is standing on anything that could be stood on and dancing on it, with bottles of wine..grey goose in the air..with shots, shots, shots! We were AWESOMENESS! The good thing about having a tv show air this evening i guess, is getting free bottles of Grey Goose. All of sudden Sexual Samuel and I we’re soo popular and everyone wanted to sit at our table, so they could drink all our fucking wine and steal all our vodka!!!  Hilarious!! I just remember a gaggle of girls, some HOT ass boys, (soo many) who kept trying to pull my dress down and trying to hit on Samuel. They’re was hip/hop madness,  lady ga ga, our lovely Flic  and party insania!! We basically lived life should be lived!! And celebrated ours!! We were fablous drunken tits and desperately hoping people would sambuca spike our drinks! They did! We ended up ungracefully exiting the club, being followed by random men and then i guess i stole his house keys, leaving him standing a bit Mcdrunky (code for trashed) on Tottenham Court road. Hilarious! Greatest night EVER!!!

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  1. i loved the pics it looked like u had a great time with your pal what is maya like babe? is it ok it looked quite swish i got ot say u looked ream in your dress babe. when u arenext in the capitol go the warehouse or egg chrissie if u want ot get messy they are powerful. i hope it all goes well for u tonight i look forward ot watching and hearing what u sound like take care chrissie tada scratch u cant pipe about that post treacle


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