Sex in my city

Just got back from watching the ‘Sex in the City’ movie…made me cry, but have to force myself not too. I love those girls, as i have a little bit of each one inside me..(erm..) I guess they decorated total ‘heartbreak’ with good clothes, good shoes and dry wit…Like all decent girls should. That’s really all that matters. I mean, i’ve got myself in a WHOLE truck load of trouble, a million times over, and you’ve heard it, read it, or been there. I’ve slept with boys i shouldn’t have, walked away from the ones i should have, partied on top of tables, underneath tables, loved hard, fought hard, laughed (at you) the loudest and all with a giant bit of ‘Ooh Laa.’ I’ve done a great deal of tremendously naughty things, and never cared once what people have thought. I’ve worn the greatest outfits, the worst outfits, i’ve had sooooo many more malibu pineapples than you and well i’ve tripped up and fallen so many times, that the picking myself off the floor, dusting myself off, and fixing my lippie, whilst i hold my head high and strut…has become my art!! (hahahaha!) I love it!! I like to say, i’ve done a lot of ‘not very clever’ things, yet in the most glamourously ‘clever’ way!! And happy endings (erm?…) are always granted to those who have paid their dues.. or the ones that played the  ‘happy’ to the ‘end.'(like me… bitches) I’m so lucky, and i never once forget it. If you look at every pair of shoes i own, each shoe has a scuffed up, fucked up or broken heel. It means they have taken me on adventures, or that i’m clumsy. Clumsy girls, who are so precise, and go on adventures whenever they so wish…SCORE!! I have no idea what this blog is about?? But ‘ahaha’ you sat through it and read it!! I love you!!

2 thoughts on “Sex in my city”

  1. Me a stinky bloke. Me hate Sex In The City…

    …now Californication I liked!! …and The L Word looked pretty good too mmmmm lesbians…

    yeah I sat through the whole blog though I think a faded out aroundabout ‘pineapples’ and faded back in with ‘clumsy girls’. Do you still love me?



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