Send in the clowns…

New mums to all one year olds! Do NOT take them to the Circus, unless you want to spend your ENTIRE evening watching them do roly pollies, instead of embracing their bedtime hour, followed by an early morning of ‘I’m not going to nursery because i’m going to join the Circus’ behaviour.

Ruby ADORED the Circus. She booty shaked, clapped, danced and got all giddy on the inside and out for every little inch of the Circus fun. To be honest, i thought it was a bit naff at first, as it was a bit too low budget market lycra, in neon, with poor dance moves, to big victory playing music. THEN…it got good and i resepcted every moment of their talent, IT GOT REALLY GOOD and far too dangerous. I was stressed out half the time, with their scary acts of ‘hoopla.’ I mean one girl fell off a giant ball and nearly broke her back. However, if you’re going to choose an occupation where balancing on giant balls, whilst hoola hooping and smiling to Lady Gaga tracks is your thing…then i guess you’re going to be used to a bit of a fall down. When i’m near balls, i’m certainly not standing on them and hoola hooping. I’m chatting to them and asking Keiran why they smell of pickles? 🙂 (First joke of the day. Booyah!)

Anyway….As i stated before, the glitzy fruit of my loins LOVED IT and loved it more than her little Asian heart could handle. She now wants to join the circus and believes my belly is her trampoline to perform bouncing acts of glory, simply for a bit of a clap. Getting her to nursery this morning was impossible. Firstly because Keiran (her Daddy dearest) arrived home from Bestival, where he had been working for a few days at 6.38am this morning and secondly because her heart just wasn’t in it. I still MADE her go. I’m not soft when it comes to her trundling off to baby school. However, i did take a moment to smile, as usually she leaves home in the morning to nursery with a face of DIVA expressing, ‘I’m a Celebrity.. Get me out of here!’ Today…she just wanted to roly poly…and make me clap. OVER and OVER…again.

The good thing is that i managed to find my friend Em’s (my ginger Back Seat Princess) a potential husband at the Circus. I don’t know him and i never ever will, yet if she met him…she’d want to marry him. Even since being in school i fancied myself as a bit of a Cupid. A bit of a match-maker. My matches never worked. Yet i loved putting people together and making them love…even if only for a moment. It made me happy. I love, love.

So…two of my new friends Em’s & Fran, have sauntered into my life and made me accidentally adore them. They remind me of myself, when i was younger and knocking on the door of ‘love,’ with every boy, hoping to one day find my ‘forever.’ They’re in that stage where they are dating the boys of the world and deciding whether they are worth their time. One of them was stood up on ‘date night’ the other evening. (That’s happened to me TWICE and it never feels too great. Luckily she had a vodka and ice cream combination to ease her back to ‘happy place.’) And one… well like the other, has many a temporary admirer, yet is on the page, in the book of love, where you have a guy who calls you, begins his conversation all normal and innocent and then starts wanking out of nowhere down the phone, with love, lust and a boner. 🙂 (I had that phase also. It’s a comedy phase as it’s never horny to a girl. It’s always funny and well if we have friends near us at the time, we really do let the other girl listen and maybe even let her throw in a ‘ooh yeah baby’ when we’re a little tired or need a wee.) I think she’s named him ‘Asian wanking….[and his name in here].’ As much as i love their time in the dating pool, it sort of makes me happy to be an old married bird now. HAHA. That time of my life was hideous. I remember being drunk a lot, ‘playing’ confident, but on the inside being really lonely. I wanted to find my perfect man and yet each one of them was just a ‘miss.’ Keiran out of every man in this entire world that i have ever MET…is my PERFECT. So all girls hang in there. I didn’t even find him until i was 30 and that was the exact right time for us to meet and our paths to cross. You’ll meet your ”Hero’ one day and well only if you want to. I couldn’t go through life without him and THANK GOD i have my hunka-chunka handsome BACK HOME!!! (Last night over the phone, he was mildy concerned that i may have found Em’s future husband ‘hot.’ But as soon as i saw him, all i thought was ‘he’s be perfect for my ginger, Princess.’ That doesn’t mean he’d be right for me. Please, he’s in the Circus. LMAO) But yeah, we’re both like that…i don’t want him to find ANY OTHER GIRL attractive, as in my head that’d mean he fancies her more than me and might run off with them. (Issues. 🙂 ) And vice versa, Keiran would  HATE it if i found another man HOT…as it toys with his security as a man and makes him think i’m gonna totter off with their wallet…i mean heart. 😉  Innit! Yet i love that about us, because we’re the same. That situation is only bad if only ONE of the pair feels that way, when both do you’re actually equal. We’re both quite possessive…even if we play like we’re not. What’s ours is OURS and that’s the way we like it.

Okay work wise…i’ve been filming, i’ve got my book to promote. I left my book on hold until after the wedding, due to all the stress i was going through. However now i’m ready to get it back up and running. Yet in entertainment and coming from a back ground of marketing…TIMING is EVERYTHING. Therefore i’m calculating the ultimate time of perfecto, for me to do the big book push. Everyone working with me on this little project are always very ‘now, now, go, go.’ However, i’m a kitten who always goes with her gut. I’m ballsy, but patience and ready to learn from my previous mistakes. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, time your bundle right and you’ll be celebrating to champion music. It’s everything!

So yeah, filming, book, other stuff and future tv work. Keiran and i have actually been really busy and our world is a changing….fast. We have a busy next year in tv and well the rest of this year is left to planning,working hard and being exhausted. We’re also newlyweds, parents and with normal working jobs. I’m going back into marketing. He’s running his own security company and we’re fitting it all in….kinda….just. I feel like we’re kids that simply work so hard, that one day someone will look, see and reward us for it. We’re doing the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ of it all now and although thoroughly enjoyable…it’s not as easy as you think. (God, i need my nail doing. I feel all frumpy right now and like i need a Fairy God Mother spruce up.)

I actually have loads of work i have to do today, so i better get to it and attempt to be productive. I hope life gets a little easier on me.

Thank you for following my life…

Oh and my blessings go out to old school friend Kweku, whos trial begins in London today!! #TeamAdoboli






















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