See to Me please

I surprisingly feel much better! I was sitting in Starbucks, reading a book, then all of a sudden i thought of my childhood of ‘mud pie’ making, in my imaginary back garden restuarant, the numerous disgustingly tasty boys i ‘whopp-dee (ahem) dooed’ by accident at Crunch Gym ( i use to work there, as did they…evil laugh,) i looked at my right inside of arm, tattoo,(will be explained) and giggled (more like sniggered) to myself at all the crazy things i’ve managed to not only do, but also get away with, (and with such flair.) I’m so lucky. I’ve lived, and got away with being a mistake making mess, at the same time as turning it into my ‘thing.’ I’m ACE, and was totally raised by a nanny.

Anyway, i’m happy to be alive again, i lost it a little due to mild bi-polar or something, but i’m back, and strutting it darlings. Sometimes i just need that time alone to reflect on my Greatness. It usually takes a few moments of ‘in my head’ then with a laugh out loud, an adjust of my chest, and ‘pull my panties from out of my crotch,’ i’m back to normal…if i can classify myself as that? I always try my hardest, wasting so much of my time, attempting to be as normal as possible…i fail miserably at it every try. I guess that’s why i’m ‘Ooh Laa!’

I don’t have ‘owt else to report. I just wanted to tell you that i’m banjo happy now, and no longer thumbing through the book of ‘self pity.’ It was fun for a bit, but….who cares i need a good ‘seeing too.’ (wink wink) I’m feeling really frisky, and i’m not squite ure why? I’m always like this. I’m like a boy and i’m aware that it’s not very Lady like. I’m seeing sex red, and wanting to hump stationary objects. I think i need to take a moment. Save me, from myself!

3 thoughts on “See to Me please”

  1. We all need that time to reflect on our greatness, Chrissie. You, perhaps more than most, ’cause there’s just that much more greatness upon which to reflect! You’re the French’s, the Coleman’s, the Gulden’s, baby!

  2. im pleased u are happy knowe chriise time alone does always help because u can talk sense to your self. if u need an object ro hump i will get a sherbert know it will be about 3 hours but i will tell the drives to get there sgharpish lol. brett is right we all have gratness. and u do have alot u are a proper sort and u are funny and i bet u are a great laugh to go out with chrissie have a good evenig babe take care treacle tada scratch


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