Second Date With ‘DreamBoat’- TONIGHT

Even though i’ve had a shit day, luckily i have an exciting night. ‘Dreamboat’ asked me on a second date (‘ooooh)  and after an impressive ‘first,’ i submitted to his powers of ‘Ooh laa’ and quite happily agreed. He, on the otherhand has had a WONDERFUL day today. I like men who have had ‘Wonderful’ days before dates, as they tend to be more enthusiastic about most things…’most things’ being ME! I’ve just talked to him and yeah he’s bounding from rooftops with happiness and on his way to get me in a couple hours for DATE 2. (Chill date.)

It’s all been a little bit too perfect so far. But i’m loving every second. I’m having the most fun any little girl could ever have and well i don’t think he could get much better? When people can’t get much better, they usually get a little worse. Tonight will be interesting, as DATE 2 is always very telling! First impressions NEVER count. It’s what happens 5 seconds after them that matters. I’m happy, i’m excited and with a ‘I just HAVE to see you tonight’ text message from him…it’s all  looking a goody! (She winks!) Do i ‘put out?’

7 thoughts on “Second Date With ‘DreamBoat’- TONIGHT”

  1. I drink to ‘anything’ yes…however i shall not be having one for you, as it’s really (and i thought we already knew this) ALL ABOUT ME GODDAMIT! Hahaha! No really, iy is!


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