Second Choice Sally

Woke up this morning naked under the thickest of duvets. It didn’t have a cover on it, due to the the fact that if i hate doing anything in life, it’s having to tediously shove a bulky ‘mind of its own’ duvet into some giantly thin cotton sack. I never understood the art of ‘bed making,’ it’s a time waster. Infact,  I’ve never once in my life EVER had to make a bed. I intend to keep it that way.

Anyway, 2 seconds after waking. My googly eyes ‘wiggly waggle’ their way around ceiling, my room, my life then suddenly ZOOM  in on a printed inky stamp, that was inky stamped on my unclothed duvet which read (in block capitals) ‘SECOND CHOICE.’ Hilarious! Imagine waking up next to a handsome studly, thinking you are his world then randomly looking at that inky stamp which states ‘Um no bitch please, you were his Plan B,’ in a magical ‘sign from God’ manner. Too funny. Luckily there was no studly stud. What am i talking about, ‘luckily?’ Dont get the wrong impression guys. I want Studly studs. Please all ‘Studly Studs’ send your sexual resumes and topless pictures to my fan box….IMMEDIATLY! Even the gay ones. I’ve had a gay 7 week boyfriend before. It’s all good. The ‘topless’ part is compulsory. Girl Perverts Rock.

Anyway ‘i’m gonna get back to my life now’….lol. I have 2 little interviews today. I adore saying my piece, yet it’s more because (unlike you..hahah) I enjoy the sound of my own voice. Winks My Sexies!

Chrissie Wunna

3 thoughts on “Second Choice Sally”

  1. i hate making beds chrissie and all it does me sweade in. how funny are u with the stampo thing lol . i will send me resume know then babe u need a derby to go in with all the six packs lol

  2. i think so and i have neva had any complaints. if i have they aint around to complain any more lol . and i am more of your comedy stud or the one who will iron all the other studley studs out


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