Save the goldfish

Funniest fight ever!! I am currently, to the soothing background of Big Brother 9, running as fast as i can in nothing but beige Ugg boots, laughing my ass off, and getting actual real life GOLDFISH thrown at me!! Horribly hialrious right!! Believe it or not, the Goldfish have been put back safely, and are swimmingly happy, but the fact that i made someone mad enough, to reach into a bowl of happy goldfish, and throw them at me is HILARIOUS, or against the law?? (hate crimes, hate crimes!) My eye is red from being poked, with an exotic plant (haha) and my bum is sore from falling on it continuously mid ‘runaway.’ I have been chased all over the grounds, and my eyelashes are blinking off (yes, i’m that glamourous) as i speak!! I’m cracking up with sheer belly laughter, and life is just GRAND!! (hahahahahaha)

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