Santas, Elves, Filming & Prostitutes

Really excited! Filming today. I’m currently going over my lines on a train, after a delicious ‘hotel night’ with my babies…I’m filming through the night and that’s something I haven’t done in a whole heck of a while. 

Yet, I’m loving it because it’ll feel like a proper ‘graft.’ It’ll be cold. It’ll be late. It’ll be dark. But we’ll all team up and get the job done and dusted to ‘wrap’ at 1am, in the early hours of tomorrow morning. (It doesn’t really matter how early or late I shoot/film…)as long as I do my bit and perform well. I will say, that I haven’t stayed up until 1am for aaaages, because of my busy ‘up early’ work schedule. I’m gonna need all the coffee that the planet can offer! 

I really can’t wait! I’m so so excited!!! I know it’s gonna be fun! 

I’m working with the Northern film school. The film is called ‘Extra,’ ….and infact for the next four days, that’s what I’ll be doing! I’m a massive fan of working with the talents at the film school, because nobody does it better than them! I love them!!!

I’m playing ‘Amy.’ (‘I’m Amy…’ is actually the opening line to the film.) She’s a prostitute. (Yesterday…I was an Elf. 🙂 ) 

Yesterday was so much fun, but oh my gosh! I hate being late to anything. I like to be early…to EVERYTHING!! I wasn’t late. I was 3 minutes early…YET, I thought I was going to be late…and there’s nothing worse than feeling shit! Lol. 

So I hit ‘panic.’ 

It’s morning, I’m shattered, I’m dashing through the streets of Leeds. I’m rushing through a silent, early morning Victoria Gate. I’m hurtling through the streets, passed Louis Vuitton, Sports Direct…Just trying to ya least get on The Headrow on time-ish. I had 10 minutes to get there. I kinda thought I might have had it in the bag. 

So…ofcourse, I start to saunter…Proud as a peacock….I was. I strutted! It was kinda like a cool, John Travolta strut…but I’m a faux fur. (Don’t be getting that twisted with some kind of fucked up ‘Staying Alive,’ finger in the air dance routine…) as obviously that wouldn’t be appropriate, when I was about to put an elf suit on. 

Who honestly wakes up and finds themselves dressed as an elf on a Sunday morning! 

Then…and (just when I knew I was on time & safe) OUT of FUCKING nowhere…I’m not kidding…A MILLION flipping, jolly as fuck SANTA’s POP OUT and start running in front of me, besides me, behind me, around and round me!! It was madness! I couldn’t get through! I couldn’t walk! I couldn’t even SEE! Haha! 

It was just Santa Dash mania & I was trapped in the middle of it ALL!!!!

OFCOURSE!!!! How!?! Why???? 

I mean…what is my life! On Saturday, I film all day in Manchester and get surrounded by NUNS, who want to talk about the excitement of STONE WALLS! 

Sunday morning…I am intensely bombarded by FOURTY- TWO MILLION ‘jolly as fun’ Santa’s…who are making me late for work…and RUNNING around me…madly!!!!

Three of the Santa’s remembered me off ‘First Dates,’ so I THEN had to selfie. In fact so did the cutest girl at Subway later. (Hope you’re well!)

And today…it’s Monday….and I’m ‘Amy’ the prostitute! 


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