Sad Face/Chris Fountain/ and my boobs

Woke up, drinking coffee, had a little cry this morning ( she weeps), and after a few hundred nightmares, a tough time eating, and a dodgey emotional rollercoaster, i’m actually not doing too badly. Infact i’m doing GREAT considering!

I’ve had a lot on my plate over the last couple days, well not literally, as for some reason i can’t eat (haha), and i suppose i just needed to let out some tension…hence the weeping. It really does make you feel better, try it!! My ‘Latin Lover’ is currently ‘fobbing’ me off, which translates as, i asked him to pay for something that was very important to me, he gave me the old, ‘Yeah, yeah, definitely, you’re my everything,’ line, then suddenly, and just like magic, disappeared!! Don’t get me wrong, i mean , he does give me the odd, ‘Sorry, i didn’t email you, i was busy,’ courtesy check in. Yet, as we all know, busy turns into.. too busy, which further turns into a ‘Houdini’ disappearing act, and then suddenly, and because they’re terribly lonely a new oriental face is gracing the otherside of their pillow, and wearing your fucking accessories!! (hahaha) Why doesn’t my love life every go right??

Enough of that!! So ‘FOUNTAIN’ didn’t WIN!! I am gutted, as he definitely deserved too!! That blond ‘Here’say’ girl needs to get her eyes scratched out….by horny monkeys!!UGH!! Dancing on Ice, is my only, time to really chill, ( apart from when i’m partying like a Rockstar, yet that’s not chilling, its ‘Showtime.’), therefore even my ‘happy happy chill time,’ decided to explode in my face, as ‘Here’say,’ blondy takes the trophy home!! GUTTED!! Monkeys!! (scratch, scratch.)

I’m really missing the sunny sun of LA, but only because my tan needs a bloody decent top up. I want to get back to LA, lay by a pool for two weeks solid, bake ferociously, until i DIE of sun stroke, then luckily come back to life immediately, and with a Peach Margarita in my hand, and a Hottie passing me his number!! (haha) Having to Boots fake tan, EVERY single night, for a shoot, is WAY less glamourous. Plus, it’s starting to get tedious, and very VERY messy. Everything i touch, has a splurge of gooey orange shimmer slime on it, and i have to run around the house naked, whilst sipping cups of tea, waiting for it to dry. All i need is the bloody, ‘Benny HIll,’ theme tune playing and i’m all set!!

OOh so… i think ( and thanx to my Wizard) some booby piccy’s have been put up, for the pleasure of you Darling boys, or girls?? (I guess, not really girls, cos all they want to do is call me ‘Slag’, and steal my accessories …hahaha) Enjoy!! Enjoy!!!

Anyway, i’ve got to go and shout at my mignons!!! I think they miss me!! (whip sound, whip sound.)

3 thoughts on “Sad Face/Chris Fountain/ and my boobs”

  1. well I’m a horny monkey so I’d be happy to ‘take care’ of Suzanne Shaw for you – she’s a hottie! Did you ever see her home sex tape? It’s always the quiet innocent-looking ones…

    …except when it’s the loud naughty-looking ones, of course.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a cry… 🙁 *hugs* xxxxx


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