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Morning my yummy winks of love-festival. It’s your resident bit of Glamour Puss and well ‘Mama-in a rush.’ (I’ve got to set off to work in about a minute and I have successfully JUST completed the circus that is ‘the nursery rush.’ I’m single mumming it, with TWO bits of bambino, yet i’m doing it like a champ and still with a strut in my step and the greatest pair of heels. Ruby didn’t want to get up this morning and I don’t blame her, for the first time in a week and half, WE ALL had the best nights sleep together. We snuggled into one big bed and slept with peace swirling around us. Everything was calm, happy and chilled…and well it was definitely one of those moments where we were at our strongest as a family and that’s when we are ‘just us,’ Ruby, Junior and I. There’s a loving, positive peace about ‘just us’ and well it’s happy, because we’re at our most comfortable and we love harder than anything. It’s been ‘just us’ for ages now that the children have kinda got into the swing of it…so have I. And nothing makes me feel greater because i’m doing everything right as a parent. I’m the one that was always there for them..through the vow of ‘for better or for worse.’ I’m the lioness, with my cubs and we are the happiest set of ‘purr-fest’ ever.

Okay, so today my Mum flies to Belfast, i’m at work all day, i  have just done my eyelash line emails for America and my move in date has changed AGAIN. ANNOYING. I’m on a major deadline now and it sucks. So, i could panic, but i won’t. I’m keeping my head down and staying focused. I’m good at that these days. But i don’t have the time to sort it all out. I’m busy as can be and well these things need to get check boxed and ticked off the ‘to do ‘ list.

I will tell you that when the shit hits the fan, I AM 100% the girl you call…all my friends know that, all my family know that and EVEN I know that. I’m super great when it comes to to MASSIVE problems. I know how to keep the world calm and sort through it all positively to find an answer. People tend to forget my basic personality. I’m happy go lucky, yet strong like bull. I’m emotionally very together now and that makes a women very powerful. Almost to the point where it terrifies men. They think they’re pulling the wool over your eyes, or tinkering with your head, trying to run the show…but they’re not. I see through everything, say nothing, then adjust. I actually laugh at the Tom Foolery, that gents believe they are putting me through. I mean, I’ve experienced so many relationships with  all types of men, i know them like the back of my hand. (I don’t know how i’ve got n to talking about men?) But yes, don’t let a weak man, get you down. They only try to do it when they need to feel powerful. They are usually going through shit themselves. Then they find someone to bully (if they’ve been raised poorly) and well what you should do is slip on your killer heels and be a success…then laugh a little, as you sip on your evening champers, watching re-runs of ‘Teem Mom 2.’ 🙂 (Exactly what I did last night!!) Don’t be threatened into submission Ladies. We are what makes the world go around!! There are plenty of AMAZING men, who know what they’ve got when they’ve got it. To the single mums…don’t let men wind you up. You have everything that they don’t have and that is family and THE CHILDREN. You can’t achieved anything to your fullest potential in life, without your solid foundation. As a woman.unless you’re a crappy mum and i hope you’re not…you have that! I come home to a house filled with family, laughter and babies. That is what makes me powerful, happy and have a sense of purpose. When it comes to men, a good man will always understand you and try to make it right..see the best in you, respect you and he doesn’t have to be a knight in shining armour, as they’re pretty fake and fairytale at the best of times…just a sweet guy, who can rock  a pair of jeans will do fine for most chicks, as there’ snot that many guys who know how to keep it simple. Simple is what makes them an amazing man. The men who stick to the rules of basic courtship, love, normality and romance. Who don’t surrender to ‘the boys’ rules of bullshit. That’s 17 year old drama…and well i didn’t even have to go through that at 17, as the boys I went to school with are ACE.

I’m ranting today and i don’t know why? I think because i only have a short time to tell you as much as I can!! *Tick..tock…tick…tock.*

But yes, when things are going massively wrong in life…I’M A GREAT PERSON TO CALL. I’m just good at keeping it real and keeping you calm. I can deal with it all with a wink and mainly because i’ve been through a lot. It’ll actually serve me well as a Mum, when the babies are teens. Lol (Aww…i can’t believe they’re gonna be teens one day. 🙂 )

Ruby and I had an  amazing day yesterday, we make gingerbread cookies, cuddled and loved. She’s one way with me..which is her real self because i let her be her, silliness and all…and then one way with her other parents (so to speak.) I see her put on the ‘show’ and it’s funny. But i’m glad that i’m the parent that she is real around, as i’ve always had the relationship with my mum. She is so proud of me and loves me for who i am, through all the stupid mistakes and everything, 🙂 You totally become your parents. Junior is just a Mummy’s boy through and through. He has his one way with me and one way with Daddy also. But, Junior’s a Mummy’s boy due to circumstance because as he’s grown and he’s almost nearly one…i’ve  been the parent that he’s woken up to EVERY morning and gone to sleep with every night..and spent the weekends with 24/7. Like I said before, out of 30 days in a month, I see him 30…which makes me lucky as you can’t build the same bond with a child, over 4 days, in comparison to a 30 day, every day bond.  It’s normal. How you are with them as children makes them who they are as adults. What he learns with me is to love and respect women. BONUS! The way they both looked at me before they went to bed was enough to put a smile on my face, like I was doing a great job!

Okay, iv’e got to fly to work now. Eyelash line going to be great, Day job…wonderful. New moving dates for home…shit. 🙂

Wish me luck and love..

Oh and thank you for following my life. x















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