Ruby me this…

Okay, so to get over my ‘Junior’s gone for 6 sleeps’ anguish, i decided to become a joiner and join things, to take my mind off his absence.

I was all empty. So empty, I rattled. Where was he? What was going on? Is he okay? What? What? Where? Where? I cried the first night! No sleep. No settle. No calm. It was delightful! Haha. 

If you didn’t know…I’m super emotional. (Really?) People always think I’m the opposite for some reason? (They really do!)

It all just felt mental, because I’d never done it before. It was like something was missing. It felt like a breakup. I was still up at 4am in the morning …just wondering? Just pottering. Just being all weird in a kimono. (Yes! I am a lunatic now. )

If you saw me in public…and lots of you did, I opted for ‘laugh it off/all smiles’ thing that I do. But I assure you, I was mental. My insides were lost & ouchy. I wanted to feel full, but couldn’t. 

Feeling full is always better than feeling empty. 

However because I had Ruby I stayed POSITIVE through it all. (She always saves the day! And she was a DREAM!) We figured we were all in it together. Ruby and I were gonna miss Junior madly, but we needed to ‘man up,’ and enjoy the best ever time. Y’know, Quality Mummy/Daughter, time that we wouldn’t get back. 

We decided to be excited for his return, rather than be sad that he was away…and  therefore we spent the best time together.

 Junior left us with  ‘don’t have any fun without me’ instructions.We didn’t obide. 

I mean, he will have had fun with his Dad, yet it will have been mixed in with The Bible…It’s not Junior’s favourite, yet i guess it’s life. He hates missing out on fun.  However, this is a new coaster… Coaster? Haha. Chapter!!! This is a new CHAPTER for him! and to be honest, he seems really happy! (He’s back now.) 

Anyway Ruby and I just did our thing. We lunched, loved, played, influenced shopping centres, toys and stores. We basically just got on with it. 

Ruby: ‘You’re the bestest mum in the world. I love you. Do you think he remembers me?’ 

Me: ‘Ofcourse he does baby. Don’t be silly. You’re his favourite person in the world!!! I love you.’ 

She was just as lost as I was, at first…Everyone noticed…Everywhere we went. Even Kenny at The Mallard, bought her a Barbie Egg to make her feel better…and it did. She beamed. Even security *paused* and said, 

‘You’ve lost your gusto little one. He’ll be back.’

 She loved that everyone cared. We’re both dramatic like that. I’ve learnt to hide it better than her. Haha. 

Ruby: ‘This feels like the longest week! I love time with you Mum, but I’m missing him.’ (She found the last few days difficult.) 

But then Pete (Her Dad…Again who I co-parent with) decided to get his knickers in a twist. I don’t know what’s up with him right now, but he’s constantly ‘knicker twisty,’ and it winds us both up. 

Basically, Pete’s gotten all weird over the fact that Ruby would rather spend time with Junior over him. He got upset that she was missing Junior, but not him??? Eh? Haha. 

So he made the executive decision that day to resent Junior for it? The number one person in the world that Ruby loves. Not a good move. 

Right now Ruby never wants to do her Daddy day. (She’s meant to go every Sunday.) She just wants to be with her brother all of the time …Even more so than ever now, due to circumstance. 

Again…do remember that I usually co-parent extremely well with Pete. Yet i’ve noticed that the more successful Wunna Land is getting…the more annoying he’s getting. Like he’s missing out or something? Like he thinks Ruby will only love me because I’ve created this magical world of boujiness, love and ‘ooh laa.’


Surely he should be happy that she’s happy and half Wunna? Lol. Surely he could create his own land, that she will love tooo? 

Surely? Surely? Surely? (That’s what I’m going to name my co-parenting book. Haha.)

Anyway…Instead of being cool, calm & confident that Ruby would venture back, when she’s ready…because she will. He kicked off. 


Unfortunately, I was downstairs & Ruby was upstairs watching ‘The Norris Nuts’ on my phone…and in pops Pete’s ‘kick off’ text…That SHE READ & brought down to me…TO READ!!! Haha. 

Awesome! Yippeee! Let’s do a conga line! 

*Rolls Eyes* 

It began with… 

‘Right. She needs to learn that they can’t be attached at the hip all the time . They BOTH do…’ (It got mean then…) 

Even before she had marched down the stairs and pushed it in front of my face… like she was Beyoncé…I KNEW she was furious. I could feel it in her stair stomp. 

Then when I read it…Right from ‘She needs to…’ I KNEW Pete (with zero Ruby skills) had messed up. She’ll see that and then that’s it. It’s game over…

Say, if there was a book on ‘How to deal with Ruby’…i’m on Page 4987…and he’s on Page 2. 

Ruby can be a nuisance, but Ruby and I are the same human! I know her, I get her, I raised her, I am her. She annoys me just as much. But everything she feels, I feel. Everything she is! I am. Everything she likes, I like. Everything I hate, she hates. We even have the same scowl. 

Everything! Everything! Everything! 

Pete’s too innocent to even nearly try to have a stab and tackling the loin fruit. He’s got no chance. Like no chance in juicy hell. 

Ruby will wipe the floor with him. The only battle she ever comes up against that she finds tough…is ME. 

So I know, that she’s read the text and is now filled with a stubborn dash of anger, where she’ll now do absolutely nothing he says & quite possibly the direct opposite, simply to teach him a lesson. 

He thought he was being authoritative. (Ouch.) 

But because he had a go at Junior…I’m all angry too (Haha.) 

I’m all ‘How dare he be jealous that she loves her brother more than him, when we’re going through his 6 sleeps away!!! I raised them to be this close!!!’ 

Mum: ‘Why didn’t you tell him it because they’re blood..’ 

Me: ‘…because he’s adopted and it’d make him feel…’

Mum: ‘…exactly!!’ 

(Haha. My Mum’s so evil. She’s literally the nicest human in all the world, but if you come at her Grandbabies..that is IT!! Lol.) 

I didn’t express any of that anger to Ruby, when she showed me the text. I didn’t play ‘high.’ I didn’t play ‘low.’ I went straight down the middle and instead I looked at Ruby and calmly said, 

‘How do you feel?’ 

Ruby: ‘I’m SO angry. I’m never speaking to him again!!!’ 

To this day….(Junior’s even done his 6 sleeps away and is back home and comfy…) Ruby is STILL refusing to speak to Pete or see Pete, because of that text. Haha. 

She’s THAT stubborn. But I told him she would be. He just doesn’t get it? So now he’s trying to do the ‘be lovely’ thing…But she’s having none of it. I feel bad for him because now he’s pinning after her love & she knows it.

Ruby: ‘I will see him when I’m ready.’ 

Pete: ‘Will she speak to me if I call?’ 

Ruby: ‘Mum! I said tell him NO!’ 

Anyway…All that malarkey made her grow strong. It ignited her inner fire. 

We only had a few sleeps left…It had felt like an eternity, if I’m honest. I was anxious the entire time, but weirdly with a smile. I do that. It’s creepy. 

We went around and bought Junior loads of ‘Welcome Home’ gifts from The Entertainer. It kinda made US feel better, more than anything. Like we we’re doing something for him. I’m so used to fussing over him, I was lost? It was weird.

Me: ‘I’ve lost his blankey. Should I get him another one?’ 

Ruby: ‘No. He already has Ellie. (His teddy thing.) It’ll teach him to be more independent. We need to buy him less things that comfort him.’

Me: ‘Are you saying that because of what ya Dad said?’ 

Ruby: ‘No.I don’t need my Dad to think for me. Junior doesn’t need a blankey. He needs me.’ 

She was hardcore!! 

Me: ‘How are you so grown? I don’t get it? You’re like an adult.’ 

Ruby: ‘I’ve been through a lot Mum.’ 😉

Then we belly laughed, like nothing else in the entire world mattered. 

3pm that day… Her brother arrived home. 

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