Rub me all over with a Russell Brand Loofah

I’ve just woken up, and although it’s 11.30am, i did actually wake up at 7.30 am,  it felt so good in my sheets, that i didn’t want to part with them…so i snuggled up, read ‘Glamour’ magazine, and had a little play with my ‘Mary popins!!’ (love it!) Perfect morning! I had this weird dream last night, of a blond boy i went to school with, gently walking up to me, whilst i was sitting on a walk, that guarded a very beautiful ocean and sunset. I was brushing my teeth (bizarro??)….he kissed me on the back of the of my neck, told me he loved me……and i can’t remember the rest…hahahahaha!! (got to becareful!!) I love the feeling of surprise kisses, on my neck. Shame it was just a dream really…haha

Anyway, i’m fighting fit, spent quality time, with Great Wunna before me. I probably have the BEST mother in the world ever, to the point that it makes others wish she was theres. I told her how lucky i was to have her, and then in good old ‘Wunna’ style, i decided to get extremely distracted and have a major crush on ‘Russell Brand.’ Yep, i’ve just watched him gyrating, and being a british arse, in ‘Forgetting Sarah marshall,’ and now i believe it’s love. There’s something about his teeth, his sarcasm, his sillyness, and basic Va Voom, that qualifies him as a Major Chrissie Wunna crush!! I love him, and i also love ‘Atlas’ from the new Gladiators series thats making a reappearance. I couldn’t have chosen 2 more different men!! Yet, i have a man who loves me dearly, and i love him too…. so, i wouldn’t change him for anything in the world, apart from…Russell Brand….hahaha! You can totally be in a relationship and have little crushes. I’ve learnt not to follow through on my crushes now though…lol. Unless he wants to shower me with expensive gifts, and his name is, Russell Brand!!

Enough of that!! I have a busy week, i’m totally excited about it, and i can’t wait until saturday gets here, as my busy week will be over…haha…and i can shop. It’s a beautiful day outside, and i’ve started my new healthy diet regime with a McChicken sandwich. Bastard!! I love you!


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