Rub it out

If anyone could massage me on a daily basis right now, i SWEAR DOWN i would worship them forever…well, until my aches had relieved anyhow, because honestly ‘forever’ is a looooong ass time! (hahaha, lots of boys have stated this too me in the past.) A young gentleman, had sex with me once, in our bosses appartment, whilst he was cat sitting. We broke everything in the appartment, due to the vigorousness of the ‘ooh laa, ‘ lost the bloody cat.. then he romantically ended it by saying…’forever is a looooooooong time,’ yet only because HE claims, I once gave him a blowjob in a multi story parking garage, and ended it with a high five, as i strutted off, minutes afterwards, without even a ‘Bye.’ I say ‘NO COMMENT.’ (he says, he never forgave me.) I need a drink!!

Anyway, i had a day of shopping today. My first day back to normal in 9 whole days. It rained all over me. I’m now exhausted and in desparate need of pampering. I can’t wait to get back in the sun, as i CANNOT stand the rain. It ruins my life, and every slutty outfit i own!!! Yeah, i really need a drink now….


1 thought on “Rub it out”

  1. have a drink for me chrissie i will massage u if u want babe. i will pay u for the privelege but i dont know if i am to shit hot at em but i will give it a good. i bet u hate this pony weather we are haivng need ot make up its mind what it wants to be not just grey and misrable. i bet u look ream in all your outfits chrissie. forever is a longtime though apart from when it coes ot supporting your footie team and folliwng the 3 lions i hope u feel even better soon chrissie have a good weekend babe and what is your poison when u are out on the swill?


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