Roll on Tuesday


Today has been amazing and it’s been amazing, (my gorgeous little dollops of love) simply because i’m all rested up, i’m no longer stressed, I’m feeling free of all troubles and i’m back to being ME!

A lot of people underestimate the power of being themselves, as it’s kinda the ONLY thing in this entire world, that ONLY YOU are good at! Not another single being in this ENTIRE WORLD, can do ‘being you’ as well as you. So embrace, enjoy everything you represent and deliver it positively, humorously, in good nature or with love passion, or intellect. *Pop on your geek glasses here.*

I feel as though i’m back in a good place and I don’t know how or why i’ve managed to find myself in this place of awesomeness… but I guess it’ s because i’ve watched and listened to the woes of others and it’s sort of made me realize how lucky I am.

Y’know, It’s really easy to swirl down the plug old (and i’m talking to all of you who are feeling sorry for yourself right now and letting the dark side get the better of you)…and as I watch you, or others tend to the downward, plughole swirl…I’m doing the opposite and slipping back into my heels, tossing my hair and with a hip bump, pout and adjust of my bra… strutting upward with a wink and a ‘hell yeah!’

I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, ‘pity parties’ are not sexy. Yes, to making people sorry for you, for a minute. BUT NO to dragging it out like a wet lettuce slither, on a slug trail. It’s looong.

But i’ve seen it all over the last couple weeks. Happy people, sad people, sad people who are actually happy on the inside, happy people, who are deeply sad on the inside. The works. The Lot. The wham McBammy.

I’m in a good place and i feel lucky. I’m beaming because I oddly think awesome things are about to happen in life.


YES! I’ve finally sorted out a week away from work, to chill, relax and indulge my tiny self in a bit of open air luxury. i’ll be hot tubbing in the open forest air, with my champers, the babies and surrounded by nature, peace and all things undramatic and I CANNOT WAIT. You all know, that it’s my favourite place ever. It’s a place of great sentimental value to my little family and I. We’ve done all our major events there and during every season possible. That’s why I love it, That’s mainly why I love it. As that forest haunts all my dearest family memories, ALL FILLED with laughter, love and happiness. I have never ever once had a bad time at the forest.

The kids can’t wait. I can’t wait. AND well it just so happens that we’re going on Junior’s birthday, which makes it AGAIN, a super special occasion. I mean, I was once even there just before my pregnant belly was about to *pop* out Baby J. So, it’s  lovely to celebrate and remember it all once more. They’ll be champagne EVERYWHERE.

I actually can’t believe how good I feel right now, after such a stressy week before? I was having a giggle with ‘Bev’ today (good friend, work colleague) and because we laugh at the state of my wonderous love life. It’s hideous and hilarious all at the same time, but mainly bizarre, as I seem to have all this ‘interest’ yet i’m not bothered about any of it, too massively, which means i must be happy. I mean, I enjoy the adoration. All girls do. Yet, i’m now savvy enough to get what a ‘real connection’ is all about and that’s what we find amazing. I love being an oldie and love being a romantic. But have i finally got it? Will I finally get what love is…. 🙂

Plus, when there’s so many boys from all walks of life, be they a regular boy, a friend, a stripper, a member of the Conservative party, a druggie, a school boy, a anything. I’ll just shrug it off until one of them impresses me so madly, that i notice. I like impressive males. But I still like ME more. 🙂 I hate choices because i’m a girl who will focus on one boy and adore them madly. I have a one track mind. If i love someone…i’ll love them with every inch of my being. I’m never ever one to play because there’s no time for it really and my heart never lets me. HAHA. *Cringe here.* (I actually fucked up the other day, because I thought I was sending this guy called ‘Mike’ a ‘hey’ message because I forgot to message him back ages ago, he’s a good acquaintance, who i think it a decent person. So i wanted to ‘holla’ and be polite. HOWEVER, I messaged the wrong ‘Mike’ and instead sent my text to the pervy handy man Mike who is also a good person…sort of…yet obviously had to stop being my handy man, as well he wanted to get ‘handy’ with me, instead of just fixing up shelves. I’m too tired and too bus for that. HAHA. But of course, Cupid hates me, so he made me HAVE to accidentally cross paths with him again, even if it was via technology. I actually don’t at all dislike that ‘Mike,’ as he’s a really awesome handyman. He’s BRILLIANT. However…the additional ‘sexy’ part, it’s just not something that I need with shelves. LOL. )

I can’t wait to finally get my massage. I still have to wait a week because the lady was sooooooooooooo booked up. Yet, once i get to her and she starts to rub out every inch of tension, i’ll just MELT. I CAN’T WAIT!!

Anyway…I hope your Monday wasn’t too shabby.

I love you all.

Kisses, Chrissie. x




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