Riots, Love and Perverts

Been quite chipper today. I shared a moment of laughter, a moment of anxiety, a moment of hope and a moment of utter boredom today. And all of this whilst eating an egg, earwigging on gossip, talking to busy builders, perving on weight-lifting ‘handsome’s,’ having my comedy bum spanked, listening to the wedding excitement of others, catching up on my ‘London Riot’ news and hoping that great things happen to me. However, i’m not too worried. I’m a floozy that’s born under lucky stars. Even if i get lost. I always end up finding my way.. and a fur.

Bizarrely, a great deal of people are shocked that i’m northern. But I am. Born and bred in Yorkshire. However, 100% Burmese (incase you didn’t noticed)…pretty much grew up in Hollywood, only to find myself full circle, after a tiny stint on the telly, a world of party-party and a Glamour Modelling career (that i’ve shelved) back in Yorkshire. Yippee. I mean you always appreciate the town you’re from once you’ve left it. Unlike most things…it’s better the 2nd time around.

I’m excited about life today. Easing open the curtains of opportunity that hold my future and peeking through them with my imaginary gin. I keep getting these random marriage proposals, from men who aren’t quite lucky enough to know me. 🙂 However, one of them is mailing me champagne, therefore we’ll keep him. He understands how to ‘woo’ a Wunna. Booze first. Talk later. 🙂 Woohoo my darlings. But yeah, although lovely and i’m ever grateful for the adoration. I’m not quite keen on dating internet men i don’t really know. 🙂 Wacky concept I know! Yet i’m quite keen to  stick to that little pointer. Unless, you’re Greek, hot  and in a toga? (As I blog right now Gay Adam is having his street LOOTED by mini sized thug-muffins, who believe they’re like ‘Robin Hood?’ Hmm…hardly. You can’t pull tights off like that dude. Apparently ALL the local men have gone out to fight! Gay Adam is instead choosing to watch by the window with a wine. LMAO. Good choice. However, i’m sure he could make like a gay soldier and terrify the mini-thug muffins away, with ‘ooh’ faces and pelvic thrusts? Infact, David Cameron needs to send a Wunna in. My boobs could stop any war…they’re angry right now too, meaning they’d be well good in a fight. *Wiggle-wink* Not really. I’m far too terrified of thugs. I’m more bimbo chipper, than fight you with a petrol bomb. No-one has an outfit for that. You’re NOT Robin Hood. *Oops someone looted my clothes!* (I shouldn’t joke, what is happening is absolutely awful. It really does hurt to watch such indecent ‘goings-ons.’)

I’m in the mood for excitement, love and romance. Like the quote that i placed as my Facebook status today, ‘Romance at short notice was her speciality.’ I’m that! I’m a sizzle of an ‘ooh.’ But i HATE game playing. I enjoy straight talking individuals, who open their heart and express freely most importantly fearlessly. If I can do it, then anyone the way my little slanted eyes see it. This is where my ‘Toy boy’ adventure is gonna go ‘tits up.’ (And i don’t mean in a good way.) The younger they are, the less ’emotionally ready’ they are. I’m saying all this..but Loverboy is actually trying to prove his worth to me right now. He really is trying and is very slooowly learning his lesson. However, i’m still not being the utter Queen if forgiveness AT ALL. But i do appreciate the fact that he’s trying to impress me. It’s the way it should be. We’re girls, we don’t need to chase, forgive or beg men. We’re here to give them a ‘fever.’

I actually have quite busy rest of the week. AND a whole moving process to complete. Plus a leaving ‘do’ for Matthew and my book to lovingly worry about. I feel really lucky and i pray to God that it all works out right. Everything happens for a reason. Just go with that…and wing it. 🙂


At The Mayfair, with Paris and the BBF’s





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