Revealing My Story

I’m Back to Basics with this delicious Miss.Wunna moment. It’s an ‘old favourite’ and i’m bringing back for your greedy eyes. I’m making history hot.Each line on my body, each crease in my skin, each glint in my eye tells a magical story. I’m not here to just empower women (and i do…i get a bundle of messages a day from girls and women asking my advice, telling me their story and feeling stronger by my ‘being’.) I’m here to empower people and empower them to have fun, loosen up, and not take themselves so seriously. Live life how it’s supposed to be lived. Throw caution to the wind. Pose naked in barns and always ALWAYS tell your story.

3 thoughts on “Revealing My Story”

  1. ahh, indeed!

    you should tell that to the girl thats been acting so strange… you know who i am talking about (the one in my last few posts)


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