Remember December


Well my bouji little bits of ‘bitesize’…We finally made it to Christmas! My favourite month of the year…and the month that we pretty much dedicate to merriment, faux furs, elves, mulled wine and an obscene amount of fairylit momemts, waved over with a candy cane cheer. Incase, your personal Christmas isn’t of such ‘ooh laa,’ and follows a more ‘cocktail sausage, with a cracker hat and lager’ strut of order. Know that, that’s okay tooo…it’s Decemember, the only month of the year where you can get away with anything and simply because you add tinsel.

It’s the month of the year where everyone (including my kitty cat self) flicks through their 2011 history and emotionally wonders how time flew? The month where you hope to be snuggling up to a loved one. The month of the year where friendships are drizzled with Bailey’s and the month of the year where you hope you’ve achieved at least something a bit more glitzy than the tragic year before. I mean it doesn’t matter if you haven’t. Life is life and i’m watching people put far too much pressure on themselves to mould their every being into the exact ‘putty shaped’ wedged, that makes society nod at them with approval.

I’ve lived a life and a great one, by accident. All i know from watching and living…especially from my time in Yorkshire. (I mean in Hollywood, the folks tend to do whatever they wish, with a warm hearted pour of faith that their dreams will come true.) Life is about living it the way you’ve always wanted, celebrating who YOU are, loving the ones you care about and following your entire passion, happily and with a wiggle and wink of *giggle.* If you’re not, then you’re maybe not marching to your beat and instead marching to the beat of another. I find myself in that position more often that not and as I do…i change it. *Tinsel here?*

Anyway, this isn’t actually todays blog…i’ll write that later. I guess, i’m just reminding myself of everything that i stand for and i need to get showered to begin my Thursay. I’m working on the book today. I’m really excited to get it out to you. I can’t wait to see it in book form and can’t for it to be graced on those Waterstones shelves! I’m loving it!

Thank you for following my life…if you are, then you are reading it montly with 30,000 other people on a regular and with a lovely bundle of decent folk on EVERY continent of the world..It has been translated into 40 different languages just for you…and i’m quite randomly being hailed as an ‘inspiration.’ (A title i’m not quite sure i deserve.)

But i will tell you that i’m grateful and i will tell you that it’s because of YOU that my upcoming book was able to fly.

I love you.

Talk to you later… C x



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