Refuel the mule

Hello, my Dears, my Puddings, my Cherry drops of loveness! I am feeling incredible today. I’m quite surprised really, as i was forced to wake up before 9am..however due to an overload of honey, tea, and morning television (yes, it is hard, being a Lady of leisure,) i believe i’ve kicked into gear!! (She wiggles, then winks, and she tosses her hair.)

As i told you, i have a very exciting ‘Friday’ coming up. I don’t like to tell people too much about my ‘very excitings’ as due to superstition, i would hate to ‘jinx’ it!! But know that i am filled to the brim with ‘OOh Laaa,’ and i’m ready to give it all i’ve got, and then some. My audition technique, is always REST. (haha) I’m not one to dotter about in a McPanic, or flaunder and floss in a tizz…i’m definitely more ‘Cool like Fonzee’ about these things. It’s currently Wednesday (i think??) So, i have 2 whole days to relax, rest up, and concentrate on being positive, and feeling Va Voomage!! It’s really all that matters!! I feel lucky! By now, i would usually be on a train somewhere, with a bag in my hand, or rushing off to a pleather of clothing boutiques to spend all my fine earned pences, after doing my hair, my face, my life…hahaha!! However, today, i have not even changed out of my pyjamas as of yet. I’m sitting writing this blog, in nothing but a giant peach fluffy dressing gown which i intend to be adorning for most of the day. I’m watching, ‘Loose Women,’ lazing around, enjoying my favourite things, and basically refueling myself, with calm positive ‘OOh La,’ for Friday. I love my life!! And i’m glad you love it too!!


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