Really..almost there…



However, just to keep you amused whilst i ‘tinker’ around 10am this morning, i had zero clue as to how I should save downloads in zip files to my laptop. (Yes, i’m that great! Yes, I don’t care, as i’m in charge of creating and winking….not the Queen of tech. 🙂 )

Anyhow, Facebook and good ‘techy’ friends who know you better than you think are awesome at times like this….

This was this morning’s reply from the very techy Graham Thorne….

‘Try right clicking and “Extract All.” Basically you are looking inside a folder which is locked. You need to unzip it. A bit like unzipping a see thru bag to get stuff out… You can see what’s in there already but you have to unzip or “extract” it to get items out. Hope that helps. x

I love that I turned that into handbag example! lol.’ 
I am a proper Cyber Twit. Thank the LORD for people like our Graham.


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