Ready to hatch..


Good morning my delightful chucky eggs of glory. My nickname, given to me by my nanny, (my parents worked a lot when I was a child, due to them both being Doctors, so I was sort of raised by a live in nanny as a wee child. I’m sure you can tell, 🙂 ) anyway yeah…my nickname was ‘Chucky’ and because I looked bald like an egg. Some of her children (i think she had around 8) would call me ‘Tripataka Buddha’ and the others would refer to me as ‘Bruce Lee.’ 🙂 They were actually lovely and such great people to have around me growing up. Even to this day i see them around town and they look at me in astonishment. They used to change my nappies and here I am all breeding myself, being Va Voom, with a Hollywood past, a past  modelling career, a couple of ‘on the telly’ stints and well…i don’t have to reel off the resume in order to you to get it. I’m glitzy.:) *Champagne pops open here.*

Okay, so today is one of those odd days where I want to be out and about things, yet i have to wait…not for deliveries, but for the midwife to call me, to tell me, when she is popping over to check me out. I mean, how many ‘checkouts’ do I flipping need. I’m having a baby and it’s all meant to be super dooper normal, with a glittered cherry on top…so I don’t get why i’m having to be prodded and poked and looked at over and over again. I’m only moaning because today she’s going to jab me with needles in order to take my blood. An art form that I despise. I hate people taking things off me that are mine, even though i’m not a hoarder. If i choose to throw something out or rid myself of something of my own accord, then that’s fine. But if someone forces me to throw something out or takes something out without my control…we have war. There won’t really be a war. I’m far too fat right now to pull a full blown ninja on anyone. In wars, it’s your outfit and eye makeup that count. If you look better than the person attempting to ‘war off’ with you…then you kinda already win, without really having to try.

I’m in the mood for throwing something out, i really wanted a spray tan, however not to be who wishes to complain, i’m just going to jumble up all my nesty preggo plans and patiently WAIT for her call. Imagine if she forgets! I’ll be fuming. I could’ve enjoyed a brand new orange glow for crying out loud. UGH! I need my weave tightened and well i want, I want, I need, I need! 🙂 That is all! This pregnancy has made me want to purchase i think i’m going to have to online shop instead to quench my thirst for spending. I’m sure this means i have issues…or simply that i’m having a boy who in American terms, will be a ‘baller’…a spendy one.

Great night last night. Rubes and I cuddles, snacked, giggled and decorated our lives with Rubber duckies. She fell asleep like an angel and I just watched her enjoy dream land like she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I’ve got this ‘mummy’ thing down right now ans i’m rather pleased with myself. She’s sleeping so much better because she’s getting a lot more attention and love and praise. She always did get it, but not so much as she’s receiving it now. It really does make a massive difference. She confident, giggly and sleeping deeply through the night with a smile on her face.

Keiran was meant to be leaving tonight to start work on his first festival, but instead he’s going tomorrow morning which I much prefer. He’s currently running errands and as he left an hour ago he looked at me with the patio door peeking open slighty he said, with the hugest smile on his face,

‘I’m sooo happy to have you as my wife! I never thought i’d be saying that.’

Lol. Cute! He did actually mean because he promised himself that he would never marry, never settle down and never fall to far in love….probably after being hurt. I said the same….but at the end of the day, i’m a girl so i knew I couldn’t live my life without a hot hubby and children.

He gleefully galloped away from the door with his heart on his sleeve. We cuddled last night and he loved it, It was like he melted into my arms and finally felt loved and comfortable…as he let his body relax and surrender to the deepest sleep ever. I was laid in my preggo pyjamas, holding my bump for comfort and he wrapped both arms around me, as he laid there naked under the quilt like his life depended on my love. I watched him sleep…like a stalker and it was lovely. (You all stalk, so shut it. 🙂 ) He’s finally in a true place of happy, where everything is still not there yet and busy…but getting there. Emotionally we’re in place, so now we just need to add the success card to t all and ‘BA BOOM,’…our world will be even more delicious.

Keiran’s almost on his way to whole and i felt it last night. Cuddling him was SO AMAZING and you can always tell how much you love someone when you’re stripped down to nothing but a cuddle. I never think it’s down to a kiss, it’s rawer than that and down to even a look, or simply nothing but pure skin to skin contact. He’s in love right now and so am I an dbecause we’re both the same, when we’re in love, we’re alive. It feels wonderful, like we’re on Cloud 9 but throwing the party.

It’s crazy because Wunna land finally got it’s shit together and we’re all hardcore happy…and I mean properly happy where it’s deep rooted. It’s amazing. Each one of us. Even Ruby is stood right by us celebrating every inch of her being. She loves life and as a mum, that means you’ve done a great job. This baby birth has brought us all together as one. I’m about  ready to hatch (sista-sista) and when I do…our world will explode like a magical glittery confetti shower. I think Keiran’s always wanted to be a dad because whilst we were laid on the sofa last night watching ‘The Fighter’ his mind drifted away and as he came back to me, he said ‘I can just see them now, Ruby and our son running towards me shouting DADDY DADDY DADDY!’ He said it with a wistful glow. Moments like that remind you that you have a good man. I mean think of all the jerks i’ve dated, who couldn’t be bothered to call me back, show up for date, felt so insecure they couldn’t be themselves, or the ones that cheated on me, or played the game of love, who used me or never wooed me appropriately, or never braved to romance me. Now…i’ve got it right. Meaning, i know that EVERY LADY will find their Prince.

We’re gonna be a massive success. We have love. We now want our millions. Gimme! Gimme! I want everything and WILL get it and simply for my family. I have an incentive and in life, along with great peepers…that’s all you need. Something to make you want to do well.

(Where is this midwife for crying out loud! I hate waiting for people. I never make people wait for me. I’m an early bird. Why? Because i heard they catch the worm.)

Fuck it, it i’m gonna order lots of shit online….I have a weekend of shopping, i’m getting ready to deck out the bedrooms and I can’t wait! Just as I was moaning she’s called and given me a 2pm call time. Simples!


Watch our life as we live it…and be a part of our fairytale.



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